Minutes of July 13, 2004 Organizational Meeting


Opening      Susan Tercek, interim President, called the meeting to order at 7:15 pm. The goals for the meeting were to bring all in attendance up to date on the “New” ENA and to develop the Agenda for the General Meeting.


Attendance Those present were: Margaret Bundy, Lauri Grove, Sherry Gustafson, Sandie Koplowitz, Lois Miles, Michael Menard, Austin Papritz, Laurie Renne, and Susan Tercek.


Minutes        The minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed and a motion was made by Sandie to approve. It was seconded by Lois and approved by all by an oral vote. Laurie Renne agreed to take the minutes for this meeting.


President     Adoption of ENA purpose:  This purpose was used on our corporation application. The purpose is subject to change once a bylaw committee is formed and functioning.

                                                                                                                             To represent the needs and concerns of the residents in the Edgemoor Neighborhood, in the City of Bellingham.

                                                                                                                             To improve the quality of life in our neighborhood.

                                                                                                                             To monitor all civic issues in order to promote the best possible solutions for our neighborhood and the community at large.

                                                                                                                             To encourage the residents of Edgemoor to actively participate in achieving this purpose.


Status of legal documents: Sandie has created a Legal Document Notebook.  She received a Certificate of Incorporation for a non-profit corporation from Washington State. Our UBI number is 602-409-568. We have also received our Employer ID Number from the IRS, which is 20-1338086. We need to apply for tax-exempt status as a 501-C-3 by filing IRS form 1023, within 15 months.  She has submitted the paperwork for a Master Business License to register our Trade Name, Edgemoor Neighborhood Association and www.edgemoorneighborhood.com.The combined cost for these documents is $75.00, which she paid for from her own funds and will need to be reimbursed by the ENA at a future date.


Neighborhood mailing list and map:  The spreadsheet containing the ENA mailing list now has 877 names. Margaret offered to go to the Assessors office and get any missing addresses. 


Association of Bellingham Neighborhoods:  Susan spoke with Richard Maneval, the president of the Association of Bellingham Neighborhoods.  The ABN is our umbrella groups and meets once a month to discuss and act on issues of common concern in the neighborhoods. We will need to have a representative at their meetings. They have a website at www.associationofbellinghamneighborhoods.com.


City of Bellingham Notices and Meetings:  Sherry receives emails on a regular basis from the City of Bellingham.  She will forward it to Sandie who will place it on the website along with notices of upcoming meetings of concern or interest to the neighborhood.

            July 22 – Bellingham Planning Commission, 7pm, consolidation of neighborhood codes outside the neighborhood plan.


Treasurer    Sandie opened a non-profit checking account with Peoples Bank for the ENA. There are no fees for this account and no minimum balance.  The balance of this account is $105.00, received from dues.  There is currently $75.00 in expenses related to the filing of Legal Documents.  There are also accumulating expenses related to the printing of signs.  There will be future expenses of approximately $40.00 for the rental of a PO Box, which is shared with Edgemoor Association.  The website will cost us $110.35 per year, and the first year was paid by Edgemoor Association. Also, Sandie has a form for the co-signer of the ENA bank account.  This should be filled out and taken to the bank.


New Business        


Membership:  After a general discussion of membership, it was decided that either a property owner or resident could be a member of the ENA.  It will not be necessary to be a member to vote.  The membership fee will be $15.00.  There is a need for a Membership Chair to provide checks and balances.  The membership chair would manage the spreadsheet and encourage new members.


Website: Sandie asked that a request be made at the general meeting for people familiar with website development to help in the design and proofing of our website. Michael suggested that the website have a forum limited to members.  Once a website committee is formed, they will decide if and how advertising will be incorporated.


General Meeting: Michael will facilitate the first general meeting. The introduction will acquaint attendees with the history and purpose of the ENA.  We will then brainstorm issues and work in groups to identify action committees such as safety, traffic, view preservation, parks, growth and development, update of neighborhood plan, land use. Board Members  will be elected and Committees formed.


Publicity & Logistics: Laurie will send the first pass of a flyer to Sandie for review and editing.  She will also contact Lairmont Manor to make sure it will be available for the meeting. Suggested dates are August 18, or August 25.  Sandie will divide addresses in the mailing list in preparation for flyer distribution. She will also purchase 5-6 exterior flyer distribution boxes. 


Planning Meeting  The next planning meeting will be Monday, July 26th at Sherry's home, 628 Fieldston.  The meeting will begin at 7:00.  Sandie will work to have the flyers available at this meeting.  Michael will have a preliminary agenda for the General Meeting for review.


Close Susan ended the meeting at 9:25 pm