Edgemoor Neighborhood Association

Annual Membership Meeting

November 2, 2006




The Annual Membership Meeting of Edgemoor Neighborhood Association was called to order at 7:17 on November 2nd at Lairmont Manor.  In (President) Brien’s absence, Sandie Koplowitz facilitated the meeting - Thank you Sandie.  Lauri Grove recorded the minutes.


The minutes of the last Annual Meeting on October 6, 2005 were approved as recorded.


Report of Officers

Treasurer, Lois Miles presented the budget report and noted that we presently have 106 members.  In addition to maintaining ENA accounting, Lois’ big project this year was setting up ENA 501c3 status - Thank you Lois for all the work put into that project. 

Income – $1770.00

Disbursements – $927.69

Closing Balance – $2440.43


President’s Report – As facilitator for the meeting, Sandie, highlighted Edgemoor Neighborhood Association accomplishments for the past year.  She mentioned that 2006 was ENA’s first year running with an officially elected Board.  The Board continued to meet monthly with quarterly presentations on topics that included; the School Bond, Greenways Levy, the newly formed Chuckanut Mountain Parks District (CMPD), 2 Vision of Edgemoor meetings, updates from Responsible Development (RDNow), CSN, and a summer social.  Sandie then moved into the 2007 Board elections.  She recapped the Bylaws pertaining to elected positions, explained the positions up for election, and listed the vacancies.  Don Miles and   offered to take over Neighborhood Safety,  Pam Bakke would Co-chair Communications with Kathy Kaiser, and Lauri Grove was elected Secretary for a 2 year term.  No one volunteered or accepted a nomination for President.  Sandie suggested we have a second election for President in February after the January neighborhood mail-out.  She also suggested, in interim, that board members rotate facilitation of meetings. There was a general discussion suggesting ways to reach and attract more members to the association.  It was agreed that perhaps additional signage was needed, more advertisement, incentives, and a letter to explain the association’s importance in Edgemoor.


MNAC  ReportSandie read the following report sent by Pam Went:


‘Pam Went attended the October Mayor's Neighborhood Advisory Committee in Brad's absence. Neighborhood Services Coordinator Katherine Hanowell provided the applications for the City financial support to assist neighborhood associations in their planning process. Neighborhoods will need to provide documentation in order to receive recognition. Malcolm Flemming, Chief Administrative Officer, described the creation of a new position in the Mayor's office to focus exclusively on waterfront planning, A formal recruitment process has begun. Bill Boyd, our Fire Chief, discussed a new Emergency Management Division in the Fire Department and an overview of their plans. He emphasized the importance of Community Emergency Response Training (CERT) for neighborhoods. Tim Wahl, Greenways Coordinator, explained that their focus will be on land acquisition this time around, and that the City Council makes all the decisions in the end. He pointed out that for those interested, one can email Greenways@cob.org and request Greenway Committee minutes. He also noted that additional critical lands will be protected by updated regulations as new developments continue.  Read the Just so You are Aware Newsletter for more information.’


CSN Report Sandie also read the following report sent in by Pam Went on the recent CSN attendance at the Port's Shoreline Master Plan Update meeting for "Stakeholders":

‘The Coalition of Southside Neighborhoods (CSN) invited the Port Director,
Jim Darling, and Commissioner Scott Walker to a meeting on October 9th to
discuss the upcoming Port planning process. Many from the neighborhoods
and the tone was very pleasant. CSN asked to be a partner in the
process, and suggested the City be at the table as well. Jim Darling
suggested the 5 neighborhoods ³solidify and prioritize² their requests, and
offered to think about how it would be best for CSN to present their comments to the
Port. It was understood and agreed by all that a consensus process for the
neighborhoods would take probably until the end of the year.

On October 13, CSN Presidents received invitations from Sylvia Goodwin, Port
Director of Planning and Development, to participate in a meeting at 4:00 on
October 23rd, for representatives of neighborhood association, business
associations, economic development associations, and local government. Six
neighborhood representatives, Vince Biciunas, President, Jim Johannessen,
and Sue Kaun from Fairhaven; Steve Wilson, President of South; Pam Went,
representing Edgemoor and Bob Christman, representing South Hill
neighborhoods were there, along with Connie Shannon representing Fairhaven
Business Association. Ralph Thacker, a Fairhaven Neighbors board member,
said he was representing the ad hoc group called SSST. Tim Stewart attended
as well. There were also three people from the consultant group and two Port

The Port had invited 40 people. Some present surmised that some of the
missing guests were Fairhaven landowners and developers Imus, Haskell and
Mischaikov to name a few. Sylvia and Greg acknowledged to the consultant
that CSN group recommendations would come later, but this seemed an
opportune time to discuss general ideas and concerns.

