Edgemoor Neighborhood Association

Monthly Board Meeting

February 4, 2010




The ENA monthly meeting was called to order at approximately 7:04pm on Thursday, February 4 by President Brad Rose.  Lylene Johnson recorded the minutes.  A quorum of the Board was present.


Minutes from the January meeting were approved as submitted.


Reports of Officers

President's Report (Brad Rose):

            Sewer work is continuing on Willow to the corner of Fieldston.  It will extend South on Fieldston.

            The Center for Local Self Reliance will be holding a work part on Saturday, 13 February at the Fairhaven Rose Garden site.  The Edgemoor neighborhood has committed to 160 hours of help, so keep track of hours you volunteer.  Brad will contact Mary to see how we report them and if the grant was received from the city.  There may be a sign up sheet there for Edgemoor Neighborhood members to record their hours.  The Job Corps worked there a couple of weeks ago.


MNAC Report (John Erickson):

            Draft minutes are being sent to all ENA board members.

            Kaylee Knowles from WWU Viking Community Builders spoke about getting WWU students involved in the neighborhood associations to improve relations.  There are currently 2 WWU students living in the Edgemoor Neighborhood and 1 student is involved in the Happy Valley Assoc.

            The comp plan update was discussed and MNAC approved the items to be docketed.

            Transition Whatcom (David Marshak 676-1635) is trying to reduce energy use.

            Larry Horowitz will take John’s place at MNAC this month and may come to the ENA meeting in March to report.


Treasurer's Report:

            No activity


Representatives Reports

RD Now:

           Joe Yaver reported that there are many rumors but not much hard information available regarding Chuckanut Ridge since Horizon Bank was acquired by Washington Federal.  The city has apparently made a verbal offer to WA Fed for the Chuckanut Ridge property.  The city had an appraisal done and the bank will do the same.  The bank has several options:  sell to the city, sell to another developer or sit on it.  RD brought a good fight to the EIS hearing and provided good comments.  Over 350 letters were sent to the city regarding it, and they came from the larger community, not just activists.  Joe read samples of some of them.

           The bank/developer have until April 30 to deposit an additional $110,000 to pay for extension of the EIS.  If that deposit is not made, the permit will expire.

           RD is sponsoring a presentation by the Suzuki Foundation on the value of Urban Forests the evening of March 4 at the County Council Chambers.


     ABN (John Erickson):

           The Interurban trail is becoming more littered with pooh bags left by dog owners.  It costs the city $70,000 annually to buy bags and empty the garbage cans.  There is going to be a “take one/ leave one” trial for bags on the 11th, but John pointed out that the bags currently provided are designed to biodegrade over time.

           The county has cut their budget losses by cutting personnel and borrowing money from dedicated funds.

           6 people attended the Crime Summit.  An Economic Summit is being discussed.


     CSN (John Erickson):

           The new head of WA Fed wants to meet with CSN to discuss impacts of each on the other.

The Fairhaven Neighborhood has put the request to docket their Neighborhood Plan update on hold pending further discussion in committee.



 Communication (Sandie Koplowitz)

            Sandie has set up a Twitter link on the website titled “EdgemoorNews”.  The users are the board members, who will be given the password to post new events.  Anyone can sign up to follow it and get a notification is there is a new tweet.


Old Business

Steve Wilser wants to come and talk about the Center for Self Reliance.

Annual Meeting:

v  There will be no business meeting, but elections will be held for Vice President, Treasurer, and MNAC rep.  John & Diane were nominated for Vice President and Treasurer, respectively, and indicated their willingness to serve.

v  The format will be a dessert social and 5 year anniversary celebration.  Board members will bring food. 

v  Sandie will have signs made and have them put up throughout the neighborhood.  She will also see that there is notice on the website and that an email is sent to members.

v  Brad will contact Rand Jack of the Land Trust about speaking regarding Clark’s Point.  If a representative of the Land Trust cannot attend, Lylene will contact John Carter, Finance Director for the City of Bellingham, about speaking.


It was noted that the bylaws need to be updated.



The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 pm.


The next Edgemoor Neighborhood Meeting will be the Annual Meeting, held on March 4 from 7-9pm at Lairmont Manor.  Everyone is encouraged to attend.




Respectfully Submitted,

Lylene Johnson




Minutes are subject to approval