Edgemoor Neighborhood Association

Monthly Board Meeting

October 7, 2010



The ENA monthly meeting was called to order at approximately 7:05pm on Thursday, October 7th by President Brad Rose.  Lylene Johnson recorded the minutes.


Minutes from the September meeting were approved as submitted.


President's Report (Brad Rose):

The digging portion of the 12th St construction project is finished, so we are getting closer to smooth pavement.  Updates will continue to be forthcoming from Public Works.

Post Point treatment plant was awarded a Golden Air Award by Northwest Air Quality

Fairhaven Merchants have asked for a donation to help provide a holiday display of trees and lights in the Village Green area.  Motion to donate $75 by Joe Yaver, 2nd by Bob Gibb, amended by Sandie Koplowitz to $100, 2nd by John Erickson, passed.


Treasurer's Report (Diane MacLean):

Diane reported the account balance at $3555.14.  The reimbursement check from the city for $407.82 has just been received and not yet deposited.


MNAC Report (John Erickson):

The mayor attended the last meeting and expressed concerns about Initiatives 1100 and 1105, which would privatize liquor sales in Washington State.  Passage will cost Bellingham approx $500,000 per year in revenue sharing from the state.

There will be a proposal on the ballot for a Transportation District within Bellingham.  The goal is to raise $3.5 million in additional tax revenue.  50% will be spent on additional bus service within the city (including reinstating Sunday service).  25% will be spent on repaving (it costs 4 to 5 times as much to do it later rather than earlier), and 25 % will be spent on improving pedestrian & bike access.

Silver Beach Neighborhood Plan unanimously recommended for adoption.

MNAC is withholding comment on the waterfront plan until it is further developed.


ENA Planning Committee (Martin Nickerson & John Erickson)

A draft of the new neighborhood plan is ready and will be posted on the ENA website.  There was discussion over what is required to move it into the city process.  To be approved within the next year, it must be submitted by December 1, 2010. Motion made by Bob Gibb and 2nd by John Erickson to send a post card to all members requesting their attendance at the November meeting to consider the new plan.  If it is approved, it will be sent on to the city; if it is not approved, the decision will be made whether to attempt changes and another meeting prior to Dec 1 or wait to submit in 2011. Motion carried.  Brad will get a mailing list from the city; Lauri & Lylene will create the card and it will be printed and sent through a mailing service in Blaine.


Clarks Point New Public Access (Bill Wright)

Bill began with Clarks Point open space history.  Open space beginning in 1971 to hold taxes down so that the property could remain undeveloped.  Whatcom County later changed rules to require some public access.  In 1989, the family donated the development rights to Whatcom Land Trust, which established a conservation easement to maintain its appearance and character.  There are currently 3 homes on the Point.  Abuse of the public access created problems, and the city closed it in 2000.  Agreement has now been reached with governmental agencies to give Edgemoor neighbors access to a corridor along the North side of the property to view points on the East and West sides, served by a trail built to Forest Service standards.  The trail is approximately 1500’ long.  The property provides habitat for a variety of wildlife and has great birdwatching.  A gate and split rail fence define the public access areas.  There are no official trails from the viewpoints to the beaches.  Signage at the trail heads describes the conditions of use.  The only parking is on Fieldston Rd.  Edgemoor neighbors are encouraged to use the trail and their help in policing it would be appreciated.




Caretakers House Update (Steve Wilson)

The house has a new roof and rewiring has been done.  These were done by professionals (although volunteers removed the old roof) and the new gatehouse will be framed by Cascade Joinery.  Volunteers are doing everything else; there is a work party every weekend and everyone is welcome.  They are about to put up a fence, the primary purpose of which is to keep the deer out of the gardens.  They are hoping to landscape it so that it will disappear in the plantings.  The goal is to present a way to keep deer out and still garden in this neighborhood.  The back fence will blend into the spruce tree line.  There are raised bed gardens behind the hedge near the gazebo that have been developed by a private school, which is using the produce at the school.  Volunteers are grafting starts from trees in the neighborhood that currently stand near sidewalks and produce fruit that is enjoyed by all.  Many names are unknown, so they are being named as they are planted in the orchard on the property.  Many changes will be seen over the next months. 


Fairhaven Highlands Update (Brad, Bob, Joe)

Recent history:  After the hearing on the original EIS, there were many comments and the city determined that additional information was needed, which would necessitate studies costing approx. $100,000.  The property owners had until July 30, 2010 to deposit funds sufficient to cover the cost.  In the meantime, Horizon Bank was closed and Washington Federal took over their interest in the property.  The interim planning director, Jeff Thomas, granted a 3 month extension for deposit of the funds to cover additional studies.  It is expected that WA Fed will ask for an additional 3 month extension.  The board directed Brad to meet with the interim planning director to explain the neighborhood’s issues and concerns regarding the project and object to the extension of the existing permits under any conditions. This was passed after Martin’s motion and Lauri’s 2nd.  Bob explained that the city made an offer for the property to WA Fed in March under the condition that it would negotiate with WA Fed only, and not with any partner in the property.  It was also suggested to WA Fed that if they accept the city’s offer for a half interest in the property and make a charitable contribution of a half interest in the property to WWU at a value equal to the city’s offer, that could be of benefit to everyone involved.  As yet there has been no response from WA Fed, and there is pressure to use the Greenways funds held for this purchase for other projects


Responsible Development (Joe Yaver)

RD is actively defending the interests of 2 homeowners on 30th Street against a development proposal that would cause environmental problems due to negative impacts on wetlands.  One case is now in front of the hearing examiner and in the other they have provided expert information regarding the quality of the wetlands which would be impacted.  RD is pushing for a different system to determine who does wetland studies.  Experts would be vetted by the Dept of Ecology and selected at random for a project rather than being chosen by the developer.  Note was made of the proposed Padden Trails development at the SE intersection of Fairhaven Parkway and I-5…200 homes are proposed.  Bob Gibb noted that a primary problem with the development is the fact that it has insufficient emergency ingress/egress.  Joe emphasized that damage to wetlands at higher elevations (Lake Padden) creates problems below (Chuckanut).


Former Fairhaven Harbor Project (Brad & John)

Brad, John and others attended the Fairhaven Neighborhood meeting where the proposed revisions to this project were presented by a representative of the developer.  There will be another meeting 10/14/2010 in the Dome room at the Ferry Terminal to explain it again.  Changes include pulling back further from Padden Creek, open courtyard, 2 levels of parking and lowering the height of each of the smaller buildings by 1 floor.  The tower in the SE corner would remain at 85’, but the footprint may be smaller than the original proposal.



The meeting was adjourned at 9:01 pm.


The next Edgemoor Neighborhood Meeting will be held on Thursday, November 4th from 7-9 pm at the Fairhaven Park Pavilion.  Everyone is welcome to attend.



Respectfully Submitted,

Lylene Johnson



Minutes are subject to approval