Edgemoor Neighborhood Association

Quarterly Membership Meeting

May 4, 2006




The Edgemoor Neighborhood Association meeting was called to order by Brien Thane at 7:15 at the Fairhaven Park Pavilion.  Lauri Grove was present to record the minutes.  There was a quorum present.



Whatcom Film Association – Jeff Braimes briefed us on the activities of the film association which includes the Pickford Theater, Traveling Pickford Summer Series, and the NW Projections Film Festival (regional films).  He enthusiastically talked about their “dreamspace” vision for a two-screen theater on Bay Street complete with a full range of concessions that included beer and wine.  Through public and private donations, $1.8 million had been collected to date.  This high profile building would be one of the first projects completed in the area and could be showing films as soon as this Fall.  Jeff encouraged continued support for the Film Center.  For more information, a view of the proposed facility, or to contact the association for contribution please go to their website www.whatcomfilm.org.  Donations are tax deductible.


Greenways III Levy – Jody Bergsma began the discussion by profiling the intentions and the accomplishments of past Greenways Levies.  The first levy was passed in 1990 for $7 million and a second levy in 1997 for $20 million.  Greenways money was put to use for land acquisition, the Taylor Dock, new turf for Civic Field, parks and trails throughout the city.  Included in the intentions for the second levy was the purchase of the area commonly known as Chuckanut Ridge.  However that was not accomplished and she offered an explanation.  Jody added that neighborhoods can get involved in greenways decisions by actively participating on the Greenways Advisory Committee.  This group watches, reviews and recommends expenditures.  SueTaylor continued the discussion with a view of planned distribution for Greenways III.  If passed this levy is projected for much needed parks on the north end, and possible ball fields, meadows, trails… Several questions and concerns were voiced and addressed through out the discussion.


Chuckanut Ridge Update – Joe Yaver highlighted a letter from the Army Corp of Engineers confirming there are key wetlands on Chuckanut Ridge and qualifying the importance of preserving the property. The letter stated that any construction on this property would require advance written permission from the Corp.  Joe’s report led into a general discussion about ‘saving’ Chuckanut Ridge by the formation of a Park District.


President’s Update:

Brien briefly summarized ENA business accomplishments since the last quarterly meeting in February.  He reported we now have 101 members. We have a very nice sign to remind residents of monthly meetings.  He went on to mentioned Larry Horowitz stepped down as our ABN representative and solicited volunteers to fill this position.  Since no one stepped up, this request would be posted on the website. He also stated the board continued to work on the business of completing paperwork for 501c3 status - Brien reviewed the Articles of Incorporation need to complete the process and the following motion was brought to the table.


A motion was made to accept the Articles of Incorporation (reviewed and posted on the website) as required by the Federal Government for 501c3 status.

Motion was seconded and passed unanimously.


Questions, Issues, and Concerns:

Questions were asked directly to the individual speakers during their presentations.

Veronica reported that Safety Committee ordered more signs and a request was made for a sign cautioning drivers for pet safety as well as children safety.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:00.


The next meeting scheduled on June 1st  will be a business meeting held at Fairhaven Park Pavilion starting at 7:00.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.


Respectfully Submitted,

Lauri Grove