Edgemoor Neighborhood Association

Monthly Business Meeting

March 1, 2007



The ENA Monthly Business Meeting was called to order at 7:00 on March 1st at Fairhaven Park Pavilion.  Brad Rose facilitated the meeting and Lauri Grove recorded the minutes.  A quorum was present.


The minutes of the February Quarterly Meeting were approved as recorded.


A special request was made to begin the meeting with the CMPD report followed by the guest speaker representing Project Labyrinth


CMPD Dr Gibb, with the help of Joanne Peterson, presented the petition ‘clipboard packet’ to be used in the door-to-door drive to collect signatures.  He went over details, addressed ideas to collect signatures, and answered questions to prepare petitioners.  To date the committee has collected 125 of the 1500 signatures needed to put the park district on the ballot.  He reiterated that signers must be registered voters within the district boundaries.  If we want to save the Chuckanut Mountains – We need to do it now!


Guest Speaker, Samantha DeSoer, from Project Labyrinth presented the organizations proposal for construction of a permanent labyrinth in Fairhaven Park to be located in the open area next to the small pavilion across from the tennis courts. The labyrinth would be an inlaid circular path about 62 feet in diameter that would wind around and lead to the center and back out again. Representatives from Project Labyrinth were attending neighborhood meetings in an attempt to both inform and create a positive mutual relationship with the community.  The labyrinth offers an artful way to utilize the park, honor the space, and bring neighbors together.  Temporary labyrinths have been constructed in various locations.  Samantha suggested viewing the Spring Equinox Labyrinth, planned for March 20th on the Village Green, to see if we all agree with the vision.         


Report of Officers

Motion by Sandie Koplowitz to appoint John Erickson to take over as ENA Vice President for the 1 year remainder of Niall Hackett’s 2 year term.

The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.


Treasurer, Lois Miles, reported that ENA spent $150.00 this month and specified that $25.00 of it went toward ABN operational expenses. We still need a representative to attend ABN meetings on the 4th Tuesday of the month.

Income - $540.00

Disbursements - $150.00

Balance - $3153.58


MNAC - Brad Rose, mentioned that the results are in for the Mayor’s public involvement assessment.  The survey resulted in recommendations to better keep citizens informed and involved in the process.  The Alabama neighborhood took a survey and Brad offered that a generic survey was available to neighborhoods. Neighborhoods continued work on traffic issues and updating neighborhood plans. View details and more in the Just So You are Aware newsletter.


Report of Committees

Communication – No report


Hospitality – No Report.  We still need a volunteer to Chair this committee.


Growth and Land UsePam e-mail Brad with the following report (summarized)

Proposed developments at 12th and Donovan, and at 14th and Old Fairhaven Pkwy were being monitored.  There would be a pre-application meeting concerning a low impact cluster of small homes at 20th and Old Fairhaven Pkwy.  In addition, there was a new request in Edgemoor for a conditional use permit to construct an oversized single family residence (9300 sq. ft.) at 4600 Fieldston Rd. on Clark’s Point.  Pam offered that more information about these developments could be found on the City of Bellingham’s website at www.cob.org.  Brad questioned how members felt about oversized homes  built in Edgemoor which sparked a general discussion.  Also, there was word that the City and Port are considering locating a parking garage below the bluff, north of Mill.  That information came from the Fairhaven merchants association - both CSN and the merchants group would be following that proposal.  In conclusion, Brad reported that the Fairhaven Harbors redesign was not approved as submitted.  After reviewing their options, the developers decided to stay with the original design.


Membership – Sandie reported we have 85 new members.


Safety  - The following committee report was given by Lois.  Don had a discussion with Sergeant Dave Richards regarding a couple concerns the committee was trying to resolve.  He questioned direction arrows at Hawthorn and Briar around the existing round-about and also reducing speed on Fieldston Rd 300-500 blocks.  Sgt. Richards said he would put a traffic officer at 300-500 blocks of Fieldston for a lengthy period of time.  The officer would also focus on the stop sign at Hawthorn and Fieldston.  In addition, the police would do a drawing of Hawthorn and Briar.  Safety was now in touch with, Kathryn Hanowell, the City’s Neighborhood Service Coordinator.  E-mail Don Miles at dbmiles2@comcast.net if you have any concerns, questions, or ideas.


Neighborhood Plan Update  - John reported he was planning to start up a steering committee to update the plan.  Brad suggested he name a date for the ‘kick off’ meeting and 7:00 PM Tuesday, March 27th at (John’s home) 620 Chuckanut was agreed upon for the first meeting.


Representative Reports

CSNThe following report was submitted by Pam Went

‘The Coalition of Southside Neighborhoods was busy this past month.  A letter was drafted on behalf of all five neighborhoods to the Planning Commission.  The letter applauded the new tone in the Planning Department and the efforts that have been made to keep neighborhoods more informed and involved.  It went on, however, to remind commissioners that this had not always been the case and provided a summary of some previous interactions between the City and the neighborhoods that resulted in litigation.  It provided documentation of earlier agreements that had not always been followed in the spirit in which they were made, and provided documentation to further inform the commissioners of some of the Southside’s development history.  The letter was signed by all five CSN Presidents and delivered in person to the commissioners at their February 8th meeting.  Members of CSN also attended the Planning Commission Meeting addressing the request to rezone the Haskell property. They were pleased to see the commission support the Planning Department’s recommendation that it should not be considered until the Fairhaven Neighborhood has been able to update their plan.  City Council would make the final decision on this.


Part of Pam’s report included a suggestion to discuss with the ENA Board the idea of having a mechanism in place to compensate whoever incurs the CSN expenses involved in printing, photocopying, and sometimes binding all the wonderful communications and presentations to the City, Port etc.  In addition, to cover expenses for the CSN binder in the Fairhaven Library.


A motion was made by Sandie Koplowitz to approve up to $200.00 a year to cover ENA’s portion, to be equally divided by the five CSN neighborhoods, for print and material expenses incurred by CSN.

The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.



v  A question was posed whether or not to purchase more Drive 25 signs.  Also the need to draft, present, and approve a 2007 budget was brought up.

v  Barbara Zielstra discovered that too many details were required to apply for the Small and Simple grant this March.  She would, however, continue to research and put together a proposal for landscaping the Willow Street entrance so that ENA would be ready to apply for the grant next year.


Issues and Concerns

v  An EIS needed to be done on the Chuckanut Ridge and RD met with the Mayor to request that it not be done by someone on the payroll of the City or the developer.

v  Brad would like to write and send a letter to the ’76 Station’ developer to consider  building sensitively to suit the area since it would be, in a sense, the entry way into the Edgemoor neighborhood.  He would like to remind him to think about the community that has patronized him for the last 25 years when choosing building materials and design.  The letter was approved.

v  Sandie mentioned that a writer from Edmonds contributed to the ENA blog.




The meeting was adjourned at 9:10.


The next Monthly Business Meeting would be held on April 5th at the Fairhaven Park Pavilion.  All residents are invited to attend.


Respectfully Submitted,

Lauri Grove