Edgemoor Neighborhood Association

Monthly Business Meeting

June 7, 2007



The Monthly Business Meeting of Edgemoor Neighborhood Association was called to order at 7:05 on June 7th at Fairhaven Pavilion.  Brad Rose facilitated the meeting and Lauri Grove recorded the minutes. A quorum was present.

The minutes of the May meeting were approved as recorded.

Report of Officers

President’s Report – Brad highlighted happenings in Fairhaven concerning neighborhood association(s) and the status of the Fairhaven Neighbors proposed changes to the Design Review Code.  These revisions intended to close up current loopholes in the design code addressing height limits.  Apparently there are three associations represented in Fairhaven; Fairhaven Neighbors (the MNAC/City recognized association for Fairhaven), Fairhaven Village Association and Fairhaven Association (merchants associations) and they are not in agreement over height limitations.  Tim Stewart, the planning director, asked the three organizations to come to a consensus regarding updates to the Design Review Code and neighborhood plan.  Until they reach accord, any proposed changes to the code would be put on hold.  Brad informed us that there are efforts being made to put together a ‘stakeholders’ committee compromised of residents, property owners, and merchants to review Fairhaven codes.  He added that the presidents of the south side neighborhoods agreed to write a letter to the planning director requesting that they be included in future ‘stakeholders’ meetings to represent their neighborhood’s interest in decisions effecting Fairhaven.  After all Fairhaven is considered the center of the Southside Urban Village.  Brad asked for permission to write a letter to Tim Stewart   

Motion by Martin Nickerson to allow Brad Rose to represent Edgemoor Neighborhood Association in the Fairhaven design review process.
Motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

v  At this time Michael Lilliquist and Sue Kahn were offered the floor.  Michael reported that Fairhaven Neighbors met that morning to rewrite their bylaws, look at membership issues and set up a mediated process for design review.  Michael (who is running for City Councilor at Large) stated that concerning Fairhaven neighborhood issues, the intention is to simply find out what is right and comply.

Brad continued his report with a hand-out of the changes that Kathryn Hanowell recommended to make the ENA bylaws compliant with the city regulations for neighborhood associations.  Bob Gibb pointed out that the word “Operator” used in the recommendations (see copy) was a bad choice.  A business operator was not well defined and could be a clerk.  Brad agreed to contact Kathryn Hanowell to resolve this vocabulary problem and get the proposed bylaw amendments to Sandie to post on the website for review.

 MNAC Report – Brad reported the following items addressed at the meeting:

v  Chris Comeau denied the proposal ENA chose and submitted as a priority for the TIP plan.  Sidewalks on Fieldston Road would cost far too much and were not considered important at this time.  That denial was expected.

v  The safety committee proposed 3 areas of traffic safety concern that were also denied funding.

v  A counter placed on the 12th Street Bridge computed an average of 11,000 cars per day used the road.

v  Kim Brown talked about the work the bike/ped committee was doing around the city.

v  Pam Keisner explained library planning and offered to speak at neighborhood meetings.

v  Malcolm Flemming reported on the waterfront EIS study.

Treasurer’s Report – We received dues from one new member and wrote a check to cover hospitality expenses in May.

Income - $15.00

Disbursements - $6.48

Balance - $3325.80


Committee Reports

Communication – Kathy did not have a report.  Pam, however, attended a meeting for the disaster preparedness program starting in Bellingham.  She explained the program plan to train people to hand out ‘help’ packets.  The program suggested grouping neighbors into small pods where they would get together to decide who and in what way each would contribute help in the event of a  disaster.  The next meeting is in July.


Motion by Brad Rose to form an ad hoc committee for Disaster Relief to be on the ENA agenda.

Motion was seconded and passed unanimously

v  Pam Bakke, Lois Miles, and Martin Nickerson volunteered and were approved for the committee.

Membership  We continue to receive membership dues and have another new member.

Safety – no report.

Chuckanut Mountain Park District (CMPD)  Bob Gibb noted that the CMPD was in limbo at the moment while handling slightly problematic activity in Skagit County.  Blanchard Mt. loggers, feeling threatened, were developing some opposition to the park district.  In the mean time the Boundary Review process is in progress.

Growth and Land Use – no report.  Brad covered growth issues earlier in the evening.

Neighborhood Plan Update  Copies of the proposed survey were distributed at the meeting.  Martin Nickerson thoroughly read through each item for approval or comment and noted changes for the final print. Much work had been put into the questionnaire – Thank you to all involved in the process.  In conclusion, the necessary funding was proposed and approved.

Motion by Peter to approve ENA funding to cover expenses associated with printing and mailing out the survey. The major item would be postage estimated to be about $990.00 ($.58 for mail out postage and $.41 for return postage) and $400.00 for the paperwork.

Motion amended and clarified by Brad to approve ENA expenses for the survey including paper, printing, and postage not to exceed $1500.00.

Motion was seconded and approved unanimously.

v  Brad offered that up to $700.00 of the approved expenses would be returned to ENA through a grant from the City.

Representative Reports

CSN  Pam reported that the CSN steering committee met and agreed to invite the planning director, Tim Stewart, to a meeting planned for June 19th.   That meeting would cover “what’s up” in Fairhaven especially issues pertaining to the various neighborhood associations, as well as the EIS process for Chuckanut Ridge.  In addition, CSN planned a Candidate Forum for July 19th, 7-9:00 PM. at the Fireside Performing Art Center.  Also the Chuckanut Ridge EIS consultants should be chosen and announced soon.  There would be opportunities for public comment at various points throughout the process.  Pam stated that CSN would offer a series of workshops intended to help guide the public toward well thought out, informed comments.  She would keep us informed of dates for the workshops.    

ABN  No representative.

Responsible Development /Chuckanut Ridge – The process for the Environmental Review Statement (EIS) on Chuckanut Ridge was underway.  First thing, the city would be selecting the consultant for the project with the developer responsible for payment.  Then there would be a scoping period when the consultants would accept public comment.  Statements were made that it would be essential to cover every aspect of the environmental impact in that review.  We need to be prepared for that challenge with qualified people looking into every area from flora to traffic, from to wildlife to schools.  Workshops would be held to keep the public informed.  RD would be hiring professionals and looking for well informed people to aid in the process.

New Business

Kathy brought up a letter written to ENA by Susan Robinson concerning views.  Lauri agreed to respond with e-mail stating that ENA does not have the legal capacity to take a position.  We can suggest contacting the Mediation Center to question the mediation process.



Meeting was adjourned at 9:00 pm.

The next meeting scheduled will be an ENA Business Meeting to be held from 7-9 on July 5th at Fairhaven Park Pavilion.  Meetings are open to all residents and we welcome you to attend.

Respectfully Submitted,

Lauri Grove