Edgemoor Neighborhood Association

Quarterly General Membership Meeting

February 1, 2007




The Quarterly General Membership Meeting of Edgemoor Neighborhood Association was called to order at 7:05 on February 1st at Fairhaven Pavilion.  Kathy Kaiser facilitated the meeting and Lauri Grove recorded the minutes. A quorum was present.


There was no January meeting due to weather.  The minutes of the December meeting were approved as recorded.


Report of Officers

Treasurer, Lois Miles reported that the ENA Neighborhood Mail-out went out in January and we received $765.00 in 2007 membership dues to date.

Income - $765.00

Disbursements - $442.15 (Neighborhood Mail-out)

Balance - $2763.58


MNAC  Report –  Brad started with a warning that decisions would need to be made at this meeting!  He reported something new for 2007 – a Neighborhood Support Grant offering $700.00 to help associations with various business expenses.  This grant could be applied toward mail-outs, workshop registration fees, consultations, print materials or such costs.  The Small and Simple Grant was also available and Brad noted the March 15th deadline date for applications.  Barbara Zielstra offered an idea for use of this grant to landscape the Willow Rd entrance to Edgemoor.  She agreed to gather estimated fees for discussion at the March meeting.  Brad continued his report briefly mentioning the new library planned drop off points that included Whatcom Community College and Fairhaven Library.  Fairhaven Neighbors would be addressing height limits in updates to their neighborhood plan.  Now for the decision, Brad offered 2 choices for priority consideration from the Bellingham Comprehensive Plan; 1) Street widening on Fieldston Rd to accommodate a bike lane and sidewalk,  2) Improved pedestrian facilities on Bayside Rd.  When put to a vote, an 11 to 6  majority chose the first of the two – a vote for neither was not an option.  Finally, he mentioned a Neighborhood Traffic Safety Program that would work toward traffic ‘calming’ issues in the community.  Neighborhoods could submit, by April 30th, up to 3 priority non-arterial areas of traffic concern for consideration and possible resolve (adding speed bumps, flashing crosswalks…).  Brad directed that project to the Safety Committee to come up with items for approval at the next meeting.


 Reports of Committees

Communication – The Neighborhood Mail-out went out in January.


Growth –  Sandie moved, and the board accepted, Pam Went to replace Brad as Chair of Growth for the remainder of the term.  Pam jumped right in with the buzz that the city was inclined to put the Haskell property rezone on the back burner until Fairhaven Neighborhood had a chance to update their plan.  She cited a modest proposal made for loft studio apartments on Old Fairhaven Pkwy at 14th Street.  In addition, a high impact development of over 35  ft. in height was proposed on 12th Street and Donovan (at the gas station near the bridge).  Pam will continue to monitor and keep us informed of growth issues in and around the neighborhood.


Membership –  We have 54 new members.  Sandie brought sign up sheets for anyone interested in a committee.


Motion was made by Kathy  Kaiser to approve $125.00 to be paid to Sandie for 2007 website expenses.

This motion was approved.


Safety – Don reported that he and Brad had talked about speeding problems in Edgemoor particularly on Fieldston Drive.  Speed bumps had been questioned, but are not allowed by the city on main arterial streets.  They continue to work on safety concerns for various problem spots throughout the neighborhood. 


Chuckanut Mountain Park District (CMPD) – Bob Gibb reported that the petition for signatures was completed and awaiting approval.  There would be a meeting for petitioners to explain how to best handle the door to door request for signatures and push for the needed numbers.


Planning Academy – A date had not been set for the first meeting.  John and Martin asked that anyone interested in updating the neighborhood plan contact them for more information.


Representative Reports

CSN –  Pam offered letters from CSN that had ENA signature support to keep on in our record file.  She reported that no decision had been made about the Fairhaven Harbor redesign.  The Waterfront Advisory Committee met to present the work of their consultants on the Shoreline Master Plan.  It was nice to see many community recommendations were included in their power-point presentation – As Pam said, ‘they heard us’.  Some neighborhoods in the coalition were working on updates to their neighborhood plans and Fairhaven’s plan would address height limits.  In conclusion, Pam informed us that CSN would not continue to meet monthly.  CSN was now being organized by a steering committee made up of the five presidents and some representatives who will handle the ongoing work of the coalition.  Community meetings would be scheduled as relevant topics of general interest were identified.


ABN – We are still looking for a volunteer to represent ENA at ABN meetings held on the last Tuesday of the month. 


Responsible Development – Joe Yaver continued to collect e-mails or any information concerning the Chuckanut Ridge development.  A couple correspondence (one questioning a traffic study) had come up that were rather sketchy and he planned a meeting to request more information.  In his opinion actions were stirring with possible negative connotations.  RD would try to stay abreast of any activity on the Ridge.  Pledges to help cover expenses were welcomed.  Sandie recommended looking at the RD NOW website – much work had been put into updating information.


New Business

Election – Brad Rose was elected as ENA president.

Pam Went volunteered to Chair the Growth Committee.

(Although this did not happen at the meeting – John Erickson volunteered to be Vice President)

‘Thank you!’


Issues and Concerns

The 1st public meeting held to gather input for land acquisition through Greenways III was brought up.  Brad attended the meeting and summarized activities.  Some questioned the direction of Greenways especially concerning their commitment to land acquisition.



Meeting was adjourned at 8:45 pm.


The next meeting scheduled will be an Edgemoor Neighborhood Association Business Meeting to be held from 7-9 on March 1st  at Fairhaven Park Pavilion.  All meetings are open to all residents and we encourage you to attend.


Respectfully Submitted,

Lauri Grove