Edgemoor Neighborhood Association

Monthly Business Meeting

May 7, 2009



The Monthly Business Meeting of the Edgemoor Neighborhood Association was called to order by Brad Rose, ENA President, at approximately 7:05 p.m.  Lauri Grove recorded the minutes. 


The minutes from the April meeting were approved as submitted.


Reports of Officers

President’s Report: The Center for Local Self Reliance (CLSR) began hosting design charettes or brainstorming sessions to get community input into the development of the former caretaker’s house and gardens at Fairhaven Park. The end goal is to come up with a site plan to present to the city.  Brad, as well as others Edgemoor residents, were in attendance and offered that there seem to be a slightly splintered group. One favoring total self reliance and another more realistic group that allowed for the fact that some may have to rely on cars and such.  Many good ideas surfaced throughout the charette. The discussions included what to do about deer in the garden, a possible commercial kitchen, canning, classes, selling products, food preservation and other skills… There would be many opportunities for people to get involved. For more informative details about the charettes and CLSR go to their website at www.caretakershouse.org.  Brad reminded us of our commitment to the project and as co-sponsors we would be called upon to volunteer man-hours.  A suggestion was made to get the word out and get a volunteer list started. Brad would continue to keep us informed with meeting dates and details.

MNAC Report:  Larry Horowitz attended the April meeting.  In summation, there was a Water Watchers presentation given by Bill Evans (Chief Operator of the Bellingham water treatment plant) and Sgt. Colin Emmett (Bellingham Police Dept.).  They handed out a brochure and discussed security for our city water resources that could potentially be targeted by terrorists and would-be criminals.  Since water facilities are often in areas difficult to secure there was a call for residents to be observant and report any suspicious activity around water utilities. More information should be on the city’s website in the near future,

The Sunnyland MNAC representative, Patrick McKee, introduced an amendment to the Infill Housing Ordinance that would eliminate the possibility of building Infill Toolkit housing forms (currently allowed as part of the Type VI process) in established single family zones.  MNAC voted in favor of recommending McKee’s draft ordinance.  McKee agreed to put together a letter and present MNAC’s recommendation to the Bellingham Planning Commission at its public hearing on the Infill Toolkit.

Mary Mullen presented information about the Center for Local Self Reliance and offered upcoming dates for public meetings and design charettes.

Treasurer’s Report: Diane reported she renewed the P.O. Box for $58.00 and filed the 990-N for 2008 with the IRS. The closing balance was $3847.43

Diane brought up an e-mail she received requesting the opportunity to advertize on the ENA website which sparked a discussion about advertizing.  For the most part it was agreed that there was no profit to ENA, but the possibility was left open to anyone interested in researching and determining the best way to handle ads.  No one volunteered.  However, John Erickson passed around an Alabama Hill newsletter with an interesting real estate section listing the current housing market for that neighborhood.  John offered that might be something ENA could consider adding to our website.  Lylene suggested doing it through a link that could be continuously updated.


Committee Reports

 No new news.


Representative Reports

AOBN: John Erickson offered the meeting was ‘fun’.  In summary, student painters attended to talked about their services, there was a brief discussion about the Infill Toolkit, and neighborhood updates.  Next week a representative from Banner Bank will talk about what is going on with the banking industry.


John introduced a discussion about growth management in the city and county.  He talked about the City of Bellingham Employment Lands Report that can be found on the city’s website. This report provides a 3 dimensional graph and current overview of Bellingham’s industry and employment areas. It also talks about future growth.  Questions were brought up about how much retail we can really accommodate.  Would the push to develop the waterfront take business away from downtown?  It was mentioned that after Bellis Fair Mall opened it took about 20 years for downtown to recover.  Would all of the planned urban villages actually be successful?  The Barkley area was not developing as a true urban village.  Was the county and city working together to accommodate growth?  Were there mixed signals – people say they want to save farmland, but they don’t want to live in dense areas.  Good points and questions.


CSN:  Brad reported that nothing new was happening.  The draft ordinance prepared by Larry Horowitz proposing a modification to the city’s existing vesting ordinance did not meet with unanimous approval by the five CSN neighborhoods.  He also offered that CSN would most likely have another candidate forum in the fall. 


RDNOW: Joe Yaver updated the group on the latest wetlands category determination and the status of the EIS for the Fairhaven Highlands development.  He also added that the FDIC issued a Cease and Desist order against Horizon Bank that ordered the bank to reduce its bad assets and bring in more capital. There was a discussion about what effect that order could have on the development. 


Responsible Development has a very good website at www.rdnow.org that illustrates the impact of the proposed Fairhaven Highlands Project, contains updated news reports, and a calendar of events. 



Chuckanut Village Marsh: There have been a couple successful meeting to discuss how to reclaim part of the eroding beach, stop the intrusion of cars, and supply parking for kayak use. Brad reported there was some internal chatter between staff concerning the unavailability of funds to purchase parking areas since the south side Greenways funds are on hold.  If the Fairhaven Highlands project gets approved it could add considerable impact to the traffic in the area as well as damage to the marsh the city claims it is trying to save.



Meeting was adjourned at 8:53


The next meeting scheduled will be the Edgemoor Board Meeting to be held from 7-9 p.m. on June 4th at Fairhaven Pavilion.  All residents are encouraged to attend.


Respectfully Submitted,

Lauri Grove




Minutes are subject to approval.