Edgemoor Neighborhood Association

Monthly Board Meeting

March 7, 2013



The meeting held in the Library at Fairhaven Middle School was called to order at approximately 7:00pm by ENA President Lylene Johnson. Lauri Grove recorded the minutes. There was a quorum of the board.


Motion: The minutes for the February meeting were approved as submitted.

Agenda: The agenda was approved with no additional items


Treasurers Report: Diane Maclean

     No change to the account balance. Diane received a nice note from Steve Wilson thanking us for our contribution to renovations at the ‘Caretaker House’.


Introductions: Guests were asked to introduce themselves and include length of residency.


Guest Speakers:

     Neighborhood Anti-Crime Team:

     Officer Freeman

     Officer Bourgault

     Officer Bean

     Officer Harper

     We enjoyed a very interesting and informative meeting with four officers, who along with Sergeant Almer make up the Bellingham Police Department Anti-Crime Unit. The Neighborhood Anti-Crime Team partners with residents to address neighborhood-related issues, find solutions to problems, and help us make our community safer. The team often gets cases that would otherwise fall between cracks in the department. They have time, can utilize various tactics (plain clothes, surveillance), and reach out to other units within the department to find the appropriate expertise to help solve issues. The officers emphasized that we are their eyes and ears. The biggest hindrance they encountered time and again was the hesitation to contact them if something seemed odd, even if it was a little thing - those little bits of information gathered together could put an end to a problem. It is important to be as specific as possible with details.

     The officers asked and we responded with the concerns we have in Edgemoor that included recent mail theft and reoccurring speeding issues. They offered solutions to mail theft - promptly pick up mail, get a locking mailbox, take in packages, and check credit reports for identify theft.  Speeding was a more difficult subject to deal with. They took note of our specific concerns to see what, if anything could be done. Suggested we continue to put out Drive 25 signs and reminders to slow down.

    *Important Numbers:                              

     Sgt Almer email dalmer@cob.org / phone # 360-778-8747

     Call # 360-676-6911 with non-emergent concerns / #911 in an emergency

     Call # 360-676-6911 for vacation watch.


As listed on the website…A few of the common problems the team tackles include gang activity, drug

transactions, vehicle prowls, residential burglaries, disruptive party-houses, mail theft and graffiti



MNAC: John Erickson

     Jeff Thomas (Planning & Community Development Director) talked about plans in process for the waterfront. Clean up has started at the GP site. The first public hearing is scheduled in March and will be broadcast live on Channel 10. Neighborhoods can provide their input to the Planning Commission. All documents are on the website.

     Heather Aven (Planning Secretary) provided information on the Planning Department section of the COB website. Sandy had some questions and voiced her difficulty finding public notice data by neighborhoods.  


Business and issues:

     April Meeting – Fairhaven Middle School will be closed the first week in April for our meeting so we decided to meet the second Thursday, April 11th.


     Nextdoor EdgemoorNeighbors have offered to lead walking groups through trails in Chuckanut Woods.  Look for posts as the weather turns nice and dry. Due to sensitive areas in the forest it is not really okay to go off existing trails or to build bike ramps and jumps. John said the Parks Dept. has a good map of the site and trails that will soon be available to download.


     Annual Meeting – the ENA Annual meeting with be held in June.  Lauri volunteered to check Lairmont Manor for availability. We decided food was nice so refreshments will be provided. A couple speakers were suggested; James King from the Parks Dept. and the newly appointed Board of Commissioners for the Chuckanut Forest Park District. Lylene will contact Vinces to see if the board members are available for the annual meeting.


     Bylaws – A bylaws committee will meet to clarify bylaws, especially the election of board and officers in preparation for the upcoming annual elections. Lauri will chair and arrange meeting dates.


     Transition Whatcom – sent an email for application for a $350 neighborhood grant to support small scale projects for sustainable living.



The meeting was adjourned at 9:00pm


The next monthly meeting will be held on the second Thursday, April 11th in the Library at Fairhaven Middle School. Everyone is encouraged and welcomed to come meet your neighbors and get to know your neighborhood.



Respectfully Submitted,

Lauri Grove    


Minutes are subject to approval