Edgemoor Neighborhood Association

Annual Membership Meeting

June 7, 2012



The Annual Membership Meeting of Edgemoor Neighborhood Association began at 7:04 on June 7th.  President Lylene Johnson officiated the meeting. The minutes were recorded by Lauri Grove. The Board was present. The meeting was held at the Lairmont Manor. Thank you once again to Joel Douglas for the use of Fairmont Manor!


Everyone in attendance was welcomed and introductions were made.

Lylene introduced the guest speaker, Mayor Kelli Linville.


Guest: Mayor Kelli Linville

Mayor Linville grew up in Edgemoor Neighborhood so there were familiar faces in the audience. She has been in office for about 5 months now with a rigorous schedule to put things in order. She feels as if she gets along well with city and county officials and mentioned there were council members in attendance. Whatcom County Executive, Jack Louws, was asked to step forward to say a few words as Mayor Linville expressed plans to bring the city and county together with transparency moving forward. Mayor Linville is a proponent for development and bringing jobs into the area. She talked about the tight city budget, dealing with the economy and various shortfalls from previous years. After enlightening us to her vision for Bellingham, she moved right into expressing her thoughts about Chuckanut Ridge. She has proposed a rezone to Open Space for most of the property with the exception of the 25 acres in question for financing. She has a couple ideas to pay off the loan for the remaining acreage – one being to sell it to a developer or to possibly form a Local Improvement District (LID).  She was vocal about not being in favor of the initiative to form a Chuckanut Forest Municipal Park District although the final decision would not be hers. In her opinion forming a south side park district could fragment the city, however south side communities feel strongly about trying to raise the 3.2 million needed to secure the property from development – a goal from the start of Greenways funding. The Mayor opened the floor to questions and pleasantly did her best to answer all.



At 8:05 the ENA meeting was officially called to order.


Lylene asked for a motion to approve the May minutes. The motion was put forward, seconded and approved

There were no additions to the agenda.


A motion was made to adopt the 2012 budget.

Treasurer, Diane MacLean reminded members that the city has a $500 reimbursement limit for association expenses and we may have to reconsider collecting donations in the future to cover any overages.

The motion was then seconded and approved.


President’s Report: Lylene Johnson

Lylene summarized the past year touching briefly on the following topics discussed at monthly ENA meetings.


Chuckanut Ridge – Most of the acreage was purchased by the city with 25 acres left to secure.

Gateway Pacific Terminal – We learned a lot about coal.

Padden Trails – We conducted our first survey to give the board guidance on a controversial issue.

Fairhaven Neighbors Neighborhood Plan – The plan was submitted and approved for docketing

Edgemoor Neighborhood Plan – The updates were completed and submitted for docketing.

Bylaws – Revised for more clarity and better compliance with the way the organization functions.  

Communication – Sandie continues to update and now expanded the website to include an interactive blog – Edgemoor Conversations. Nextdoor Edgemoor was also introduced this year to allow for more direct communication within the neighborhood.

Platform - ENA shifted the focus of the organization toward more inner-neighborhood communication, activities and matters.



Lylene explained the new provision in the Bylaws for elections. As needed we could now elect up to eleven board members at an annual meeting. Board members would not have to hold an office but would need to attend meetings and vote. The existing board and newly elected members would then meet to follow to elect officers. This year we are able to add up to 6 new members to the existing Board. The Vice President and Treasurer positions are up for election.


Four new member were nominated and elected to serve on the Board – Kerry Breit, Donna Davis, Barbara Levin, and Terry Montonye. Thank you and welcome to the board!


… Meeting of the Board to elect officers (8:45)

·        John Erickson agreed to continue as Vice President of ENA for 2 more years.

·        Diane MacLean agreed to continue as Treasurer of ENA for 2 more years.



Anyone interested in break-out sessions for more information about the Chuckanut Forest Park District proposal or a Nextdoor Edgemoor tutorial were directed where to meet with representatives.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:45pm

Refreshments were served.

Thank you to everyone that brought food – so appreciated!


Reminder we will not meet in July or August. Enjoy the summer.

Please plan to attend Neighborhood Night Out on August 7thheld on the lawn at Fairhaven Middle School.

The next meeting scheduled will be an Edgemoor Neighborhood Association Monthly Meeting to be held from 7-9 on September 6th at Fairhaven Middle School.  Monthly meetings are open to all and we encourage you to attend.




Respectfully Submitted,

Lauri Grove






Minutes are subject to approval