Edgemoor Neighborhood Association

Monthly Board Meeting

April 7, 2011



The ENA monthly meeting was called to order at approximately 7:07 pm on Thursday, April 7th by President Brad Rose.  Lauri Grove recorded the minutes.  A quorum was present.


The minutes from February and March meetings were approved as submitted.



     Jennifer Karchmer, editor of the Whatcom Watch grassroots environmental newspaper in Bellingham, informed us that the all-volunteer paper was celebrating its 20th year.  They have approximately 167 subscribers to date.  Most of the contributing volunteers work from home to put out monthly copies distributed community-wide.  Local citizens write the articles. In April, a community roundtable was held at the ReStore for all to meet the editor and suggest articles or points of interest.  Another portal to Whatcom Watch can be found on their Facebook page. Also mentioned in response to an article in the Whatcom Watch, the City Club had planned an informative discussion and WWU a debate on the topic of coal trains.


President's Report: (Brad Rose)

     Brad informed about ‘the big hole’ quarry on Lummi Island proposal to double from 27 acres to 50 acres in size. This proposal is in the process of being docketed. Brad briefed us with some ‘FYI’ history about the company. Apparently they extended beyond the claim area and were supposed to but did not retain money in escrow for landscaping.

     Joel Douglas kindly offered the Lairmont Manor for our annual meeting to be held May 5th.  He asked that we mention the Fairhaven Diner Club on our website and distribute information at the meeting.  The diner club charge is just $1.00 and something we agreed that we should try to support.

     Run with the Fuzz 5k run was held in April. 100% of the proceeds ($20 fee) went to the Behind the Badge Foundation.

     Last but not least, Brad reminded all to be mindful about scams, impostors, and identity theft.


MNAC Report: (John Erickson)

     John was not able to attend the meeting.  We could use a volunteer alternate MNAC representative. If interested contact John or Brad for information.


Treasurer's Report: (Diane MacLean)

Diane reported that we received a $15 donation from a new neighbor.


CSN: (Brad)

     The Coalition of Southside Neighbors met to discuss the proposed rezone for Padden Creek Trails. Although this property is in the Samish neighborhood the project will have an effect on the entire south side. The developers are just looking for increased density right now without a concrete plan.  As the plan unfolds and gets more vested it will be harder for public concerns to be considered. There was a consensus at the meeting to draft a letter addressing some transportation and safety issues to the City Council and the Planning Commission.  The Board agreed to the intent of the letter to address concerns but asked to view the final draft before approval.


RDNow: (Joe Yaver)

     Washington Federal Bank started foreclosure proceedings on Fairhaven Highlands however Edelstein filed a counter claim and it looks as if it as yet to be determined.  Bob Gibb wrote to Dave Rennig(?) reiterating all the past and existing issues just to make him aware of the history of problems with the site.  Joel Douglas wrote to city officials to suggest it as a site for assisted living or a retirement home development.  Discussion led to the fact that it is not exactly convenient to the hospital or emergency services.  We did originally tax ourselves to start Greenways in an attempt to purchase this property.  Many feel that the property left as is would better the quality of life for the future of our community.



     Brook Anderson, a representative for Bag it Bellingham was on hand to explain the program. This is an inclusive community effort to stop the use of thin plastic single-use bags at takeout, pharmacy and grocery checkout counters to encourage reusable bags. In addition there will be a $.05 charge for paper bags to reduce recycling and help with costs to supply reusable bags. Brook led a Q and A in an attempt to aid in understanding the program.  The thin plastic bags intended for single use transportation of food are harmful to animals and environment. This does not include the heavier plastic bags most retail stores use.  To view information and discussion go to www.facebook.com/bagitbellingham or to the blog www.bagitbellingham.blogspot.com


Neighborhood Plan Update: (Martin Nickerson)

     Martin, Sandie and Lylene worked on revising the neighborhood plan and presented a draft for board approval. There was a discussion about a few points and modifications were suggested.  Thank you all your time and a job well done.


A Motion was made to accept the final draft of the Updated Neighborhood Plan with the specified modifications.

Motion was passed by the board.


A mailer would be sent out to inform neighbors about the upcoming May 5th Annual Meeting at Lairmont Manor and also about the Draft Neighborhood Plan on the website for review, suggestions and approval through June 2nd.  The June 2nd meeting At Fairhaven Park Pavilion will be open for Edgemoor neighbor’s additional comments and final approval of plan to be submitted to the city.


Business, Issues and Concerns:

     The annual meeting will be at the Lairmont Manor.  Brad will set up a representative to talk about the coal trains - preferably both sides of the controversy.  Elections will be held for President and Secretary.  Brad will be stepping down as President. He has done a great job for several years and is due for a break.  We also need a volunteer as an alternate for MNAC.  If you would like to meet neighbors and are interested in your community please consider joining the board.



The meeting was adjourned at 9:04 pm.

The next Edgemoor Neighborhood Meeting will be our Annual Meeting held on Thursday, May 5th from 7-9pm at the Lairmont Manor.  Refreshments will be served.  Everyone is welcome to attend.



Respectfully Submitted,

Lauri Grove




Minutes are subject to approval