Edgemoor Neighborhood Association

Monthly Business Meeting

June 4, 2009



The Monthly Business Meeting of the Edgemoor Neighborhood Association was called to order by Brad Rose, ENA President, at approximately 7:05 p.m.  Lylene Johnson recorded the minutes. 


The minutes from the May meeting were approved as submitted.


It was noted that Board member information on the website needs to be updated by adding Martin as chair of the Growth and Land use committee.  We still need a Safety committee chair to meet the requirements of the bylaws.  Sandie Koplowitz will do the update.


Reports of Officers

President’s Report:

            The Planning Commission will meet June 25th to hold two public hearings – to consider text amendments to the Birchwood Neighborhood Plan and to consider amendments to the Big Box Ordinance.

            Deadline for comments regarding the Urban Village standards is June 15th.

            The comment period for Parkway Gardens, a 19 unit complex at the corner of 19th and Wilson, is over, but notice signs were just posted on the site.

            There has been a determination of non-significance on the Samish area sub area plan, so that ball is still rolling.


MNAC Report:  Jim Darling has resigned as Port Director.  Mayor Pike reported progress between the city and the port regarding the GP site; they have conceptual agreement.  They are still encouraging public feedback, which can be posted on the city or port website.  The plan is to have the site function at people rather than car speed, with bike and pedestrian access to the waterfront.  5 or 6 historic structures will be analyzed in terms of usability.  Railroad tracks will be moved to the bluff side to avoid going through the center of the site.  The plan is for 2 main tracks, with more trains at higher speeds.  Joe Yaver raised a concern regarding hazardous loads.  LEED certifications will be sought.  The Port will be selling the property to raise the money to pay the development costs.  Boardwalks have been discussed but will not work.  The NOAH decision is still in process – the pull is between technical benefits versus number of voters.  The library wants to look at a waterfront site as well as the others that have been under consideration.

            David Webster, Chief Administrative Office for the city, spoke about the Legacy Project.  It is a look 50 years ahead.  From the neighborhood level, the city will be looking at what it wants its legacy to be, and from that, decide on the commitments it will make.  Areas to consider include those such as clean water, the economy, growth, etc.

            The insurance policies for the neighborhoods have been renewed.

            There is discussion about a change to the Type 6 process – how land is rezoned in the city.  Currently 3 different entities (Planning Director, Planning Commission, City Council) can docket proposals, which leads to more projects than staff can handle.  It is proposed that Council be the only entity to docket projects for consideration.  The Planning Commission will discuss on June 11 – comments can be sent to Marilyn.

            Neighborhoods need to spend the money allotted to them by the city or they will lose it.  A plan must be in place by September.  It was suggested that new meeting signs be made saying “General Meeting” or “Monthly Meeting” rather than “Board Meeting”.

            August 4th in National Night Out Against Crime.  Activities could be spread around that date rather than on that date.  Lois chaired this last year.  Some groups have talked about having a combined meeting with other neighborhoods – one event with CSN would be a possibility.  Could this be combined with the Edgemoor 5th year celebration?  Brad will propose a group gathering at the CSN meeting.  Lauri will chair the Edgemoor section.  She will check on the availability of the large space at Fairhaven Park and send an email to CSN contacts regarding the gathering. 

            June 2 is the 1st Gallery Walk of the season downtown and will repeat on the 1st Friday of the month.

            There is a festival at Elizabeth Park every Thursday.

            The grand opening of the Community Gardens at Cordata will be June 3 from 12 – 4 with a raffle at 3:00     


No Treasurer’s Report:


Committee Reports

Communications/Marketing:  Sandie Koplowitz:  A mailer to the neighborhood was discussed.  The purposes would be to inform about ENA, invite to the picnic and encourage involvement.  Sandie will an informational timeline of the Chuckanut Ridge project.

 Including neighborhood real estate market information on the website was discussed.  3 data possibilities were presented by Lylene Johnson.  Joe Yaver moved and John Erickson seconded a motion to add a link to active listings and a list of pending and sold properties in the neighborhood to the site.  The motion carried.

Sandie offered to build a 1 page website for CSN if the other neighborhoods agree.  Brad will propose it to CSN.

Sandie took the GIS (Geographic Information Services) class.  The software shows all infrastructure and allows one to place an existing building in a location and see all views of the building.  It is currently implemented for Fairhaven, and the city plans to have it implemented for all neighborhoods within the next few years.  The New Whatcom site has a link to the waterfront model.  The software is helpful in the neighborhood planning process.



Representative Reports

AOBN: John Erickson:  Neighborhood dues of $25 are due – the Treasurer will be asked to pay them.

            8 neighborhoods were represented – 4 were from the South side.

            John Carpenter, from the City Finance Dept, gave an overview of city finances.  The budget is $250 million per year.  The city deals with 6 unions, has 65 monetary funds and 42 boards.  Most revenues come from real estate fees and taxes.  There is no quick fix to the shortfalls.

            Bruce Clawson of Banner Bank spoke.  What actually makes up Tier 1 assets is a gray area.  Deposits are listed as liabilities on a bank’s balance sheet.  He discussed local banks, of which there are currently 16.  Local & regional banks hold 70% of their assets as commercial or residential real estate loans.  For national banks, this number is closer to 20%.  There may be fewer local banks after this economic downturn is over. 


CSN:  Brad Rose:  The CSN meeting is next week.  He will bring up the CSN website proposal & how to present the EIS information for Chuckanut Ridge to neighborhood residents.  The possibility of a candidates’ forum was discussed.  Tomorrow is the last day to file.  If there are only 2 candidates for a seat, there will be no primary for that seat.  Only residents of the ward vote in a primary election; all city residents vote for all positions in the general election.  City council, port commission and county council positions are up for election.

            The schedule for discussion of the Chuckanut Ridge EIS has been set.  The new EIS was delivered to the city May 20.  They are currently reviewing.  A camera ready version will be ready June 23rd.  Public hearing is scheduled for July 14th or 15th.  The 45 day comment period will end August 7th.  Preliminary Final EIS to the city September 25th.  City will review in October.  Camera ready Preliminary Final EIS published November 23rd.                           



RDNOW: Joe Yaver:   Responsible Development is concerned that there will be insufficient public engagement in this process in the summer and would like to have it delayed.  Issues are discussed behind the scenes, and the important testimony and input will be expert against expert.  RDNOW has experts in the various aspects of the project, but they need time to review the findings of the EIS and prepare responses.  A letter is being sent objecting to the schedule and asking that the meeting scheduled for July be held after Labor Day.  Brad pointed out that the deadlines for the process are set by statute and triggered by the date of submission of the EIS.  Discussion was held on whether the ENA should draft a letter to Tim Stewart asking that the public meeting be held closer to the end of the comment period.  No resolution was reached.



Meeting was adjourned at 9:04


The next meeting scheduled will be the Edgemoor Board Meeting to be held from 7-9 p.m. on July 2nd at Fairhaven Park Pavilion.  All residents are encouraged to attend.


Respectfully Submitted,

Lylene Johnson




Minutes are subject to approval.