Edgemoor Neighborhood Association

Monthly Board Meeting

April 3, 2014



The meeting held in the Library at Fairhaven Middle School was called to order at approximately 7:02pm by ENA President Lylene Johnson. Lauri Grove recorded the minutes. There was a Quorum of the Board present at the meeting.


Minutes: The minutes were approved as submitted.

Agenda: The evening’s agenda was approved with the addition of a brief presentation of the proposed changes to the Bylaws.

Introductions: We welcomed a newcomer to the meeting, Dave Fuchs.


Treasurers Report: Diane MacLean

Diane has been having a bit of trouble getting statements from the bank. First there was an issue with online banking, now we no longer get a statement through the mail. Diane is working on a fix. We received another $100 in donations bringing our balance to $1922.52. Lylene mentioned there were 30 house turnovers this year – lots of new neighbors.


MNAC Report: Diane MacLean

    No report. Diane was not able to make the meeting and the minutes had not yet been posted.


Business and Issues:

     Traffic/Speeding: Officer Mark Young received the map and comments with concerns about areas where speeding seemed most problematic. Edgemoor is on the list to have the speed control sign and in addition a motorcycle officer will be in the neighborhood – so speeders beware! Speed bumps would not be an option but strategically placed stop signs are relatively inexpensive and might do the trick. John offered to talk to Ted Carlson to find out if the City would consider stop signs a realistic approach. If so then we could start a campaign for stops signs on Fieldston Road.

     Oh and by the way we had issues with pranks in the neighborhood – a nuisance that is just not nice.


     Annual Meeting: It’s that time of the year again when ENA hosts an Annual Membership Meeting. Once again we decided to have it at Lairmont Manor. Lauri will check availability. There was general consensus that food was nice but this year we would plan to keep it simple with a few snack type dishes. Speakers were discussed. Lylene offered to contact Resources and Sustainable Living Connections. She attended their presentation and found it informative.

     This year ENA is celebrating their 10th year!  We discussed having a drawing to offer a $100 certificate to Haggen Market and of course there will be cake but unfortunately no champagne.


     Bylaws: Lauri passed out the proposed changes to the ENA Bylaws for the Board to review and discuss. The major change would be to the Terms of Office – we would like to go to a 1 year term for all.


     Office 2013: Sandie ordered 5 copies of Office 2013 for $25. She emailed the link to the interested parties and explained the process. Thank you, Sandie.


     Neighborhood Night Out: No plans for an all inclusive neighborhood night out this August. Instead a link would be posted on Next-door Edgemoor and on the website to connect any interested parties to the Officer-in-Charge of the event. Think about getting out to meet your neighbors…it really does help deter crime. 


     Sewage Treatment Plant: Lylene reported the project was winding up and the crew should be out soon.


     CCFMPD: The hearing for the final proposed zoning changes to the Chuckanut Community Forest Park District would be held in April. No foreseen problems to rezoning 110 acres to public space.



The meeting was adjourned about 8:30

The next meeting will be held 7-9pm on Thursday, May 1st in the Library at Fairhaven Middle School. Everyone is encouraged and welcomed to come meet your neighbors and get to know your neighborhood.


Respectfully Submitted,

Lauri Grove




(Minutes are subject to approval)