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Edgemoor Neighborhood Association Monthly Meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month at 7 pm at Fairhaven Middle School in the Library (Unless otherwise noted in the monthly President's Letter below)

President's Letter - December 2013

Based on your posts on Nextdoor.Edgemoor, it has been an active month in the Neighborhood.  What with shots being fired and sirens going off in the early morning hours and strange men knocking on doors and otherwise approaching houses, both sleep and our feelings of security have been disturbed.  On the other hand, we have also bought Christmas wreaths and found people to help us with roofs, fences and those autumn leaves.  We are a community.

The Chuckanut Community Forest Park District is moving toward their goal with a draft conservation easement and interlocal agreement now posted on their website at www.chuckanutcommunityforest.com as well as the city website.  The proposals seem to be moving through the review process and may be finalized before the end of the year. 

We will not be holding a meeting in January, so your last chance to attend an ENA meeting this year will be this Thursday, December 5th (did you catch that?), at Fairhaven Middle School Library from 7 to 9.  In keeping with recent events, we will be discussing security issues – sharing our knowledge and experience about ways to “securitize” our surroundings.  The conversation can cover anything from security systems and firms to experiences from which we have learned do’s and don’ts.  If there is interest in having specialists talk with us, we can do that at a later date, but sometimes personal experiences are of the most value.

Also on the agenda will be discussion of the BPD Anti Crime Task Force and Nextdoor.

If there is a topic you would like to discuss or have presented, let me know and we will see about getting it on the agenda.  You can reach me at lylene.lj@gmail.com, or through Nextdoor.Edgemoor.

Remember the ENA is looking for voluntary contributions to help with our expenses this year, AND they are tax deductible!  Send donations to ENA, PO Box 4420, Bellingham, WA 98225. Edgemoor residents are asked to include the annual membership form so we can keep our membership records up-to-date.

Lylene Johnson, ENA President, lylene.lj@gmail.com 

President's Letter - November 2013

The neighborhood seemed pretty quiet over the past month...is the way I started last month’s letter.  By the time it went out in the newsletter, we were in the midst of a rash of home and car prowls and thefts.  By the night of our meeting, the outbreak seemed to be over.  Through Nextdoor, homeowners were informed of the outbreak, and we all became more vigilant and aware of how we secure our property.

Through the rest of October things were quiet, except for excitement over Halloween and elections.  It looked as though there was good organizational effort going on for the trick or treaters, and I didn’t hear of any “tricks” that were too objectionable.  By the time you read this, the elections may have been decided, although we may not know the results.

The Chuckanut Community Forest Park District now has a website where you can view agendas past and present, meeting minutes after approval and public comments from the June Public Hearing.  Additional information will be posted in the future as it is completed, like the Policy and Procedure manual and the Interlocal Agreement and Conservation Easement.  Can’t get to the meetings?  Go to the website at www.chuckanutcommunityforest.com .

Our November meeting will be Thursday, November 7th, from 7 to 9 pm at the library of Fairhaven Middle School.  It is easiest to park in the upper lot off Park Ridge and come in through the doors off that lot.  We do not have a speaker planned, but if there is a topic you would like to discuss, let me know and I will get it on the agenda.  You can reach me at lylene.lj@gmail.com, or through Edgemoor.Nexdoor.

Remember the ENA is looking for voluntary contributions to help with our expenses this year, AND they are tax deductible!

Hope to see you Thursday!

Lylene Johnson, ENA President

President's Letter - October 2013

The neighborhood seemed pretty quiet in September, which is a good thing.  I saw a homeowner willing to do some tree trimming and giving neighbors the opportunity for input, which is also a good thing.  For those of you who missed the September meeting about views, Sandy Koplowitz posted a great summary of the information and discussion on the Edgemoor blog at www.edgemoorneighborhood.com/wordpress . 

This month (October 3rd), we will be hosting Dr. Baker, Superintendent of Bellingham Public Schools, who will be talking about the proposed school levy which will be on the ballot in November.  Mark Peterson, co-chair of the Bond Citizens' Advisory Committee, will also attend.  I’ll bet if you have other questions about the schools, you could ask those as well.

Another topic raised at the September meeting regarded the diminishing financial resources of the ENA.  It was first mentioned at the annual meeting in June, at which time a motion passed to encourage donations.  At our meeting this week, we will be discussing ways to make donations convenient, as well as ways to cut our spending.  For the past several years, our largest single expense has been the mailing for the annual meeting, followed by website costs, rental fees for meetings, post office box rental, etc.  We get $500 per year from the city each year to reimburse us for the prior year’s costs.  That amount used to be significantly higher, and we used to collect dues, so we had built up a tidy nest egg.  That is nearly gone, so we have to either come up with a source of income or change our lifestyle.  Your input is encouraged.  By the way, since we are a non-profit organization, your donations are tax deductible.

Our meeting will be Thursday, October 3rd, from 7 to 9 pm at the library of Fairhaven Middle School.  It is easiest to park in the upper lot off Park Ridge and come in through the doors off that lot. 

