Edgemoor Neighborhood Association

Monthly Board Meeting

December 6, 2007




The Monthly Board Meeting of Edgemoor Neighborhood Association was called to order at 7:00 on December 6th at Fairhaven Pavilion.  Brad Rose facilitated the meeting, Lauri Grove recorded the minutes and a quorum was present.


The minutes of the November meeting were approved as recorded.


Reports of Officers

President’s reportBrad reported that Edgemoor Neighborhood would be eligible for reimbursement up to $2500.00 for expenses incurred in the updating process of the Neighborhood Plan.  Brad requested and was granted approval to sign forms for the reimbursement funds.  Lois asked that she be sent a list of the expenses that would be considered for compensation.  Brad also mentioned that he was contacted by the Small Potatoes Gleaning Project volunteers who would gladly accept excess fruit/vegetables from neighborhood gardens and distribute them to those in need.


Treasurer’s report – Lois reported that there was no activity in the ENA account this month leaving the balance unchanged - $3,121.72.  She also questioned a budget for the Neighborhood Plan Update Committee.


MNAC – Once again the neighborhoods were asked to review street traffic concerns to come up with the top three traffic safety priorities for consideration by the Public Works Dept.  The round-about at Briar and Hawthorn and sidewalks from Lairmont Manor to Willow on Fieldston were a couple concerns mentioned during the general discussion.  Neighborhood Safety would work on this NTSP project.  Brad went on to report that we now have ENA insurance through the City at no charge to Edgemoor Neighborhood.  He also distributed examples of two new concepts to replace the Just So You Are Aware Newsletter.  Those present were asked to review the examples and comment on preferences.


Committee Reports

Chuckanut Mountain Park District (CMPD) – Bob Gibb reported that the CMPD advisory committee was hanging in limbo at the moment waiting for the Boundary Review Board to clarify SEPA status.  He would send an e-mail with more information.  He continued his report with a letter from Bob Tull to City Planning concerning an ‘increased wetland buffer alternative’ for Fairhaven Highlands.  The alternative plan eliminated townhomes and therefore in theory would generate less traffic/ trip rates.  Bob offered that a map with a description of that revised plan was unavailable for review and that a protest would be made against the scoping schedule until those plans were available for study by RD consultants.  Joe added that RD was working to raise funds and find knowledgeable volunteers to help through the scoping process.  Any donations could be sent to Brad Rose at PO Box 4057 - Bellingham 98227


Communication – A motion was made and approved to move the ENA Annual Membership Meeting to March so we would have more time to get out a neighborhood mailing, prepare for elections and decide on changes to the Bylaws.  To clarify – January would be a Board Meeting

February would be a Board Meeting

March would be the Annual Membership Meeting.  (Elections would be held and any changes to the Bylaws would be presented for approval at the next Quarterly meeting in June.)


Disaster Preparedness – Pam Bakke read the 9 steps listed in the MYN pamphlet.  She suggested that more volunteers were needed to train and meet with people throughout the neighborhood.  Contact Pam or Lois if interested in the program.  Lois offered that she had a meeting at her house with her neighbors that went very well and was available to help any one interested in hosting a meeting.


Growth and Land Use – no report   Pam would send a report to Sandie to be included in the next newsletter.


Membership – no report   Sandie was asked how many members we have so a quorum could be determined.  We have 101 members to date.


Neighborhood Plan Update – Martin Nickerson passed out an Outline, Draft 1 for general discussion.  Several concerns were cited.  For example, which neighborhood should address potential problems with the 12th Street Bridge?  It was decided that we should ask Fairhaven Neighbors and South Neighborhood to reference our neighborhood plan where we would include updates for the bridge due to the fact that it was vital for access to Edgemoor.  Lack of public right of use to the water was a negative point brought up in the Edgemoor survey.  Joe Yaver recommended we attempt to contact the railroad to request them to reroute the trains around the city allowing possible public access to the water.  We could approach it from a safety point of view since they often carry hazardous cargo that could be potentially harmful to residents.  Larry Horowitz suggested a ‘No Left Turn’ sign at the intersection in front of Fairhaven Middle School.  Martin reiterated that this was just a draft and much work and many more volunteers would be needed to complete the task of updating the plan. The committee needs varied input from more residents to help write the final draft - please consider volunteering.  Joe suggested we hire college students as resources to do some of the research and help with planning.


Motion was made to have Joe Yaver contact Western to find students knowledgeable and interested in neighborhood planning.  He would also get cost information and report back to ENA.

Motion was approved.  


Neighborhood Safety - no report


Representative Reports

No reports


New Business

Larry Horowitz distributed an e-mail letter he would like to send to the five Southside neighborhoods proposing they form a joint inter-neighborhood delegation to address issues surrounding Chuckanut ridge.  This would create a formal, neighborhood-sponsored delegation to meet with elected and appointed city officials, as well as the media.  It differs from the CSN in that it would focus solely on Chuckanut Ridge and differs from RD in that it would be officially sponsored by the five Southside neighborhoods.  Brad asked for a show of hands to endorse Larry’s concept and request to contact neighborhoods for their thoughts on forming this delegation.  Although it met with unanimous approval, Sandie brought up a concern that had been voiced in the past – It is necessary to e-mail information in advance preparation for anything requiring approval from the Board.  We should have a chance to review matters before a vote.  



Meeting was adjourned at 9:04pm.


The next meeting scheduled will be an Edgemoor Neighborhood Association Monthly Board Meeting to be held from 7-9 on January 3rd at Fairhaven Park Pavilion.  Meetings are open to all residents and we encourage you to attend.


Respectfully Submitted,

Lauri Grove