Edgemoor Neighborhood Association

Monthly Business Meeting

January 11, 2007




Call to Order (7:00)


Approval of Minutes (7:01)


Reports of Officers (7:05 7:20)


Treasurer Lois Miles

MNAC Brad Rose


Reports of Committees (7:20 8:20)

Communication Kathy Kaiser/ Pamela Bakke


Growth and Land Use

Membership Sandie Koplowitz

Neighborhood Safety Don Miles/ Brad Johnson

Chuckanut Mountain Parks District Bob Gibb

Neighborhood Plan Update John Erickson/ Martin Nickerson


Representative Reports (8:20 8:30)

CSN Brad Rose/ Pam Went

ABN (Looking for a volunteer)


Business (8:30 8:55)

v  January Neighborhood Mail-out

v  February Meeting and Election


Issues and Concerns (8:55)

Adjournment (9:00)