Edgemoor Neighborhood Association

Initial Planning Meeting  - Agenda and Minutes

June 24, 2004, 1 –3 PM

Laurie Renne, Susan Tercek, Sandie Koplowitz, Lois Miles, Margaret Bundy and Kathy Kaiser were present at the initial planning meeting.

*      Interim Board:

*      Secretary – Laurie Renne

*      Treasurer – Sandie Koplowitz

*      President – Susan Tercek

*      Name: Edgemoor Neighborhood Association

*      Legal Documents required:

*      Application for Master Business License to register Trade Name will be filed by Sandie

*      Application for Non-profit Corporation will be filed by Sandie

*      Application for EIN – will be done at a later date

*      Application to IRS for tax exempt status – will be done at a later date

*      By laws – Examples from other neighborhood associations are in a notebook being passes around the committee

*                Need committee to develop

*                Must be approved by membership at a membership meeting called for that purpose

*      Develop Mission or Purpose – need committee

*      Newsletter – Design and content – need committee

*      Website management - www.EdgemoorNeighborhood.com - Sandie started, but can use help with design and maintenance

*      Neighborhood mailing list – passed out instructions to find addresses from the Whatcom County Assessor’s website. Sandie had printed lists of property owners and they were divided up by those present to be typed onto a table or spreadsheet. When completed, they are to be emailed as attachments to Sandie who will import them into an Edgemoor Neighborhood database to be used for meeting announcements, newsletters, dues etc.

*      Bulk mail

*      Sandie will pick up packet from Post Office to discuss at next meeting.

*      We will need a bulk mailing committee since the process is complicated

*      Post notices around neighborhood

*      The Edgemoor Neighborhood Association is being formed

*      For more information, visit www.EdgemoorNeighborhood.com

*      Sandie will put a page on the website on the “Meetings” page listing the meeting dates, time and “If interested, contact sandie at edgemoorneighborhood dot com”

*      1st Annual membership meeting

*      Date, time, place

*      Proposed bylaws will be voted on

*      Elect Board

*      Set up Bank Account – at a later date

*      Initial start-up fees will be reimbursed at a later date from dues income

*      Income from website advertisements


The next Meeting will be on Tuesday, July 13, 7 PM.




Laurie will look into the possibility of using Lairmont Manor for membership meetings.


Sue will inquire about placing a notice of the formation of the neighborhood association in all the local newspapers.


All those present will make an effort to contact officers of any existing homeowners associations within the Edgemoor neighborhood area, encourage them to become involved and pass information on to their members.