Edgemoor Neighborhood Association

Monthly Board Meeting

February 3, 2011



The ENA monthly meeting was called to order at approximately 7:12pm on Thursday, February 3rd by President Brad Rose.  Lauri Grove recorded the minutes.   


The minutes from the January meeting were approved as submitted.

(Lauri will not be available for the March or the June Meetings.)


President's Report: (Brad Rose)

The Center for Local Self Reliance continues work to complete the deer fence.  Please consider volunteering to help.  Check their website for work party details.


An open house would be held at Fairhaven Middle about the Wastewater Treatment Facility improvements. This would be an informal meeting to talk with the staff about the proposed improvements.  Additional opportunities to keep communication open to the community would be offered throughout the process.


The Block Watcher report included information about the noise ordinance that defined newly established Entertainment District boundaries in Fairhaven and downtown, the Federal Communications Commission requirement that all cell phone service providers accept 911 calls from any phone whether it has a service contract or not, and continued information about emergency preparedness.


Brad received a request from Chris Grannis for ENA endorsement of a letter that was written to City Council asking them not to docket the 113 acre Padden Trails development.  Brad read the letter that mentioned several issues (traffic, density, emergency services…). In the general discussion that followed, John offered that the city should be doing the traffic study and making decisions about density on the site.  A decision was made not to endorse the letter at this time but wait to allow the city officials to do their job.


MNAC Report: (John Erickson)

The role of the MNAC was addressed in the changing process of docketing neighborhood plans.  The course was streamlined to start and end with the City Council. MNAC would now review plans submitted to them for recommendation prior to the Planning Commission.  John also reported that landlord licensing and the impacts on rent were discussed at the meeting.  


Treasurer's Report: (Diane MacLean)

Diane reported that there was no change to the balance.


At this time in the meeting there was a general discussion about Fairhaven Highlands.  The bank tried to remain amicable but in the end called in the loan which ultimately led to dissolving the partnership with Greenbrier. A question was posed to RD Now as to whether they could raise a million dollars (over a period of three years) toward purchasing the property. We talked about how and what could be done as well as the city’s proposal to acquire the property.  


Neighborhood Plan Update: (Martin Nickerson)

Timeline - Lylene would contact Sandie to find out the status of the plan. The plan needs to be refined to prepare it for presentation to the board by the March meeting.  Any concerns would be addressed in March so a final ‘board approved’ draft could be presented to the neighborhood for review prior to the annual meeting. A postcard announcing the annual meeting and the updated plan would be sent out. The plan should be ready for final approval at the annual meeting which would be in May or June.


Communication and Membership: (Sandie Koplowitz)

Questions were raised about pricing and design information for the new signs.



The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 pm.

The next Edgemoor Neighborhood Meeting will be held on Thursday, March 3rd from 7-9pm at the Fairhaven Park Pavilion.  Everyone is welcome to attend.


Respectfully Submitted,

Lauri Grove



Minutes are subject to approval