Edgemoor Neighborhood Association

Monthly Board Meeting

October 1, 2009




The meeting was called to order at 7:11pm on Thursday, October 1st by ENA President Brad Rose.  Lauri Grove recorded the minutes.  A quorum was present.


Minutes from the September minutes were approved with a name correction.


Reports of Officers

President's Report:

Brad announced that the Fairhaven Highlands DEIS had been released and would be subject for discussion later in the evening.


MNAC Report:

     The October 21st MNAC meeting would be the last Brad would attend as our representative.

     Thank you, Brad for your time, energy and a job well done.

     Brad reported that today was the deadline for neighborhoods to turn in any request for the city granted funds making it too late for ENA to plan to do so this year.  Money that was not used by neighborhoods would be reallocated to those neighborhoods that need more.  

     Kat Dearborn attended the meeting to talk about MAP Your Neighborhood.  ENA hasn't been too involved lately but never-the-less it would be a good idea to continue to get neighbors together to prepare for emergencies and to get together emergency packs.  Contact Kat with questions (#778-8600)

     The MNAC group reviewed neighborhood comprehensive plan proposals for amendments and zoning changes.  One of interest, the South Hill request to add policy for the preservation of trees and views, was approved and recommended to the planning commission.  It was also agreed that the proposal to re-configure the north neighborhood boundaries was a good idea.  The property across from the 'Welcome to Bellingham sign’ requesting a zoning change from industrial to multi-family mixed use was not approved or recommended to the planning commission.


Treasurer's Report:

     No income or disbursements, the balances remained $3817.43.  Diane did get the ENA expense report to Linda Stewart as requested.



Communication Report:

     Sandie updated the website.  She removed outdated information and added a real estate section to which she received a couple responses – no complaints.  She did get a request to reinstate the message board forum as a place for people to rate or recommend servicemen.  Sandie also brought a past flier for us to look over the design and begin considering print for a future mail out.  It was agreed that we should get something out in January that would include mention of the March 2010 Annual Meeting.



Representatives Reports


     No report.



     The coalition met to talk about the letter concerning the property and trail behind the Eclipse Bookstore. 

     No one had stepped forward to organize the candidate forum and the ballots would be mailed out mid-month.  Guest, Catherine Chambers (Ward 6 City Council candidate) offered information about a couple select forums that would be held in October; a Council on Aging Forum at the Senior Center and a Human Service Forum at the Ferry Terminal.



     Joe waved his report at this time to speak later when the DEIS would be up for discussion.



Appoint new MNAC Representative.  John Erickson agreed to replace Brad.  Larry Horowitz would remain on board as the alternate representative. Since John would now be attending MNAC meetings he asked Martin Nickerson to replace him as AOBN representative. Martin agreed.


Motion was made to appoint John Erickson as the ENA representative to the MNAC.

Motion was seconded and passed unanimously.


Motion was made to send AOBN a $25.00 payment for 2009 annual membership dues.

The motion was seconded and passed.


Fairhaven Highlands DEIS. The second half of the meeting was turned over to a general discussion of the Fairhaven Highlands DEIS that had recently been release to the public. Brad offered that copies of the 530 page document could be found at the library, on the City's website or for purchase in the Planning Dept.  The public hearing would be held on October 20th in the County Council Chambers and written comments would be accepted through November 12th. The verbal and written comments would share equal weight in the final decision.  This would be the only time the public could take a stand.  Comments were restricted to 3 minutes per person but individuals preferring not to speak were encouraged to sign off their time to speakers. The general discussion continued about the DEIS document contents and process.  Brad, as well as other residents in attendance, considered 530 pages a bit much to absorb in the couple weeks allowed before the hearing.  His request to write a letter to Tim Stewart delaying the hearing until Nov. 4th was approved.  If that request was refused, a second chance for the public to speak out would be held at Fairhaven Middle School by Responsible Development on November 4th.  In addition, recommendations were made to contact the FDIC asking them to enforce their rules regarding the Horizon Bank investment in the development.


Motion was made to approve a letter written by Brad, on behalf of ENA, asking Tim Stewart to consider moving the public hearing to November 4th.

Motion was seconded and passed.



The meeting was adjourned at 9:04pm


The next Edgemoor Neighborhood Monthly Board Meeting would be held on November 6th from 7-9pm at the Fairhaven Park Pavilion.  Everyone is welcome to attend.




Respectfully Submitted,

Lauri Grove





Minutes are subject to approval