Edgemoor Neighborhood Association

Monthly Business Meeting

October 5, 2006



The Monthly Business Meeting of Edgemoor Neighborhood Association was called to order by Sandie Koplowitz at about 7:05 on October 5th at the Fairhaven Park Pavilion.  Lauri Grove recorded the minutes.  We did not have a quorum present, but did have a nice turn out of members.


The minutes from the September meeting were approved as recorded.


Report of Officers

President:: In Brien Thane’s absence, Sandie gave an overview of the meeting agenda and recapped the various Board/Committee positions for the upcoming elections in November.


Treasurer: Lois Miles announced that there were no expenses this month.  ENA received $30 in dues from 2 new members and $75.00 from the sale of  “Drive 25” signs.  A detailed report was filed.

Disbursements – 

Income - $105.00

Closing Balance - $2420.73


MNAC Representative: Brad Rose was not available.  Pam Went noted that he asked her to attend the meeting scheduled in October and she agreed to send a summarizing report to Sandie for the website/newsletter.   A reminder to read the current Just So You Are Aware newsletter.


Committee Reports

Communication: Kathy Kaiser did not have any news to report.


Hospitality: We are looking for volunteers to head this committee.  Please contact a board member if interested. Elections will be held at the November 2nd meeting.


Growth and Land Use: Brad was not able to attend the meeting.  Check the city’s website for growth related issues. 


Membership:  - Sandie reported we have approximately 150 members.


Neighborhood Safety: - Veronica Douglas has decided to step down from her position as Chairman of Neighborhood Safety due to lack of time.  She has done a great job and contributed much to the Board of Edgemoor Neighborhood Association.  We thank Veronica for all her enthusiasm and effort   She will continue to sell the remaining inventory of ‘Drive 25’ signs.

- We are looking for volunteers to head this committee.  Please contact a board member if interested. Elections will be held at the November 2nd meeting.


Neighborhood Plan Update –  No report.  The September ‘Vision of Edgemoor’ meeting facilitated by Brad Rose was a fun, informative start to updating our neighborhood plan.  John Erickson and Martin Nickerson offered to represent ENA at the Planning Academy - designed to help continue the revision of the Edgemoor’s plan.  (Report follows later in the minutes)  


Chuckanut Mountain Park District  - Bob Gibb updated ENA on the park districts progress.  He informed us that a committee has been formed.  The first meeting discussion centered around structure and policy.  Designating district lines, developing neighborhood lists, and a door to door petition for signatures were mentioned in the future plan. His request to give about a 10 minute presentation at the next meeting was approved.


Representative Reports

Association of Bellingham NeighborhoodsWe are still soliciting a volunteer to represent ENA at the ABN meetings.  Meetings are held on the 4th Tuesday of each month at 7 PM.  Thank you.


Coalition of Southside Neighborhoods – Pam reminded the group that CSN planned to meet with the Port and welcomed any involved/informed representatives from the 5 south neighborhoods.  The premise of the meeting was to establish a partnership in planning future waterfront development.  Pam also reported that CSN would host representatives from the Bellingham Herald at the October monthly meeting to discuss how to best work with one another concerning south side issues.  She offered no decision had been made concerning leadership of CSN or changes to the meeting format – it remains a work in progress.


Planning Academy – John Erickson informed us that much material had been covered at the Planning Academy sessions he attended to date.  The program was designed as an aid to help neighborhoods better modify and update their plans.  One point cited was that Planning Director, Tim Stewart, offered to personally champion 3 ‘reasonable’ items for each neighborhood if submitted by December.  We need to think about these project possibilities and also how we would spend the $2500 Edgemoor receives for participation in the academy.  John volunteered himself and Martin to head a committee to work on putting together viable projects for discussion at the November meeting - an e-mail would be generated to solicit ideas and volunteers.  Bob Gibb would like the fire hazard presented by cul de sacs, of which EN has at least 3, to be considered in the updated plan.  Any one with project ideas or interested in helping with this committee please contact John or Martin.



The on-going business about Internet voting was continued.  Brien did some research in an attempt to come up with language for the amendment.  He e-mailed an example to the Board to work with and discuss at the meeting.  Sandie offered better possible wording for the amendment.  After a short discussion it was decided that due to lack of a quorum we could not vote to change the Bylaws at the Oct. meeting and that would not be a priority for the Nov. meeting.  


Earlier in the meeting the upcoming elections were discussed and vacancies identified.  At this time there was general discussion about the bylaws, the organization, agenda and proposed candidates.  A nominating committee would put together possible candidates for the board elections at the  November 2nd meeting.  Please contact Sandie (or any officer) if interested in becoming actively involved with the association – Thank you!


Issues and Concerns

Joe Yaver mentioned earlier in the meeting that he wanted it to go on record that he was against the Planning Academy.  His feeling was that the planning department was just placating matters with a ‘lollipop’ while skirting around important growth issues.  He went on to update a bit and answer questions about Responsible Development.  He was asked to speak (or contact someone to speak) at the November meeting with a brief update on RD’s activities.   



Meeting was adjourned at approximately 9:00 PM.


The next meeting scheduled would be the Edgemoor Neighborhood Association Annual Membership Meeting to be held on November 2nd from 7-9 PM at Lairmont Manor.  All Edgemoor residents are invited and encouraged to attend.   Hope to see you there



Respectfully Submitted,

Lauri Grove