Edgemoor Neighborhood Association

Monthly Board Meeting

November 7, 2013



The meeting held in the Library at Fairhaven Middle School was called to order at approximately 7:01pm by ENA President Lylene Johnson. Lauri Grove recorded the minutes.


Minutes: The October meeting minutes were approved as submitted.

Agenda: The evening’s agenda was approved with no additions.



Treasure’s Report: Diane MacLean

     Diane reported she received about $300 in contributions to ENA. She purchased a receipt book for cash donations. The ENA account balance is $1594.61.


Guests: Neighborhood Anti-Crime Team.

     Officers Harper and Bean attended the meeting with additional information about the recent criminal activity in Edgemoor. They found the car! It was at a residence off Mt Baker Hwy. However, the owner of the property was not very cooperative so the investigation continues. The officers conveyed 6 reports in the past month that were mostly service calls and one auto theft.  It seems that crime wave has subsided but never-the-less we all need to continue to be diligent - lock doors, lock cars, and do not leave valuables in the car. Once again the officers stressed that communication between neighbors is the best deterrent to crime so make the call and report anything that looks suspicious.

     You may have read about a deer with an arrow wound spotted in the neighborhood. The police were contacted and responded. We talked about the incident and a suggestion was made that Northwest Wildlife could be helpful in these situations.


Nextdoor Edgemoor: The officers asked about the process to start up Nextdoor in their neighborhood. Lylene and Sandie answered with information about privacy, links and mapping the neighborhood boundaries. It was agreed that it was a great tool for communication with no charge to the residents.


MNAC Report: Diane MacLean

     Mayor Kelli talked about the city budget and other related matters. Diane reported that some positions within the Fire Department would be cut back as people retired.  Michael Lilliquist offered that actually it is the EMS department that would be going through another source and therefore decreasing personnel.

     Our city ‘riot’ made the national news! It seems a campus party got out of hand. Arrests were made. A meeting was held to review and discuss the incident. Those in attendance included Chief Cook, representation from WWU and representation from the student body. Officers Harper and Bean offered that ‘party patrol’ would step-up to more aggressively head off problems.


Funding the ENA Account:

     Questions were brought up about how we want to solicit contributions and best manage our yearly expenses.  Diane thought it would be nice to send out a ‘thank you’ receipt for donations and agreed to create a letter document. Sandie suggested making November our annual fund drive month which was met with approval. The letter composed for review should include some of the ways we advocate for the neighborhood.


Business and Issues:

    GP Coal Terminal: Native American tribes all along the train routes are against the project and have voiced disapproval. Michael Lilliquist offered that the coal terminal is not a legislative decision but a matter of whether or not it meets the legal criterion. Different permits would be issued through different entities to determine whether it meets the conditions for that specific permit. For example, would this development negatively impact or overwhelm certain public infrastructure?  If so it may not meet criteria however it would also be possible to buy a way out of an impact if all parties agree to the terms…


     Sewage treatment Plant: Meetings are held at the treatment plant every other Friday at 8am. The next meeting will be on Nov.15th.  Pipes are in the process of being rerouted so there would be some odor. Landscaping would start next month.


     Community Forest Municipal Park District: Their website is now up and minutes have been posted on www.chuckanutcommunityforest.com. The two things that must come together to move forward are the Interlocal Agreement and the Conservation Easement that would be part of the agreement. The way I understand it is - the park district would charge a tax and the money would go to the city to purchase a portion of the forest (the Interlocal Agreement). In return for the money, the park district would like the property protected in perpetuity in public ownership to remain a natural forested area (the Conservation Easement). A Public Hearing would be held on Thursday, November 14, 2013, 7:00 PM at the Bellingham Public Library, Fairhaven Branch, Fireplace Room.


     Waterfront Plan: The City Council moved to approve the waterfront master redevelopment plan. The documents must be prepared to present to full council for final approval.



The meeting was adjourned at 8:45pm


The next meeting will be held 7-9pm on Thursday, November 7th in the Library at Fairhaven Middle School. Everyone is encouraged and welcomed to come meet your neighbors and get to know your neighborhood.



Respectfully Submitted,

Lauri Grove

(Minutes are subject to approval)