Hope to see you there!

Lylene Johnson, ENA President

President's Letter - September 2013

What a beautiful summer…and how quickly it has passed!  Let’s do a quick review, beginning with the Annual meeting in June.

We had a great representation of staff from the Bellingham Police Department, from Chief Cook and officers Jeremy Harper & Kevin Bear from the anti-crime task force to Michelle Thomas – one of the voices on the other end of the line when we call 911.  The information they brought was interesting, informative, and definitely worth an evening.  A few tips from Michelle:

            1.  Don’t let children play with old cell phones – they will still call 911, and that can delay response to a real emergency.

            2.  Call 911 only for an immediate emergency.  They will ask you questions.  Specific location: somewhere near Haggen doesn’t cut it.  Vehicle description:  license plate, make, model, color, age.  Description of people:  gender, age, height, outstanding features, clothing.  The more effectively you answer the questions, the faster they can get someone there and the more likely they are to catch the bad people.

            3.  Call the station officer at 778-8804 when something has happened, but there is no imminent threat.

            4.  For low priority calls, dial 676-6911.

Elections were held for the board members whose terms were expiring – all agreed to serve again, and all were reelected, together with a new member, Bernell Walz.  The board met June 24th and elected officers from among its members.

Also at the summer board meeting, we discussed Neighborhood Night Out (there is one gathering happening over the weekend – hope there were others); Bylaws (changes still in limbo); Chuckanut Community Forest (about through their organizational process); ENA finances (see below).

The Edgemoor Neighborhood will basically be out of money by next summer if expenses remain at current levels.  This was discussed at the annual meeting as well as the board meeting.  At the annual meeting, a motion by Bob Gibb to encourage donations from the neighborhood passed on a voice vote.  The board is therefore encouraging neighborhood members to donate, and reminding members that it is a tax-deductible contribution.  If you wonder where the money goes, check the blog for the budget presented and passed in June.

The two major neighborhood discussion topics over the summer have been another rash of car prowls – if you don’t know about them, you aren’t on www.Edgemoor.Nextdoor.com – and trees, views and covenants.  You must be a property owner or renter in neighborhood to join the Edgemoor Nextdoor…just go to the site and sign up.  It could also help you sell a chair, find a painter, report a lost (or found) pet, get free plants for your yard…it’s a great resource.

The September meeting will feature local attorney Phil Serka, who will explain how CC&Rs (covenants, conditions and restrictions) apply to property, who they affect, how they are enforced, how they differ from city requirements and whatever else you want to ask him about them.  If you want to see what, if any, basic CC&Rs apply to your portion of the neighborhood (we don’t have a one size fits all plan), there will be information at the meeting so you can look it up. 

John Erickson will be chairing the meeting in my absence – it should be a good one.  I’ll see you in October!

Lylene Johnson, ENA President

Read past issues of the ENA President's Letter by visiting the ENA Newsletter Archive


ENA Blog - Edgemoor Conversations

A neighborhood blog titled "Edgemoor Conversations" has been created to provide a venue for dialog about local issue. Check it out at www.EdgemoorNeighborhood.com/wordpress

Egdemoor Nextdoor - The private social network for our neighborhood

Residents of Edgemoor neighborhood can post information on Edgemoor Nextdoor to let neighbors know about safety concerns, sell items, ask advice about services such as yard maintenance companies, painters, babysitters, etc. You must be a resident of Edgemoor Neighborhood to sign up for Edgemoor Nextdoor. Once registered, members can go into thier settings and establish how often they wish to be contacted with posts from Edgemoor Nextdoor...immediately, daily, weekly or not at all. So far over 350 residents have signed up on Edgemoor Nextdoor.

Sign up or log in at https://edgemoor.nextdoor.com/login/

 Edgemoor Neighborhood Association Bylaws Update

The ENA Bylaws committee updated the bylaws which were developed in 2005 when ENA was formed. It become obvious that changes were necessary for ENA to be in compliance with requirements by the city and state and to better reflect the structure of the organization. The proposed changes to the ENA bylaws were presented at the ENA meeting in February of 2012 and were approved in March 2012. Here are links to the old bylaws, proposed bylaws and draft showing the old bylaws with proposed changes.

ENA Bylaws 2005

Proposed NEW ENA Bylaws - February 2012

Draft ENA Bylaws showing revisions 2012-2-18 (PDF)

ENA Bylaws Final 2012

 Edgemoor Neighborhood Plan Update

The Edgemoor Neighborhood Plan was updated in 2011 and approved by Edgemoor residents in 2012, but was not docketed by the City of Bellingham for review in 2013, due to the zoning changes outlined in the plan. Further plan review has been put on hold until the city is ready to address the need for zoning changes.

Committee Contacts:   , and .


Neighborhood Approved Edgemoor Plan June 2011 (PDF)

Land Use Map

Table of Zoning Regulations

Letter from Senior Planner with docket review timeline

1981 Edgemoor Neighborhood Plan

Links of Interest:


For a listing of current Public Notices, visit: http://www.cob.org/cob/Pubnot.nsf



Post Point Sewer Treatment Plant

Planning underway for wastewater facility improvements

Every day, people in Bellingham wash dishes, shower, brush teeth, and flush sending between 8 and 72 million gallons of wastewater mixed with some stormwater, through a complex system of pipes and pumps to the Post Point Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP).

