Edgemoor Neighborhood Association

Monthly Board Meeting

July 5, 2007




The Monthly Board Meeting of Edgemoor Neighborhood Association was called to order at 7:00 on July 5th at the Fairhaven Pavilion.  Brad Rose facilitated the meeting and Lauri Grove recorded the minutes. A quorum was present.

The minutes of the June meeting were approved with the following changes:  1) The committee for disaster relief would be called the Disaster Preparedness Committee.   2) All meetings referred to as Monthly ‘Business’ meetings in the past would be termed Monthly ‘Board’ Meetings.

Report of Officers

President’s Report – Brad Rose noted that over 300 surveys were returned to date.  Great response!  Brad began his report with a reminder that the CSN Candidate Forum would be held at 7:00 on July 19th at the Firehouse Performing Arts Center located on the corner of Harris and 14th St.  The forum would include the candidates for the Mayor, City Council At-Large and City Council 5th Ward positions.  Each candidate was sent 6 questions requiring a written response.  Their answers to those questions would be available for review prior to the event.  At the Forum, there would also be an opportunity for questions from the audience.  Brad continued his report by stating the public comment period closed for the proposed building on the Union 76 site in Fairhaven.  The public would have another opportunity for comment at the public hearing.  Some think that development would compromise expansion of the 12th Street Bridge.  A few details were discussed, then Brad moved on to the upcoming EIS for Fairhaven Highlands.  He informed us that the city signed the contract for the proposed Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on the Chuckanut Ridge property.  However the developer, Horizon Bank, had not yet signed.  There was a general discussion about the EIS that included points about the consultant company’s projected compiling of reports, the scoping process, and the importance of public comments.  Dr Gibb brought up a good point –  we are building a court case (if it should come to that) during the scoping process.  If valid points are brought up, but not addressed in the EIS then that could leave grounds for an appeal.  CSN planned a forum to be held this Fall to inform the public how to best word comments and concerns about the environmental impacts of the development on Chuckanut Ridge.  In conclusion, Brad brought up the proposed changes to the ENA Bylaws recommended by the City of Bellingham.  The August and September ENA meetings would both be General Membership Meetings.  This would allow the required time to propose and approve changes needed to the bylaws to remain in compliance as a city recognized neighborhood association.  The changes simply constitute the membership of ENA as all residents, property owners, renters, and primary business operators, establish that meetings must be held at least quarterly, and every meeting must be open to all residents.

Motion by Martin Nickerson  for Board approval of the proposed changes to the ENA Bylaws as needed to comply with the City of Bellingham recommendations for neighborhood associations.
Motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

MNAC Report – Brad mentioned a proposed “Safe Routes to School” program, which was intended to promote kids walking to school by providing a safe “Walking-Bus” concept.  Theoretically, parents would drop off and pick up their children at a designated place where they would form a group to safely walk to school.  Also, at the MNAC meeting, Richard Dietz presented information about ‘Elderly Friendly Neighborhoods’.  Richard offered to come speak at neighborhood meetings and Brad was asked to contact him with an invite to the August meeting.  In addition, Brad offered to contact the Whatcom Land Trust to speak at the September meeting.  The MNAC continued to work on items, revisions and changes to the comprehensive plan.  Read this months issue of Just so You are Aware for more details.  Pam Went volunteered to attend the next MNAC meeting in Brad’s place.


Treasurer’s Report – Lois wrote checks to Sandie Koplowitz and John Erickson to cover approved expenses for the survey mail out.  A detailed report was presented for filing.


Income - $0

Disbursements - $1098.88

Balance - $2226.92


Committee Reports

Communication Kathy did not have a report

Disaster Preparedness - As an overview, neighborhood representatives formed a steering committee to develop a plan to implement “Map Your Neighborhood” (MYN).  MYN would provide instructions to a group of residents formed to work together to prepare for and help each other through a disaster crisis.  Pam Bakke, Lois Miles and Martin Nickerson plan to attend upcoming meetings and work toward setting up the program in Edgemoor.

