Edgemoor Neighborhood Association

Monthly Business Meeting

Visions of Edgemoor

September 7, 2006



The Monthly Business Meeting of Edgemoor Neighborhood Association was called to order by Brien Thane at 7:10 at the Fairhaven Park Pavilion. Lauri Grove recorded the minutes. We had a good turn out of about 24 or so residents for the ‘Visions of Edgemoor’ meeting facilitated by Brad Rose.


President:: Brien Thane began the meeting with a few brief news items. A representative from the Healthy Bay Initiative (which will be on the ballot) contacted Brien with a request to give a presentation to ENA - no one objected. Brien reminded members that elections were coming up in November so please consider joining the ENA Board. He stated that we also need volunteers for the Chuckanut Mountain Park District Committee and the Neighborhood Sign Committee. In addition, he mentioned that the Coalition of South Neighborhoods would meet on Wednesday, Oct. 18th at the Fairhaven Library. The featured speakers would be Bellingham Herald Publisher Glen Nardi and Executive Editor Julie Shirley. The meeting would also include a presentation from the Chuckanut Mountains Park District group. In conclusion, Brien asked everyone to introduce themselves and turned the meeting over to Brad.


Visions of Edgemoor

This portion of the meeting was facilitated by Brad Rose. Brad started with a couple business announcements. The planning department would be offering a Bellingham Planning Academy to the Neighborhoods and invited two representatives from each neighborhood to attend. John Erickson and Martin Nickerson (with Ted Mischaikov as our alternative representative) offered to attend the 5 Planning Academy sessions starting Tuesday, Sept 19th. In addition, Brad told us the Fairhaven Harbor appeal was denied. Public opinion was being solicited for the prospect of a park pavilion at Boulevard Park. Cascade Joinery would donate the permanent structure. Also the Firehouse Performing Art Center would like public input on some renovations that included the addition of a patio for the coffee shop, outside tables, and a sign.


The group was asked to divide into tables of about six to begin the ‘Vision’ process. Brad posed two questions (one at a time) and asked each table to go around several times repeating the question to exhaust all possible answers. The 1st question was “What is one thing you like about Edgemoor?”. The second question was “What improvement would you like to see?” After the time limit for each question, the groups were asked to prioritize and read their answers. Brad then categorized the answers for all to review. Several of the ‘improvement visions’ were discussed – such as reopening Clark’s Point to the neighborhood, pocket parks, idling trains, and addressing growth in Fairhaven. It was suggested that someone from the Whatcom Land Trust (Connie) come talk to ENA concerning Clark’s Point.


v  Thank you Brad for guiding us through the vision process – it was informative and fun!



Meeting was adjourned at 9:15pm.


The next meeting scheduled would be an Edgemoor Monthly Business Meeting to be held on October 6th from 7-9pm at Fairhaven Park Pavilion. All Edgemoor residents are invited and welcome to attend. Hope to see you there.


Respectfully Submitted,

Lauri Grove