Jim Johannessen, a coastal geologist, provided the consultant with a
scientific view about Padden Lagoon's need for riparian on the east side,
bolstered by WFG and Pilot recommendations; discussed public access to and
near the shoreline of the bay along with public access along the east side
of the lagoon, but not at the water's edge; and creation of pocket beaches.

Connie Shannon stated the businesses wanted sympathetic uses in the marine
industrial area east of the lagoon, in character and keeping with the
historic village. She mentioned growing traffic problems, and thought
keeping it industrial would not impact traffic as much as changing it to
mixed use with condos. Many businesses do not want tall buildings blocking

We discussed the 1988-1989 Agreements about 100' lagoon buffers, and the
fact that the City was deeded only the water portion of the lagoon, and
therefore could not adequately restore the lagoon. The height limits of 35'
sought in 1989 for all areas in Fairhaven were put on the table as an issue.

We discussed the 2005 Appeal to protect Padden Creek Estuary from Fairhaven
Harbor encroachment, and stated the obvious fact that the neighborhoods
believe they are the stewards of Padden Creek, will continue to advocate
protection, and want to find a better way to protect it, instead of costly

What the Port and consultant heard from the neighborhoods was lagoon
riparian habitat restoration; public access to the shorelines; 35' height
limits for all of Fairhaven; industrial zoning preferred over 'mixed use'
condos to maintain the balance of an 'urban village' and not exacerbate
existing traffic problems; beach enhancement; possible Taylor Street Bridge
type - over the water access for connecting parts of Fairhaven to the water;
daylighting of stormwater from the 27" outfall under the Harris Bridge and
all Port properties joining with the City for a comprehensive stormwater
system using biofilter swales and other natural mechanisms to treat
stormwater; keeping and enhancing the boat launch and making it more
accessible; possible extensions of existing docks near the terminal to
encourage water access to Fairhaven. The consultants dutifully recorded all
comments on big tablets.....

One concern to those present is where were the other 30 invited guests that
didn't show up.’


v  A general discussion followed the reading of the report.  It was decided to send a letter offering our support for Fairhaven Neighbors Draft of Proposals to CSN suggesting what they would like to see the Port include in their Comprehensive Fairhaven Scheme of Harbor Improvements.


A Motion was made by Bob Gibb to support the Fairhaven Neighbors Draft of Proposals to CSN.

The motion was seconded and passed unanimously



Planning Academy  John Erickson and Martin Nickerson briefed us about their activities at the Planning Academy for the Neighborhoods.  There were five sessions in all that started with an introduction to the new planning director and continued with a review of various aspects of the comp plan and neighborhood planning.  They received maps and books to add to the ENA information at the Fairhaven Library.  Edgemoor Neighborhood would receive $2500.00 for representation at the academy.  They expressed the importance that Edgemoor update their neighborhood plan in 2007 so that we could propose a project for the gifted money.  More urgently, we need the plan updated for future reference in any building that might occur.  The neighborhood plan could influence decisions about requested variances on projects concerning home size, views, protection of the Heron population, sidewalks, etc.  John and Martin agreed to head a committee to work on the update and invited interested residents to get involved.   


Chuckanut Mountain Parks District Bob Gibb introduced Joanne Peterson from Sehome Neighborhood and thanked her for all her help.  He reported that CMPD had been busy contacting various organizations and neighborhood associations in the proposed district to solicit support.  The response had been very positive. The upcoming petition would be critical to get signatures from 15% of the voters in the district.  Bob mentioned a plan to meet with Dean Kahn from the Bellingham Herald to see if he would write an article about GMPD.  He also said they meet monthly with Responsible Development. The committee had been busy setting up Articles of Incorporation and a bank account – donation were welcomed. 


Responsible Development  Joe Yaver represented Responsible Development and reported on the activities happening at ‘Chuckanut Ridge’. The investors are proceeding with testing.  Machinery had been brought in and holes dug presumably in some attempt to determine wetlands - 22 holes about 10 ft deep.  Also hoses were brought in to flood and check drainage in areas.  Joe expressed his concern about the environment, taxes and traffic issues connected with this development.  He mentioned that protests were made to Horizon Bank.  He encouraged neighborhoods to stick together and stay focused.  Bob Gibb also reiterated the importance of neighborhood associations standing together.



Meeting was adjourned at 9:15 pm.   Refreshments were served.

Thank you, Christy Dahms, for setting up the hospitality table  - it was very nice!  Thank you to everyone that brought a dish to share.


The next meeting scheduled will be an Edgemoor Neighborhood Association Business Meeting to be held from 7-9 on December 7th at Fairhaven Park Pavilion.  Business meetings are open to all residents and we encourage you to attend.


Respectfully Submitted,

Lauri Grove