Edgemoor Neighborhood Association

Monthly Business Meeting

April 5, 2007




The Monthly Business Meeting of Edgemoor Neighborhood Association was called to order at 7:00 on April 5th at Fairhaven Pavilion.  Brad Rose facilitated the meeting and Lauri Grove recorded the minutes. A quorum was present.


The minutes of the March meeting were approved as recorded with one change to the information about Fairhaven Harbors found at the end of the Growth and Land Use report.


Report of Officers

President’s Report – Brad briefly mentioned that the Neighborhood Plan Update Committee had their kick-off meeting and a game plan was in development.  He went on to report the city school district was determining new school boundaries for the neighborhoods.  Edgemoor would most likely end up at Lowell School. (Presently Edgemoor neighborhood is split between Lowell and Happy Valley schools.)   


Treasurer’s Report, - Lois Miles reported that we had no disbursements this month and about 99 new members.

Income - $225.00

Disbursements - $0

Balance - $3378.58


John questioned, and it was clarified, that if both husband and wife pay the $15.00 ENA fee then each one would be allowed their individual vote.


MNAC  Report – Brad summarized several items covered at the meeting as listed:

v  He reported that this month Greg Aucutt clarified the neighborhood plan amendment process.

v  Brad submitted ‘..sidewalks on Fieldston..’ as our choice for priority in the 6 year TIP plan.  However, that would most likely not get priority attention from the city.

v  Waterfront plans were updated, To keep informed visit the New Whatcom Master Plan site found on the COB website.

v  Allen Matsumoto, president of Sehome Neighborhood, offered ideas for how Sehome Neighborhood was going about updating their plan.

v  The parks director outlined plans for Squalicum Park.


Brad concluded his report with a discussion about insurance for the ENA board.  Apparently other neighborhoods have insurance or are considering the need for insurance. Several thoughts were voiced and it was decided that research was necessary to determine the cost and effectiveness of insurance.


 Reports of Committees

Communication – Kathy did not have a report.


Membership – Sandie did not have a report.


Safety – Lois reported that Don and Brad were now registered with the city so any traffic/safety subject-matter would be emailed directly to them.  Don called to set up a motorcycle cop to monitor speeding in the neighborhood.  Attempts to have direction arrows marked on the round-about at Hawthorn and Briar were passed off so Don would contact the police dept. to see if it could be handled as a traffic safety issue.  In conclusion, Don and Brad planned to post their contact information on the website so neighbors could address them with any safety concerns. 


Martin questioned if anyone had voiced concern about the 3 way intersection at Hawthorn, Chuckanut and 12th Street.  A general discussion followed with concerns about the bridge, traffic, emergency services, and problems involved in that area. John offered that he thought the light was brilliant at that 3 way intersection


Chuckanut Mountain Park District (CMPD) – Bob Gibb reported that the petition had 2598 signatures to date and he did not yet know how many additional were signed in Skagit Co. The petition must be certified by the County Auditor and passed by Boundary Review in both counties before filing with the Auditor by August 14th. The Boundary Review process has been started. The CMPD will require 5 commissioners. Candidates will be able to file after the petition is filed. Bob suggested that it would be a great opportunity for public work.


Neighborhood Plan Update - John Erickson hosted the first meeting for the group. A questionnaire was discussed with many different issues involved.  It was decided it would be important to formulate questions that are direct and meaningful to Edgemoor with yes/no answers. The committee planned to have the questions together by the end of the month and ready to go out the 1st or 2nd week in May.  The questionnaire would also be posted on the website. In addition, John mentioned that he attended a neighborhood planning meeting where he got some suggestions to help with the updating process.  Tim Stewart would champion 1 proposal a year for the neighborhood.  If we come forward with 2 proposals there would be a fee. John stated he thought we could ‘bundle’ several ideas (with continuity) together to submit as one proposal.  Updating the neighborhood plan would continue to be the focus item on the ENA agenda this year. 


Growth and Land Use  It was reported that the 9300 sq. ft house proposed on Clark’s Point does have conditions that must be met before approval.  One example mentioned was the installation of a sprinkler system.  Following a general discussion about land conservation on Clark’s Point, housing size restrictions and resistance to larger homes, Pam went on to mention the property next to Fairhaven Library had been sold to Haggen.  She proceeded with the fact that the city informed merchant’s in Fairhaven that they belonged to a neighborhood association and must work through them as part of the new “urban village” model.  Pam continued, clarifying that Fairhaven Neighbors (the official name for the Fairhaven neighborhood association) has undertaken two major projects; a “Land Use and Development Code Revision to Fairhaven’s Design Review Codes, Closing the Height Limit Loopholes” and a “Fairhaven Neighborhood Plan Update”. These were docketed and must be complete by December 1, 2007. The association planned revisions to the Design Review Codes, changing it to better fit the original intent of the area, addressing height limits, and tightening up loopholes.  Working closely with the Planning Department, they have created a survey to develop consensus and have circulated it to every single resident, property owner, and business within Fairhaven district There would be a series of meetings in coming months as the process moved forward. They have created a remarkably welcoming and inclusive process, reaching out to those who likely never before considered themselves as existing within the confines of the neighborhood itself.

Residents within all neighborhoods within the Coalition of Southside Neighborhoods were encouraged to attend April 26, 2007, at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church, 1720 Harris Ave., 7 to 9 PM, regarding the Land Use and Development Code Revision to Fairhaven’s Design Review Codes, Closing the Height Limit Loopholes. Fairhaven Neighbors board members would report on survey results and invite comments from all interested parties.  


Representative Reports

CSN  Pam reported that CSN was in the process of making arrangements to Meet the Press. Steering committee members intend to meet with the Herald, the Weekly, and the Indy in order to inform them of various recent activities with the City and the Port and to clarify the role of CSN in the ongoing process. In addition, CSN was considering sponsoring a forum for candidates running for mayor and council seats.  Also Pam mentioned that Sue Kahn submitted an invoice for her CSN related expenses and ENA’s portion of the charges came to $41.30.  As approved, a check would be sent to Sue Kahn in that amount.                                                                                      


ABN  No representative.


Responsible Development – Visit the RD Now website to keep informed of the organizations mission and activities.


New Business

v  Sandie requested ‘news’ – Please send any information or reports to her for the newsletter.

v  Kathy did check out the labyrinth created on the Village Green and emphasized that the organization would very much like the community’s approval for their permanent labyrinth at Fairhaven Park.

v Brad was contacted by Seth Fleetwood.  Seth would like to attend an ENA meeting.  It was agreed that we would invite him, as well as other interested candidates, to the meetings.  Also a representative for the Whatcom Land Trust (Clark’s Point) would be a guest speaker at the May meeting.   



Meeting was adjourned at 9:07 pm.


The next meeting scheduled will be an ENA Quarterly General Membership Meeting to be held from 7-9 on May 3rd at Fairhaven Park Pavilion.  Meetings are open to all residents and we welcome you to attend.


Respectfully Submitted,

Lauri Grove