Edgemoor Neighborhood Association

Monthly Board Meeting

May 2, 2013



The meeting held in the Library at Fairhaven Middle School was called to order at approximately 7:00pm by ENA President Lylene Johnson. Lauri Grove recorded the minutes. There was not a quorum of the board present.


Guest Speakers: Anitra Acceturro (Water Conservation Program Coordinator)

Eric Johnson (Assistant Director of Public Works)

     Anitra and Eric attended the meeting as part of the public outreach requirement to help explain the water metering program and process to Edgemoor residents. The Water Use Efficiency Program became effective in January 2007 and established responsibilities that water suppliers must fulfill. One of the requirements, applicable to City of Bellingham, is to have all water metered by January 2017. Edgemoor is on the schedule for the 2013-14 year. The process has started with the installation of boxes for the meter, each fitted with a steel plate cover. The large “bolt” on this plate is wired to transmit water usage on an hourly basis. This hourly reading will help red flag problems or leaks. Eventually customers, through their own account, will be able to view daily water usage and patterns. Once the boxes are all in, the meters will start to be placed throughout Edgemoor. Homeowners will receive a postcard for installation notification and a sticky note will be left on doors when completed. Our water rate will be based on usage and billing as such will start in 2014. An online water consumption calculator and water billing rates can be found on the COB website at http://www.cob.org/services/utilities/bill-payment. Anitra and Eric responded to several questions about water rate changes, determining responsibility for leaks, etc… The presentation was very informative.


Minutes: The minutes for the April meeting were approved as submitted.

Agenda: The agenda was approved with no additional items


Treasurers Report: Diane Maclean

     Diane was not available to attend the meeting but it was reported that there was no change to the account balance.


Introductions: The question and conversation starter “What should be the primary purpose of ENA?” was included in the round of introductions. Answers varied from increased communication and sense of community to information/education on current issues affecting the neighborhood. Concerns were voiced about recent crime in the neighborhood and surrounding area.


A discussion about crime opened the floor to Officer Jeremy Harper, with the Neighborhood Anti-Crime Team. He stopped by to keep us up-to-date as well as keep up with any concerns in the neighborhood. He reported that Sehome Neighborhood had several burglaries that began to trickle out into neighboring communities. The police department was able to arrest the suspects and confiscate stolen goods. He talked about the importance of reporting any suspicious activity or incident with as much detail as possible. With enough information, the Crime Analysis Department can actually plot out crime reports to look for patterns and begin to predict where break-ins might next take place. Once again he stressed that we are the police department’s eyes and ears. He offered that Michelle Thomas would be a good resource to talk with ENA about the 911 system – what to expect when calling 911 and what happens with the information after the call.


MNAC: John Erickson

     Karen Funston talked about nonprofit tips for neighborhoods.

     Kim Brown (Transportation Options Coordinator) talked about pedestrian and bike traffic throughout the city. She offered the master plan that included 65+ miles of bike lanes.

     John also touched on the draft TIP mentioning that there are some troublesome intersections and a number of areas that need improvements.


Bylaws: Lauri Grove

     Due to lack of quorum the Board was not able to vote on the recommended changes to the Bylaws.


Business and issues:

     NextDoor Edgmoor – Lylene reported that NextDoor once again intends to allow neighborhoods to connect to surrounding neighborhoods. The last go-round met with negative responses from users so this new ‘beta version’ would incorporate the choice to opt out or choose which neighborhoods to connect. However there really would be no way to guarantee posts will not go out unintended because threads may travel through other accounts. Lylene offered NextDoor was working on it and there will be changes.

     Neighborhood Night Out /Annual Meeting Flier – Lylene passed out a mock up of the contents planned for the flier to review and advise. The premise behind Neighborhood Night Out held on or near August 6th is to thwart crime by getting the community out meeting neighbors and talking - the ‘bad guys’ don’t like that so they might be less likely to pay a visit. The Annual Meeting will be held from 7-9pm on June 13, 2013 at the Lairmont Manor. Lauri will send an email around closer to the date to let everyone know what’s needed.

     Summer Meetings – it was unanimously agreed not to meet in the months of July and August.

     FYI – Sandy reported that there are 16 heron nests in the colony and eggs should be hatching soon.  She offered that the noise from the sewage plant construction was most likely keeping the eagles away allowing the nests to thrive.



The meeting was adjourned around 9pm

The next meeting will be the ENA Annual Membership Meeting held 7-9pm on Thursday, June 13th at Lairmont Manor. (Please note the next meeting will be held on the 2nd Thursday in June). Everyone is encouraged and welcomed to come meet your neighbors and get to know your neighborhood.



Respectfully Submitted,

Lauri Grove


(Minutes are subject to approval)