Edgemoor Neighborhood Association

Monthly Meeting

May 5, 2012




The ENA monthly meeting was called to order at approximately 7:05 pm on Thursday, May 3rd by ENA President Lylene Johnson. The meeting was held in the Fairhaven Middle School Library. Lauri Grove recorded the minutes. There was a quorum of the Board.


The agenda was approved with no additional new business.

Minutes from the April meeting were approved as submitted.



Guest: (Dan Remsen)

Chuckanut Community Forest Municipal Park District (CCFMPD)

Dan explained the initiative to create a Chuckanut Community Forest Municipal Park District to secure Chuckanut Ridge acreage. As we know the property was purchased by the city with a combination of funds some of which came from a Greenways III loan that must be repaid. After a 20 year struggle to conserve this property, it is difficult to think that any part might be sold to pay the 3.2 million due.  After careful consideration the formation of a south side park district seems to be the best way to raise money needed to safeguard this property in its entirety. Dan answered many of our questions about how and why a park district would work. Asking those neighbors who have loved these woods and will benefit most from preservation to pay a modest extra tax appears to be the fairest way to complete the purchase. He has been attending neighborhood meetings to evaluate receptiveness of this proposal. The ENA Board feels well enough informed to deem it in the best interest of the community to support the concept of a park district. The board would proceed to educate the neighborhood. For information about municipal park districts go to MRSC.org and search Metropolitan Park Districts.


·        A motion was made to write a letter to City Council and Mayor Linville on behalf of the ENA Board in support of the concept of a park district. (Sandie was volunteered to write the letter that would be submitted for board approval prior to sending.)

Motion was passed 


Treasurer's Report: (Diane MacLean)

Diane submitted an annual budget with anticipated expenses and the board approved. Diane will send a copy of the expense sheet to Lauri to keep on file.


MNAC: (John Erickson)

John clarified railroad ‘quiet zones’ stating that law requires trains to sound horn at crossings unless the tracks were secured from traffic. That means that as long as crossings near Edgemoor were open to people, dogs and deer there would be horns.  He offered that there were new rules for horns that required an increase to 110 decibels on new engines and even a small increase would present significantly louder impacts. Gene Shannon, owner of Fairhaven Village Inn is well informed about train traffic and suggested creating a task force to work with BNSF.

Small and Simple Grants offered by the city to neighborhoods for improvements might be on the way out due to budget constraints.

John’s question about medical marijuana locations was well received by MNAC and would be on their agenda in June.


Communication: (Sandie Koplowitz)

Sandie received an email from an Edgemoor neighbor requesting ENA support of height limits in Fairhaven Neighbors updated plan. It was noted that we were asked by Fairhaven Neighbors to hold our support until they notified us with a go-ahead.

Nextdoor Edgemoor is growing and become an effect fun means of communication within the neighborhood.



·        The Annual Membership Meeting

To be held at 7pm on the Thursday, June 7th at the Lairmont Manor.

Mayor Linville confirmed to speak.

There will be a presentation for Nextdoor Edgemoor.

Information about the Chuckanut Community Forest Municipal Park District will be available.

Election would be held for Vice President and Treasurer.

Lauri will be organizing refreshments for the evening. (Sandie offered to supply water and drinks)

·        Annual Night out Against Crime (NOAC)

To be held on August 7, 2012

Sandie suggested moving the event to the lawn at Fairhaven Middle School to keep it in the                  neighborhood and that received unanimous approval.  Lauri will check availability and organize refreshments.

·        Signs – Lylene passed out a mock up for the sign with a red background – white print. It was decided that a white ground with black print might be easier to read from a distance… so back to the drawing board.

·        Post card to Neighborhood – Lylene circulated a draft for a post card to the neighborhood that was approved but needed a couple confirmations.  Mayor Linville was confirmed to attend the Annual Meeting so once the venue for Neighborhood Night Out is confirmed the post card would go out.



The next Edgemoor Neighborhood Meeting will be our Annual Meeting held at 7pm on Thursday, June 7th at the Lairmont Manor. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend – come get informed and acquainted with your neighborhood.



Respectfully Submitted,

Lauri Grove





(Minutes are subject to approval)