Edgemoor Neighborhood Association

Annual Meeting

June 12, 2014


The Annual meeting held at Lairmont Manor was called to order at approximately 7:12pm by ENA President Lylene Johnson. Lauri Grove recorded the minutes. There was a quorum of the board present.


After a round of introductions, Lylene turned the floor over to the guest speaker for the evening.


#1 Guest Speaker: Emily Kubiak Community Energy Challenge

The (CEC) Community Energy Challenge is collaboration between two non-profits, the Opportunity Council and Sustainable Connections. Basically the CEC offers technical expertise and assistance with energy retrofits to home and business owners. With all the historic homes and building in Bellingham this organization provides a service that is an asset to the community. Emily explained how this works.


Participants sign up to receive an energy assessment and recommendations for efficiency upgrades to their site. During the evaluation an expert diagnostically examines every aspect of the homes energy quality - this initial full energy audit takes about 4 hours. Afterwards an energy advisor meets with the homeowner to explain results and provide recommendations for energy and weatherization improvements. Advisors also help homeowners take advantage of rebates as well as offer expertise to help clients make the most cost-effective decisions. Rebate incentives usually cover about 30% of the cost. The Community Energy Challenge helps residents and local business owners by reducing energy bills, reducing demand for energy and helping the local economy by providing jobs. The CEC also services Whatcom, Skagit, Island, and San Juan Counties. For more information or to sign up for an audit, visit the website at http://sustainableconnections.org/energy/energychallenge.

A general Q and A discussion followed the presentation.


Minutes: The minutes for the May meeting were approved as submitted.

Agenda: The agenda was approved with an additional item from Bob Gibb and an introduction to a new south-side magazine.


Treasurers Report: Diane Maclean

The Annual Budget was presented, moved for approval, discussed and passed. ENA is a non-profit organization that welcomes donations to continue to represent the neighborhood at Mayors Neighborhood Advisory Commission meetings and communicate information to residents. We accept donations at meetings or mailed to the following address:

Edgemoor Neighborhood Association
P O Box 4420
Bellingham, WA 98227 

Account Balance: $1833.00

Income: $900.00

Expenses: $930.00

Projected End Balance (5-31-15): $1803.00


Business and Issues:

Bylaws: Lauri Grove

Proposed changes to the bylaws were presented in writing at the April meeting and posted on the website in accordance with the Bylaws. Lauri summarized changes that for the most part have to do with the terms of office changing from two years to one year for board members and officers. The Board moved to approve and passed the changes to the ENA Bylaws.


Larrabee State Park: Bob Gibb

Washington State Parks has begun a land-use planning project for Larrabee State Park. The planning project is also known as Classification and Management Planning (CAMP). Camp includes four planning stages that will address protection of natural and cultural resources, management of recreation and trail activities, and explore ways to best preserve and interpret the historic components of the park.


Bob attended a planning meeting and expressed his concern over the fact that funding for the project was not addressed. Its questionable if park user fees and the Discover Pass can be well enforced. Larrabee Park, the largest park in the state, very possibly remains a threatened asset to our community. Bob wrote a letter to the state planning coordinator conveying these concerns and suggesting the formation of a park district to support the project and any ongoing maintenance fees. Bob was asked to continue to keep us updated about the CAMP project.


South-side Magazine: David Tanovan

Neighborhood Networks Publishers, Inc has a monthly magazine planned for the Edgemoor Chuckanut neighborhoods. This magazine will be a platform for residents to share their love of the neighborhood through pictures, stories, recipes, news and events. David mentioned that the magazine would also feature invitations to planned private events for neighborhood get-togethers. An example would be dinner at a restaurant in exchange for reviews. The magazine will be sponsored by advertisers. Lylene offered that this could benefit ENA communication within Edgemoor.



Bernie Waltz, Lylene Johnson, Lauri Grove, Sandie Koplowitz, Barbara Levin, Diane MacLean, and Terry Montonye were re-elected to the board. They will serve for one year in accordance with the amended bylaws. Officers with be elected by the board members at a special meeting held prior to the next monthly meeting scheduled for September.


ENA would like to take a moment to thank Joel Douglas and Lairmont Manor for kindly providing such a lovely place to hold our annual meetings. Lairmont Manor is a beautiful asset to our community. Thank you.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:26pm

Refreshments were served.


Reminder - no meetings in the months of July and August. Have a nice summer.

The next meeting will be the ENA Monthly Meeting held 7-9pm on Thursday, September 4th in the Library at Fairhaven Middle School. Everyone is encouraged and welcomed to come meet your neighbors and get to know your neighborhood.

Respectfully Submitted,

Lauri Grove

(Minutes are subject to approval)