Edgemoor Neighborhood Association

Monthly Business Meeting

June 1, 2006




The Monthly Business Meeting of Edgemoor Neighborhood Association was called to order by Brien Thane at 7:09 on June 1st at the Fairhaven Park Pavilion.  Lauri Grove recorded the minutes.  A quorum was present.


The minutes from the April and May meetings were approved as submitted.


Report of Officers

President:: Brien Thane updated us about what had been happening with the ‘1988-89 Agreements’ introduced by Sue Kahn at a previous ENA meeting (a copy of these Agreements can be found on the Fairhaven Neighbors website).   A request was made to the City and Port asking them to a review these agreements originally made with the Concerned Southside Citizens.  Brien reported that the City responded with a memo citing what had or had not been done to date.  The City referred to several additional documents, that they seemed to have in their possession, when stating how the original agreements were fulfilled.  However, a request for copies of this additional documentation was not warmly received.  After much solicitation a city staff member contacted the South Neighborhood to let them know copies were being put together and would be given to them.  As a point of interest, Joan Beardsley proposed a mediated meeting to discuss the Agreements with CSN, herself, Tim Douglas, and a city administrator – the idea disappeared. 


Treasurer: Lois Miles announced a meeting planned this month for the Finance Committee to get together to draft a budget proposal.


Disbursements –  $40 (payment for Articles of Incorporation)

Income - $15 (membership dues)

Closing Balance - $2401.42


MNAC Representative: Brad Rose attended the monthly MNAC meeting and briefed us on a couple points of interest.  Marilyn Vogel talked about a development design code project – which would offer universal design standards for new construction.  Greg Aucutt clarified the relationship between development planning and codes and how it was all implemented.  For additional information please read the monthly Just so You are Aware newsletter.  In conclusion, there was a good response to the survey (posted on our website) and neighbors can continue to respond with their views. The purpose of the survey and what effect in would have in planning was questioned.  Brad suggested, it offered the new City Planning Director, Tim Stewart, a chance to hear what we like about living in our neighborhood, our concerns, and recommendations to best deal with infill in our community.


Committee Reports

Communication: Kathy Kaiser reported that most of the communication boxes located throughout Edgemoor have been removed.  Many of them were broken and their original purpose has been served. 


Hospitality: – No report.


Growth and Land Use: Brad offered he was thinking about planning another Tour of Fairhaven for a nice evening this summer - that thought met with a favorable response.  He updated us on a few issues and building activities affecting the Edgemoor community.  The CUP for the 1100 sq. ft. building on Briar Rd. was okayed.  Work on replacing an old broken pipeline that runs from the treatment plant to the water would temporarily tear up a section of Marine Park.  On June 14th two appeals concerning Fairhaven Harbors would be brought before the Hearing Examiner.  Pam Went asked if we could put information about this hearing on the website and get it out to the membership before the 14th.  She agreed to write a short notice.         


Membership:  - No report


Neighborhood Safety: - No report.


Neighborhood Plan Update – No report.


Representative Reports

Coalition of Southside Neighborhoods – Pam reported that CSN had hosted several interesting speakers at recent meetings.  In April, Wendy Scherrer, the Executive Director of Nooksack Salmon Enhancement was the featured speaker.  Her presentation included information about the Chuckanut and Padden Creek Estuary.  In May, the coalition was encouraged to attend a meeting sponsored by a Puget Sound action-team –a group working on an initiative to protect the Sound.  Pam also mentioned that Glen Nardi and Julie Shirley from the Bellingham Herald would speak at the July meeting.  In conclusion, she informed us that CSN now has an information folder at the Fairhaven Library.


Association of Bellingham NeighborhoodsWe are still soliciting a volunteer to represent ENA at the ABN meetings.  Meetings are held on the 4th Tuesday of each month at 7pm.  Please contact any officer if interested. Thank you.  Larry Horowitz and Brad Rose attended the last meeting.  Brad reported that he read over and summarized the Edgemoor responses to the survey.  He presented this information at the meeting along with comments from the ENA Visions meeting held several months ago. 



The on-going discussion of ‘Procedural Rules’ was reopened. Areas in question were the fiscal year, whether or not to authorize phone and Internet votes, and how to handle Co-Chair votes.  Motions were made with the exception of whether or not to allow phone or Internet voting still in question.  Kathy suggested a committee to work on formulating some rules.  Brien offered to do some research in an attempt to find out what other organizations have instituted for voting and draft up some procedures to review at the next meeting.


Motion made by Brad Rose to designate the calendar year as our fiscal year.  He also moved to formally state that only one vote is authorized per committee with Co-Chairmen.

This motion was seconded and approved unanimously.


Issues and Concerns

Formation of the Chuckanut Mountains Park District was presented and discussed at this time.

Dr. Gibb explained that he was part of a group working to research the possible formation of a Park District to save the Chuckanut Mountains (which include Chuckanut Ridge and Blanchard Mt.)  He passed out information that profiled various types of park districts, the advantages of forming districts and how that might be implemented. He set up a film that was presented by Jerry Wilbour detailing the recreational use and beauty of Blanchard Mountain.  Current critical issues, he mentioned,  included the plan to log Blanchard Mt. and the proposed development of Chuckanut Ridge. A Park District Levy could be used for acquisition and protection of these natural resources in the district’s defined area.  During the general discussion, Dr. Gibb questioned whether Edgemoor would support such a levy - the group would like feed-back from the neighborhood. He offered to write up some information to post on the website that would include a provision for comments.   



Meeting was adjourned at 9:05pm.


The next meeting scheduled would be an Edgemoor Neighborhood Association Business Meeting to be held on July 6th at Fairhaven Park Pavilion.  All Edgemoor residents are welcome and encouraged to attend.


Respectfully Submitted,

Lauri Grove