Edgemoor Neighborhood Association

Monthly Meeting

September 6, 2012




The ENA monthly meeting was called to order at approximately 7:00 pm on Thursday, September 6th by ENA President Lylene Johnson. The meeting was held in the Library at Fairhaven Middle School. Lauri Grove recorded the minutes. There was a quorum of the Board. Welcome new Board members


Minutes from the June meeting were approved as submitted.


The agenda was approved with no additional new business.

‘…The Focus of this meeting would be to primarily set goals for the coming year and establish a framework to achieve them…’


Treasurer's Report: (Diane MacLean)

The current balance in the ENA account is $2729.91. We did receive and deposit a $500 reimbursement from the city. Diane paid $90 to cover the remaining monthly use of the Fairhaven Middle School Library through the end of this year.


Introductions and Special Interests:

There were new board members and a few new faces at the meeting so introductions were in order.  Lylene asked that each person include a special interest or a direction they would like to see ENA take this year. Everyone seemed to agree that Edgemoor is a lovely neighborhood, well located near amenities in Fairhaven, water, parks and trails. The concerns included views, deer, speeding/traffic issues, sidewalks, more community interaction, communication and air traffic.  The various topics were discussed and recommendations were considered. To follow up on some of the points: John would contact public works with traffic concerns recommending a consistent 25mph speed limit on Chuckanut; Simon would keep us abreast of his view issues by documenting the process and progress so that others might learn from his experience; and Nextdoor Edgemoor would continue to build up more communication within the neighborhood. Lylene and Sandie also clarified questions raised during the general discussion about neighborhood access to the lagoon (no public access). The Lagoon was deeded by the Larrabees to the surrounding property owners and is therefore private property.


Goal Setting (Lylene Johnson)

The updated neighborhood plan was not accepted as submitted due in part to the requested zoning changes. Although the zoning revisions were not radical and were in line with the way the neighborhood has developed they would never-the-less open up a can of worms. Questions were raised about whether or not to reopen the process of updating the plan which would require rewriting, reapproving and resubmitting the plan to the city. Many of the concerns talked about in the meeting tonight were addressed in the updated plan. John brought up the fact that we were offered a session with the Planning Department and should perhaps at least take advantage of that information. Lylene agreed to make an appointment and post it. Lauri and Sandie offered to accompany her to the meeting.

Lylene questioned how the group would like to see meetings and the organization evolve?  Should we have speakers?  Do we want socials? It was generally agreed that having speakers at least 4 times a year would add interest. Some topics mentioned were rain gardens, opportunity council, hazardous waste, updates on the community garden and caregivers house…and meetings that focus on a specific topic (for example sidewalks) so those interested can come together to voice concerns and work toward solutions.  Socials were not really discussed.

On the side – Neighborhood Night Out was stifled by the rain but a few neighbors ventured out. Lylene mentioned a couple items addressed by the Disaster Preparedness Representative at NNO. Often family members are not together and phone lines are down so texting would be the best option for contact. The GPS setting on phones could help trace someone. With phone lines down or busy, it is wise to have an out of town number designated as the call person so friends and relatives have one person to contact to find out if everyone is okay and convey whereabouts. Hot water tanks are a good water source.


City Issues:

At a recent MNAC meeting the Mayor questioned views about an ordinance to ban public use of fireworks. John solicited our opinions and it was generally agreed that fireworks can be a dangerous nuisance and should be banned.

A very brief discussion was held with some updates about Chuckanut Ridge and the proposed Chuckanut Forest Park District. Signatures are needed to get the proposal on the ballot. The rezoning of part of the acreage was denied – dividing the property didn’t meet with approval.  



The meeting was adjourned at 8:43

The next Edgemoor Neighborhood Meeting will be held at 7pm on Thursday, October 4th in the Whidbey Island Bank Community Room. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend – come get acquainted with your neighborhood.


Please note the venue change for the meeting on Thursday Oct. 6th

Meeting Location: Whidbey Island Bank Community Room

Address: McKenzie Alley - Near 12th & McKenzie, Bellingham

Additional information:

McKenzie Alley is between the Waldron & Young buildings.  Enter from McKenzie St, just West off 12th, go down the steps and up the stairs at the end.  The community room entrance is off the deck.


Respectfully Submitted,

Lauri Grove



(Minutes are subject to approval)