Edgemoor Neighborhood Association

Monthly Board Meeting

December 3, 2009




The ENA monthly meeting was called to order at 7:05pm on Thursday, December 3rd by President Brad Rose.Lylene Johnson recorded the minutes.A quorum of the Board was present.


Minutes from the November minutes were approved.


Reports of Officers

President's Report (Brad Rose):

†††† H1N1 clinics are coming, although they are still for the target group only.People are reminded to get the regular flu shot as well as the H1N1 Ė they are different vaccines.


MNAC Report (John Erickson):

Karen Funston discussed the basics of non-profit management relative to the neighborhood associations & distributed a handout (attached as Exhibit A).In addition,

v  All associations must report to the IRS, even if itís to notify them you donít have to file taxes

v  Raffles are subject to gambling laws so make sure you know those before organizing one

v  Keep all financial records, to maintain a paper trail

v  Detailed records of events are helpful when you forget to report something you should have or transition to another secretary or treasurer

v  It is not necessary for neighborhood associations to have 501(c)(3) status, since the City requires only registration as a Washington State nonprofit organization

Sergeant Keith Johnson spoke about the Neighborhood Anti-Crime Team.

v  Approaches used include uniform patrol, mountain bikes (downtown & parks), pain clothes & surveillance, stings (examples Ė prostitution & drugs).

v  The most important focus is working with the neighborhoods to identify problems and get to the root of them.

v  ACT works Monday Ė Saturday from noon to 10 pm

York Neighborhood Rep. Kirsti Charlton asked about neighborhoods getting permit information from the permit center related to whether permits have been issued for home improvement projects.Discussion of the pros, cons and process.Motion passed requesting permit center to send information to the MNAC Reps and Presidents as often as generated.Neighborhood Services Coordinator will follow up with planning staff to determine whether this is feasible and report back to MNAC.

South Hill Rep. Cathy Cameron had questions about attendance at general neighborhood meetings and the number of board members.MNAC members will send info to Tracy Lewis, who will distribute it at the 12/19 meeting.

Neighborhood Round Table.Reports by individual neighborhood reps of activities in their areas.

Staff:Neighborhood statistics document can be viewed at http://www.cob.org/documents/planning/neighborhoods/neighborhood-statistics-map.pdf


Report on Ken Rinkerís health care debate. (John Erickson)

Included 2 state senators and Dr. Chris Boyles.14 years ago health care costs comprised 11% of the Washington State budget.Now they are 33%.At the rate they are increasing, they will require the entire budget in 2040.Member discussion followed regarding heath care and insurance costs.


Treasurer's Report:

Income - 0

Disbursements - 0

Balance - $4062.96

†††† John Erickson will be reimbursed for $20 ABN dues (2010) at the February meeting upon presentation of a receipt.




†††† Communication (Sandie Koplowitz)

††††††††††† John will forward the draft minutes from MNAC to all board members and Sandie will post them on the website.

††††††††††† There have been problems with sending bulk email.Sandie will investigate possible solutions.


Representatives Reports

†††† ABN (John Erickson)

††††††††††† Neighborhoods need to update their information on the ABN website.Sandie will take care of it.

††††††††††† Landlord licensing was discussed.It is a double edged sword.One possibility is to require licensing for problem properties.The focus is on and safe housing and parking control.


††† CSN (Brad Rose)

††††††††††† Ted Mischaikov did a presentation on the plan for the former DR Horton property.He also discussed Larrabee Springs.The city has removed that property from an urban growth designation that would have allowed it to build out.Infrastructure is the primary problem.Ted sees it as a natural extension of the DR Horton development.

††††††††††† The Fairhaven Harbor project permits run out in November of 2010.An extension may be difficult.


††† RD (John Brown)

††††††††††† The DEIS hearing was October 20th.1300 pages of responses have been posted.The DEIS cannot be justified as a legitimate document as per experts, i.e. wetlands, slopes.Bricklin, RD attorney, will be meeting with the city in January to try and get the city to demand a redo of the study.RD will sue if the city does not demand a new study.Scoping points were not addressed in the DEIS, but a bad EIS could be good for later litigation on the part of RD.It will be difficult to justify homes on the property if a good EIS is done that addresses the real issues.

††††††††††† Horizon Bank will probably be shut down by the FDIC in the first quarter of 2010 and the Chuckanut Ridge property may be sold.RD needs to maintain pressure to encourage this.The biggest question is the source of the money if it is to be purchased by the city.There has been discussion over how much of the Greenways money is available for a project on the South side.City Council tabled that issue in the past.

††††††††††† The city is currently reviewing comments.The tentative time frame for a decision is April.


New Business

†††† Sandie Koplowitz announced that OEPOA met and decided to maintain the organization and keep the lagoon property.Discussion of the Association and the property followed.

†††† John Erickson reported on the proposed waste water plant expansion.The city is still working on plans.4 different scenarios are under consideration, but they really want to do what they are doing now, but bigger.The technology is proven and it is inexpensive to operate.This comes up for reconsideration every 25 years.



The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 pm.

The next Edgemoor Neighborhood Monthly Board Meeting will be held on January 7th from 7-9pm at the Fairhaven Park Pavilion.Everyone is welcome to attend.


Respectfully Submitted,

Lylene Johnson




Minutes are subject to approval