Edgemoor Neighborhood Association

Monthly Board Meeting

September 2, 2010



The ENA monthly meeting was called to order at approximately 7:05pm on Thursday, September 2nd by President Brad Rose.  Lauri Grove recorded the minutes.


Minutes from the July meeting (no meeting in Aug.) were approved as submitted.


President's Report (Brad Rose):

Brad listed several road closings and restrictions throughout the city.  The work on 12th Street, almost to the bridge now, will have the greatest impact on Edgemoor.  He also mentioned a few meetings scheduled in September.  First mentioned, on Sept. 13th there would be a public hearing to consider an ordinance to adopt the Fountain District plan and proposed zoning changes.  Parking, development regulations and height requirements would be items of concern to the area.  That led into a general discussion about height restrictions falling under the discretion of the ‘new’ planning director.  Perhaps requests for over-height buildings should have to go through the whole process, proving the benefit of additional height rather than have the community fight to prove it wrong for the neighborhood. On Sept. 27th there would be a public hearing for a proposed amendment to the Happy Valley Neighborhood Plan adding policy to develop a green plan for the neighborhood.  A public hearing would also be held on Sept. 27th for a site specific rezone from residential/multi to Institutional for WWU administrative offices.


Funding was not granted for restoration of Padden Lagoon.

v  A motion was approved to enlist neighborhoods to support CSN in their effort to keep the restoration of the lagoon and natural areas in future city/port plans


MNAC Report (John Erickson):

John informed Diane that association expenses must be submitted to Linda Stewart by Sept. 9th.  He circulated the monthly MNAC draft minutes through e-mail and highlighted a couple points of interest.  Whatcom Medic One has been locked in controversy over labor issues. A single administration with operational control all under one roof so to speak would be preferable. The county wants to take over the city services and the money. Although there is a problem between labor unions, the system will continue to provide services. In addition, Mike Stoner updated the Waterfront Redevelopment Project stating that the master plan still needs to be approved. The plan will include public access along the pier and WWU will have a presence.     


Treasurer's Report (Diane MacLean):

Diane reported the account balance was $3555.14.  She wrote a check to Sandie to cover website maintenance ($100) and to upgrade the mailing list ($200).  Diane sent in the annual statement listing the ENA Board members.  She received a check for dues from a new neighbor that she returned with explanation that we aren’t charging dues this year.


CSN (Brad Rose):

No meeting


RD NOW (Joe Yaver):

Joe let us know that the Greenways money appropriated for purchase of Chuckanut Ridge was in jeopardy. The city was under pressure to redirect money to do other things.  Greenways had various group interests to consider and of course they want the money for their interests.  Disappointment was expressed over the latest extension to the bank concerning the Fairhaven Highlands EIS.  Martin suggested and agreed to draft a letter from ENA to the Planning Director to say that the neighborhood is not in favor of a third extension. This has been a cloud over our heads for the past 5 years. The last extension took us by surprise so we want it on record that we are not in favor of any more extensions.  Joe went on to say that 30th Street is planned for development and wetlands are an issue.  Each new development impacts the watershed and we need to pay attention because of the connectivity to Chuckanut Ridge.


New Business: Neighborhood Plan Update (Martin Nickerson):

Martin handed out draft copies of the updated neighborhood plan for review and discussion.  Several items were brought up including rentals, tree preservation and view preservation.  Martin encouraged everyone to read and advise with any concerns, corrections, or comments.  The committee was commended for their good work. Thank you!



The meeting was adjourned at 8:49 pm.


The next Edgemoor Neighborhood Meeting will be held on Thursday, October 7th from 7-9pm at the Fairhaven Park Pavilion.  Everyone is welcome to attend.



Respectfully Submitted,

Lauri Grove





Minutes are subject to approval