Edgemoor Neighborhood Association

Quarterly Membership Meeting

February 2, 2006




The Edgemoor Neighborhood Association meeting was called to order by Niall Hackett at 7:15 at the Fairhaven Park Pavilion.  Lauri Grove was present to record the minutes.  This was a general membership meeting so business was put aside to allow time for presentations.  



School Bond – Susan Zoller and Ann Whitmyer presented the what, why, and how pertaining to the upcoming school bond measure.  Deputy Superintendent, Susan Zoller explained that bonds could only be used for capital projects, could only fund the projects specified in the proposal, and came as a package deal.  The district requested funds to maintain designated schools and build additional schools to ease current overcrowding.  Ann Whitmyer offered how they go about passing the bond which would require a super majority vote.  Several questions implicated concern about the lack of equitable impact fees to cover school expenses and how the district was handling that issue.        


Coalition of Southside Neighborhoods – Coordinators, Mike Botwin and Cathy McKenzie introduced themselves and highlighted the intent of the coalition.  They were attending south side neighborhood meetings to find out how the CSN could best address our concerns and interests.  They solicited ideas for speakers for future meetings held every 3rd Wednesday at the Fairhaven Library.  Some topics mentioned were the potential fire-hazard in the planned Padden Trail cul de sac, a better understanding of impact fees, staying informed during the process of hiring a new planning director, and insight into the traffic department’s designation of level F service for several streets in Bellingham. 


Responsible Development Update – Dr. Frank James brought us up-to-date on some Responsible Development activities.  The organization has retained an attorney.  As a group, RD focused on three concerns – environment, traffic, and taxes.  First, environmental issues included saving wildlife by preventing the destruction of treasured forested property throughout Bellingham.  Frank considered passing an acquisition based Greenway levy pivotal in preserving natural green space in the city (and purchasing Chuckanut Ridge).  Second, he offered that there was no qualified traffic engineer on staff for the city of Bellingham.  Residents were concerned about the level of service projected for many of our main streets and the effect it would have on emergency services together with our quality of life.  In addition, RD hired Eben Fodor to study the impact of development as it pertains to the use of our tax dollars.  Fodor created a methodology that can be used for any new development in Bellingham and he concluded that taxpayers would pay about $12 million for the Fairhaven Highlands project.  To keep informed check Responsible Development’s website at www.rdnow.org.


Laurie Renne took a moment to invite everyone to enjoy the refreshments.  She pointed out some information about willow trees as well as a vase of willow cuttings brought to share with any one interested in starting a tree.


President’s Update:

Brien briefly summarized ENA business accomplishments since the last quarterly meeting in October.  He stated the board continued to work on business matters of the association and to keep neighbors informed.  For example, we designed, assembled and mailed out an informational membership flier that was sent to all residents in Edgemoor.  He added we received a good response of about 54 new members to date. He also clarified that although we have two types of meetings, business meetings and quarterly general meetings focused on information, everyone is still welcomed and encouraged to attend all meetings.  Brien introduced the ENA Officers and Representatives.  He mentioned we need an alternate representative for the ABN.  In closing, he solicited any feedback.


Questions, Issues, and Concerns:

Questions were asked directly to the individual speakers during their presentations.  No additional issues were brought up to the ENA board.


Ralph Thacker introduced himself as the new ABN President.



The meeting was adjourned at 8:57.


The next meeting scheduled on March 2nd  will be a business meeting held at Fairhaven Park Pavilion starting at 7:00 – everyone is welcome to attend.


Respectfully Submitted,

Lauri Grove