Edgemoor Neighborhood Association

Annual Membership Meeting

April 1, 2010



The Annual Membership Meeting of Edgemoor Neighborhood Association was called to order at 7:10 on April 1st by President Brad Rose. The minutes were recorded by Lauri Grove. The meeting was held at Lairmont Manor. Everyone in attendance was invited to introduce themselves.


Brad asked for a motion to approve the minutes of the February meeting. The motion was made with one exception for a name correction under Old Business – Steve Wilser should actually be Steve Wilson. The motion was then seconded and passed.


Report of Officers

President’s Report – Brad began the meeting with a quick synopsis of the agenda and introduced the guest speakers.


Announcements were made for a couple public hearings planned in April. The Planning Committee would review a rezoning in the Guide-Meridian/Cordata neighborhood and the revision of boundaries to the existing Mt Baker neighborhood to create two smaller neighborhoods, Irongate and Barkley. The County Council would consider an extension for permitted applications delayed due to the downturn in the economy. This extension does not apply to Fairhaven Highlands. After April 5th there would be a change in reception at City Hall. In order to relieve staff, the reception area in the lobby would be consolidated to funnel everything through a central desk.


Edgemoor has two new outreach officers in the neighborhood. Sergeants Gerhard and Brown would be happy to answer any questions or address concerns in the neighborhood. Please call them instead of 911 if it is not an emergency. April was Disaster Preparedness month and Brad pointed out a couple events (an earthquake drill and a Fun with the Fuzz 5K run) planned to promote awareness. Emergency Kits are still available. Also the Block Watcher Bulletin was mentioned as a source for information.


One of our past Board members, Don Miles, passed away at the end of February.  A motion was made and unanimously approved to send a card and a donation to the American Heart Association.


Treasure’s Report - Diane reported that there were no transactions last month and the balance remains at $4062.92.


“What should we do with the money?” The city plans to reimburse neighborhoods up to $500 this year and pay our insurance, but with budget cuts we can’t depend on that to continue so we do have to keep money in reserve.  A suggestion was made to spend a little this summer on a neighborhood block party to encourage more community within Edgemoor. It was agreed that would be a good idea and something to consider.



Clark’s Point

Patrice Clark introduced herself as the daughter of Doug and Peggy Clark who were the original owners of Clark’s Point. She offered her history of moving to the property in 1961, living on the property, and a quick overview of her father’s desire to protect the area from future development. After extensive discussion with the Mayor and the Whatcom Land Trust an agreement was made in 1990 to place a perpetual conservation easement around the property. The Whatcom Land Trust would oversee the preservation. Although the family has restrictions they have never regretted the decision to preserve this beautiful property.


Rand Jack worked with Doug and Peggy Clark, their children and spouses for almost two years before they finally signed a conservation easement on January 19, 1990, protecting the 71 acres of land from further development. The conservation agreement between the Whatcom Land Trust and the Clark family was open and binding to whatever terms the two parties agreed upon. Rand offered that there were actually three parts to the agreement protecting private family homes, the buildings, the surrounding land and specified trails.  At one time, Clark’s Point was open to the public, but be­cause of abuses to the land and threats to wildlife, the area has since been closed.  He applauded the civic generosity of the Clark family, their vision to protect the land and their choice to work with the Land Trust.


Joe Clark talked a bit about the problems with public access. Unfortunately not everyone respected the designated public areas or the privacy of the Clark family. Campers wandered off trails, drank, littered, and started fires so the privilege to use the area was revoked. The Clark family would like to figure out a way to once again allow the public some access but have not come up with a way to do it without problems.  Public safety issues are too great and there is no way to get fire trucks to remote areas. People still enter the property, walking right past the no trespassing and private property signs.



Bellingham Bay Community Boating Center

Mike Cllaizakis introduced us to the non-profit center in Fairhaven that would like to build stronger ties between our community and the Bay.  The Bellingham Bay Boating Center is prepared to educate boaters and teach water safety.  They rent equipment as well as teach sailing and kayaking. They also rent kayak racks.  The boating center is run with grants, donations and volunteers.  The center hosts events - FYI there is a BBQ on July 4th open to the community. Check the website.


Chuckanut Conservancy

Ken Wilcox gave us a brief personal history and then turned his focus to the history and purpose of the Chuckanut Conservancy.  The conservancy, started with a $50,000 grant from Paul Allen’s Forestlands Project, is dedicated to the protection and restoration of the remaining wild lands in the Chuckanut Range.  Currently, they are actively working to secure protection for all or most of Blanchard Mountain. The Chuckanut Conservancy hosts spring hikes, activities and events. Check the website for more information.


Committee and Representative Reports

MNAC – MNAC meeting minutes are sent to all board members.  The only things John mentioned at the meeting were the proposed Landlord Licensing in an attempt to crack down on neglectful landlords and the fact that since the city is running out of money they will cut funding on things like the 6yr TIP.



v  John Erickson agreed to continue as Vice President of ENA.

v  Diane Maclean agreed to continue as Treasurer of ENA  

v  No one offered to take over the alternate MNAC representative position – any volunteers?



Meeting was adjourned at 9:00 pm.

Refreshments were served.

Thank you for all the delicious food!


The next meeting scheduled will be an Edgemoor Neighborhood Association Monthly Board Meeting to be held from 7-9 on May 6th at Fairhaven Park Pavilion.  Monthly meetings are open to all residents and we encourage you to attend.




Respectfully Submitted,

Lauri Grove





Minutes are subject to approval