Membership  Sandie sent an e-mail to officers notifying them that Microsoft had donated licenses for Office Pro 2007 to Edgemoor Neighborhood Association. Use of this software would help Sandie continue to manage the Edgemoor Neighborhood website and the ENA membership list. Attachment: Donation letter from Microsoft

Safety – no report.

Growth and Land Use – no report.  Brad covered growth issues earlier in the evening.  Pam just mentioned that she received an e-mail about a business in town – to collect junk or shred papers for neighborhoods.  No interest.

Chuckanut Mountain Park District (CMPD)  Bob Gibb offered that the committee was still handling some problematic activity which may end up keeping the CMPD off the November ballot. The Boundary Review was in process.  It has been difficult to communicate with some residents in the more rural areas where they lack information and understanding.  He mentioned there were possibly two Boundary Review hearings in Skagit and rumor had one in Whatcom County.  Dr. Gibb also reported on the SEPA status.  It was all a bit confusing because CMPD covered multiple districts and no one was quite sure what to do.   Joe Yaver thanked Dr. Gibb for all his efforts.   

Neighborhood Plan Update - Martin, John, Peter and eventually everyone discussed survey kinks.  Some failed to follow instructions and therefore questions arose about how to handle it consistently for the most accurate results.  It was decided to remove all checks for #6 and #7 from the tally since there was no way to determine ratings.  With one exception – if only one item was checked it could be considered a 1 rating.  Same thing for #19 – unless each item was rated as instructed – the answers could not be tallied.  If someone responded verbally to a question, but failed to check the box we could not make the assumption.  Also comments needed to be typed and e-mailed to Sandie.  Everyone was very happy with the response to the survey.  Thank you to everyone who took time to reply.


Representative Reports

CSN  Most of CSN business was covered earlier in the evening.  Pam Went offered comments during Brad’s report..  The Candidate Forum should be very informative.  Pam reiterated that CSN would offer a series of workshops intended to help guide the public toward well thought out, informed comments during the Fairhaven Highlands EIS scoping process.  She would keep us informed of dates for the workshops to be held this Fall.   

ABN  No representative.   Dr Gibb suggested that ABN address Fairhaven’s ‘associations’ problems.  More cases like Fairhaven Neighbor’s difficulties could result in disenfranchising other neighborhood organizations.  He believes that there is value in continuing the ABN.  It was even implied that MNAC came together in an effort to diffuse ABN’s power.  Martin Nickerson offered to attend the next meeting and report back in an effort to help ENA determine the merit of representation in the group. 

Responsible Development /Chuckanut Ridge  no update


County Council District #1 candidate, Dave Pros, dropped in to meet with ENA.  He briefly touched on his qualifications as a candidate in the upcoming election.  He offered that he intends to do what he can to protect our quality of life from over development, lack of impact fees, and lack of concurrency resulting in over-stressed levels of service.  Dave fielded questions from the group.  Thank you.


Issues and concerns

Jocelynn Ansell , a resident in Edgemoor, came to the meeting to express her concern about lost animals in the neighborhood.  She was troubled by the fact that ‘missing animal’ (mostly cats) notices were being torn down by someone other than the owners.  She was thinking that there might possibly be a disturbing pattern of behavior  - and just wondered if anyone else had noticed or seen anything.  We offered her a chance to post a letter in the newsletter.  Thank you.


Also car prowls were reported around Lake Sammish.

Lois mentioned she had seen transients walking through the neighborhood and thought there might be a camp nearby.  John mentioned he had tires slashed at the shop.   Be aware and be safe.   



Meeting was adjourned at 9:00 pm.

The next meeting scheduled will be an ENA General Membership Meeting to be held from 7-9 on August 2nd at Fairhaven Park Pavilion.  Meetings are open to all residents and we encourage you to attend.

Respectfully Submitted,

Lauri Grove