Edgemoor Neighborhood Association

Monthly Board Meeting

December 6, 2012



ENA President, Lylene Johnson called the meeting to order at 7:02pm on December 6th. The meeting was held in the Library at Fairhaven Middle School. Lauri Grove recorded the minutes. There was a quorum of the board.


Motion: The minutes for the October and November Meeting were approved as submitted.

The agenda was approved with no additional items


Treasurers Report: (Diane MacLean)

      Diane reported there was no change to the account balance - $2872.61


Introductions: There was a round of introductions – eleven attendees at the meeting.


Guest Speaker: (Steve Wilson)

     Steve Wilson representing the Center for Self Reliance brought us up-to-date on the progress and future plans for the Caretaker House and Old Rose Garden property.  Essentially he has been acting as the project contractor coordinating construction and repairs. Money comes in bits and spurts so work gets done accordingly. At the moment they are waiting for the stone to complete the concrete columns and open the front gates. In the past year the fence was constructed with money specifically donated for that purpose, a mowing area was established outside the fenced area for the city to maintain, independent gardens were planted and Bakerview Lawn Care volunteered to mow the property for 6 weeks free of charge. The Center would like to see the grounds developed with the house used to support the grounds. However the group focus really needed to be on the house repairs to fulfill the agreement with the city. Steve passed around a draft plan for the house that opened the kitchen and common rooms for small group meetings or classes for the community. There were several structures mentioned on the property also in need of repair. The house centennial would be in 2014 and it would be nice to set that as a goal for completion of the house renovation. The work depended on donations and Steve thought that at least another $15000.00-20000.00 would be need to finish the project.

     There was a nice discussion about the plans for both the house and grounds. Some concerns were voiced about the look of the chain-link fence and general maintenance of the gardens.  Also it was pointed out that it needed to be clearer that the property was open to the public – perhaps through signage. A suggestion was made to consider a donation from ENA to the Center.


MNAC: (John Erickson)

   The role of MNAC in fact did change. They would no longer actively review site-specific plans or be as involved in evaluating neighborhood plans. John showed a diagram of the circular path of MNAC responsibility. Since neighborhood plans and recommended changes often affect connecting neighborhoods a circular conversation would be an effective means to get that information around the community.  MNAC would be meeting in the Fairhaven Library next month to test the site for future meetings.


Business and issues:

     Speed Bumps – Unfortunately Fieldston is classified as an arterial road so speed bumps are not allowed.  Contact Chris Como with question. So how do we get Fieldston reclassified?


     Chuckanut Community Forest Park District – the Coalition of South Side Neighborhoods (CSSN) major focus was to get all the south side neighborhoods to endorse a letter in support of the park district on the February ballot. Lylene circulated the letter for review asking for direction.

·        A motion was made for approval for Lylene to sign the letter with CSSN in support of putting the park district on the ballot in February.

     Motion passed                      


     Upcoming Speakers – The speaker at the January meeting would be Shannon Wright with Communitywise Bellingham Outreach.  This is a non-partisan group that is gathering information for the community regarding the proposed Gateway Pacific Terminal.  Lauri agreed to arrange the projector/equipment.


     Trains – A proclamation was made by the South Hill Neighborhood in support of establishing train horn quiet zones within the city. They asked for our support requesting the city to fund a complete diagnostic analysis of the Bellingham rail corridor.   After careful consideration it was decided that Shannon submit a letter from ENA requesting this study to be done by SSA as part of the EIS process for the proposed Gateway Pacific Terminal.

·        A motion was made to support the proposed request for a study to evaluate rail corridors to ultimately establish quiet zones - with the tweak to submit a request to those drafting it that SSA be required to do such a study as part of the scoping process.

     Motion passed


     Airport Noise – There’s concern in the community about the increased noise and traffic accompanying commercial airline expansion at the Bellingham Airport with what seemed to be little consideration for the impact on the surrounding neighborhoods. Those impacts will be studied as part of the planning process.  Although many of us favor additional flights the jet noise is a drawback. 


     Sewage Treatment Plant – Sandie Star has been attending meetings and lives near the site so she offered some information. The process has been handled with as much consideration as possible for the nearby community. The construction company has kept neighbors informed of their agenda and any upcoming disturbance. The public is invited on Friday mornings to review project updates and enjoy coffee and donuts.


     Neighborhood Cleanup – Sandie was contacted by a neighbor suggesting the neighborhood get involved with cleanup of abandoned homeless camps along the railroad tracks.  That cleaning up would best to be done before spring to hopefully discourage camps from returning to the area. Since John had some experience with such work parties, he was asked to gather some information or help from the Conservation Corps who orchestrated the cleanup of the Chuckanut Woods.




     The meeting was adjourned at 9:00pm

     The next monthly meeting will be held on January 3rd in the Library at Fairhaven Middle School. 


Respectfully Submitted,

Lauri Grove    


Minutes are subject to approval