Edgemoor Neighborhood Association

Monthly Business Meeting

March 5, 2009



The Monthly Business Meeting of the Edgemoor Neighborhood Association was called to order by Brad Rose, ENA President, at approximately 7:05 p.m.  Lauri Grove recorded the minutes. 


The minutes from the February meeting were approved as submitted.


Reports of Officers

President’s Report: Brad began the evening with a go-round of introductions that included two guest speakers, Barbara Ryan and Jack Weiss. He also asked that the ENA Board keep business reports brief to allow plenty of time for discussion. He made a quick mention of a meeting concerning Lowell Elementary School.  The Lowell PTA was making an effort to keep the school open.  Since Lowell would be the elementary school for the Edgemoor children those interested should try to attend the meeting at the Roeder House this month as it would be their only opportunity for public comment.

MNAC Report:  Brad attended the monthly MNAC meeting and reported talk about the new comprehensive plan amendments. The decision was made to review select plans that would have city-wide significance for example Happy Valley’s “Greening up” proposal and South Hill’s intention to preserve views.  After review the next step would be to go to city council for approval.  Tim Stewart went over his views of the comp. plans and informed all that the infill toolkit was finished.  A draft was posted for view online (see City’s website).  The present infill toolkit was not intended for single family neighborhoods so Edgemoor would not be affected.  Brad continued listing other items brought up at the meeting.  The mayor reinstated ‘Muffins with the Mayor” however it is now BYOM!  Linda Stewart moved her office from City Hall to the Bellwether to take over a position involved with waterfront planning. The King Mountain neighborhood was welcomed into the MNAC.  And In conclusion, the grant application that was submitted by South neighborhood in partnership with Edgemoor was granted.    


Treasurer’s Report: Diane reported “no activity’ this month leaving us with a balance of $4062.42.


Committee Reports

Disaster Preparedness: Lois has Map Your Neighborhood Preparedness Kits that she offered to auction at neighborhood group meetings.  It was noted that all the information was now on DVD which made it very easy to present.  Contact Lois Miles with any questions or to set up a group meeting.


Representative Reports

AOBN: John Erickson reported that in addition to the eight neighborhood representatives, Laura Wilker from WWU campus attended the meeting.  After a brief go around with neighborhood news the discussion was turned toward the future of ABN. Next month an economic summit was planned to address issues with some local business leaders.


CSN:  Brad reported that the meeting, held at Ralph Thacker’s house, included a discussion about GIS mapping system for neighborhood use.  Software would be available if someone interested would like to become the Edgemoor designated expert.  Brad read a draft motion for a GIS Initiative from the Fairhaven Neighborhood and motion was put on the table to accept that initiative.


A motion was made by Bob Gibb to accept the draft motion as read by Brad Rose for the GIS initiative.

The motion was passed unanimously.



A brief go-over was conducted for the April Annual Meeting.  The Lairmont Manor had been reserved for the meeting.  ‘Hospitality’ volunteers were solicited.  Brad agreed to contact the Whatcom Land Trust for a guest speaker.  As a reminder, the positions listed for election at the April meeting were as follows; President, Secretary, Hospitality contact, Safety contact, and Growth and Land Use contact, and MNAC alternative representative.


Larry Horowitz opened a discussion concerning the Critical Areas Ordinance, public safety, health and welfare and vesting. The ENA members present voted unanimously to adopt a motion made by Bob Gibb, seconded by Martin Nickerson, to recommend in principle that the city adopt the draft ordinance prepared by Larry that would modify the city's existing vesting ordinance.  This ordinance would add a paragraph to BMC 21.10.260 that confirms the Bellingham Critical Areas Ordinance (BMC 16.55) is a regulation governing public safety, health and welfare and, as such, is exempt from vesting.  In response, Councilman Jack Weiss stated that he felt Larry presented a significant point and offered that the city attorney had been contacted regarding this issue.    


A following motion that this proposal be presented to the other neighborhoods of the Coalition of Southside Neighbors and the Association of Bellingham Neighborhoods for adoption was made, seconded and passed unanimously.



Council Members, Barbara Ryan (6th Ward) and Jack Weiss (1st Ward), held an interesting, but somewhat inconclusive discussion about the Greenways funding for Chuckanut Ridge. They offered their individual points of view, opened a discussion and answered questions until the meeting adjourned.



Meeting was adjourned at 9:15


The next meeting scheduled will be the Edgemoor Annual Membership Meeting to be held from 7-9 p.m. on April 2nd at Lairmont Manor.  All residents are encouraged to attend.


Respectfully Submitted,

Lauri Grove


Minutes are subject to approval.