What arrives in the wastewater (called load) is as important as the quantity (or flow). Some days the amount of solid and dissolved, organic material or Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) touches or exceeds the rated capacity of the plant.

Treated wastewater entering Bellingham Bay from our plant consistently meets or exceeds all state and federal standards designed to protect public health and the environment. However, as the plant reaches capacity for both "load" and "flow", we must make improvements to be able to continue to meet wastewater requirements and serve our community safely and effectively in the future.

To address this need, a City-hired consultant team has prepared several improvement alternatives for review and consideration.

Read the full article at http://www.cob.org/issues/wastewater.aspx.

Read the Frequently Asked Questions document HERE

Center for Local Self Reliance

What we have been up to:

·        In 2009, we removed 30 cubic yards of moldy basement contents, 

generally cleaned up the main floor, and partially insulated the walls.

·         In 2010, we continued the restoration of the water damaged front porch,

·         removed the original roof and replaced it with a 50-year composition roof,

·         relocated the electrical service panel and re-wired the main floor.

·         In 2011, all broken windows were replaced and the front porch was completed.

In 2012, we made exterior repairs and then primed and painted the house,

completing about 80% before the weather turned.

  Upcoming projects:

·         complete exterior painting in spring 2013

·         install gutters and rainwater catchment system

·         back porch/ADA access

·         kitchen update

·         bathroom ADA retrofit

·         interior prep and painting

·      Completion by 2014, the Caretakers House centennial

All improvements are being made by CLSR volunteers using money from private donations, and are coordinated by the board of directors at the Center for Local Self Reliance.  Your continued support of labor and financial contributions are critical to seeing this project to completion. 

We hope to have the house finished in time to celebrate its Centennial Year in 2014.

Much information is contained at our website:  www.caretakershouse.org

Steve Wilson, Center For Local Self Reliance, Board president

Lairmont Manor

Larrabee Manor on Fieldston Road in Edgemoor was built in 1914 for Charles Larrabee, a wealthy land developer. It remained in the Larrabee family until 1941, when it was sold to Sisters of St. Joseph and was operated as a nunery and school of nursing. In 1967 is was purchased by the Douglas family who have operated it as a premier site for weddings, reuniouns, and other special events. Lairmont Manor is listed on the national registry of historical sites. More informaiton is available at http://www.lairmontmanor.com/index.html

We would like to send a warm "thank you" to Joel Douglas for the opportunity to hold Edgemoor Neighborhood Association's annual meetings at Lairmont Manor.

Fairhaven Middle School

Edgemoor Neighborhood is home to Fairhaven Middle School. The school was originally build in 1903 and information about the original Fairhaven High School can be found at http://west.wwu.edu/cpnws/findingaids/cpnws/centennial/schools/fairhavenhigh.html

Fairhaven Alumni Association

Fairhaven High School

The Fairhaven Alumni Association (FAA), promotes and preserves the memory of Fairhaven High School, and provides higher education opportunities for Fairhaven District students. This year, the FAA is broadening its membership to include not only alumni of Fairhaven High School, but Fairhaven Junior High/Middle School as well. Read more...

Join the Fairhaven Alumni Association



The Edgemoor Neighborhood website was developed to provide news and information of interest to residents in Edgemoor Neighborhood, Bellingham, WA.

Website Disclaimer            Website Policy Statement

Welcome to the Edgemoor Neighborhood Website!

This website was created to provide news and information for residents of Edgemoor Neighborhood, Bellingham WA.

EDGEMOOR NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION (ENA) was formed in July, 2004 to provide a structure for neighbors to come together to talk about common concerns and issues. Edgemoor residents are encouraged to attend ENA monthly meetings at 7 PM on the first Thursday of the month at Fairhaven Park Pavilion.

If you live in Edgemoor Neighborhood, this is your website. You can keep it interesting by contributing stories, news, photos and information.

, webmaster for Edgemoor Neighborhood

Bayside Swimming Club

Bayside Swimming Club

Visit  www.BaysideSwimmingClub.com for information about Bayside Swimming Club, located on the corner of Willow and Clark Road in Edgemoor.     

Block Watch

Neighborhood Block Watch

With increasing criminal activity in our neighborhood, we are all encouraged to watch for and report unusual activity in our neighborhood. Edgemoor needs more Block Watch captains. Click Here to read more about the Block Watch program.


Pick up your mail every day.

Get a locking mailbox

In an emergency, call 911.  Specifics of place, time, and descriptions are most helpful.

In a non-emergency (there is just something not quite right), call 360-676-6911.    

For general issues, call Sgt Almer at 360-778-8747 or email dalmer@cob.org.

For vacation watches, call the 676-6911 number and tell them when you will be gone.  Senior volunteers will keep an eye on your house while you are away.