Edgemoor Neighborhood Association

Monthly Meeting

March 1, 2012




The ENA monthly meeting was called to order at approximately 7:04 pm on Thursday, March 1st by ENA President Lylene Johnson.  Lauri Grove recorded the minutes. There was a quorum of the Board.


The agenda was approved with no additional new business.

Minutes from the February meeting were approved as submitted.


Treasurer's Report: (Diane MacLean)

     Lauri reported that a $420 refund check from the city had been received and deposited into the ENA account. A $60 disbursement was made to Fairhaven Middle School last month.  The current balance is $3451.95. 


MNAC: (John Erickson)

     Mayor Kelli Linville introduced herself and her vision to the Mayor’s Neighborhood Advisory Commission. The commission’s role in the process of determining the suitability of proposed plans and development was up for discussion and would most likely change. John felt that since there was neither the time nor adequate background information to make these decisions it would be a welcomed change.

     Bill Geyer and Ralph Black presented project proponents for the King Mountain proposal. It seems as if the developer practiced good community outreach and therefore had neighborhood support for this project. There was a general discussion about the developer’s property in the Fairhaven area – namely questioning clean-up of the Old Fairhaven Hotel site.


Special Issues: (Lylene Johnson)

·        Padden Trails Rezone – A hearing was held March 12th regarding the request by owners of the proposed Padden Trails development for increased density and use of the infill toolbox.  Additional information would be posted on Edgemoor Conversations.

·        Gateway Pacific Terminal – The forum we had hoped to pull together for the community did not pan out. Not all of the principal representatives were available to attend. Instead, a forum would be held in City Council Chambers to discuss the permitting process with representatives from the Army Corps of Engineers, Whatcom County Planning Dept., and the Dept. of Ecology. The scoping process would be defined to highlight important issues that need to be addressed.  Look to the website for more information, scheduled meeting dates and times.

·        Fairhaven /Happy Valley Rezone – Haggen would like to have the opportunity to develop the property directly behind their existing Fairhaven market.  A hearing would be held on March 29th to discuss moving the boundary line so to incorporate the land into the Fairhaven Neighborhood and also to rezone the property from residential to commercial. Fairhaven Neighbors support the changes while the Happy Valley Neighborhood stands opposed.

·        Fairhaven Neighbors Updated Plan – Presently ENA has not officially voiced support for the Fairhaven Neighborhood amended plan. A discussion at the CSN meeting concluded with a request to wait until after the outcome of the hearing in March. At that time Fairhaven Neighbors would come back to south side neighborhoods for their position as needed.  



      The final draft of the amended bylaws were moved for approval and passed without change.  The Standing Rules of Procedure were presented to the Board and also approved as submitted. We now meet in better compliance with the rules set up for the organization.



·        The Annual Membership Meeting - To be held on the Thursday, June 7th at the Lairmont Manor.  Possible speakers were listed and refreshments were discussed. John’s suggestion to contact the Mayor to speak was approved as our first choice, additional suggestions included the City Finance Director and the Director of Public Health (to address concerns about hazardous substances transported through Bellingham).

·        Annual Night out Against Crime – We decided to host a social this August in conjunction with National Night Out Against Crime. Lauri and Lidia agreed to head the ad hoc committee to organize details. Sandie offered to check with Bayside Pool for availability for the event.  Please feel free to offer any suggestions or a helping hand.

·        Signs – We need new signs to announce meetings to the neighborhood. Lylene offered to check specifics with Special-T Signs.

A motion was made to approve up to $200 to replace signs as needed.

Motion was passed

·        Budget – Time to talk money. We need to set a budget for the annual meeting and the summer social as well as any upcoming plans for this year.


Neighborhood Plan Update:

The final draft of the updated Neighborhood Plan was formatted in compliance with the city and readied for delivery. Step two completed.



The next Edgemoor Neighborhood Meeting will be held at 7pm on Thursday, April 5th in the community room at Whidbey Island Bank. Check the blog for the agenda and additional information. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend – get acquainted with your neighborhood.



Respectfully Submitted,

Lauri Grove






(Minutes are subject to approval)