Edgemoor Neighborhood Association

Monthly Business Meeting

September 1, 2005




The Monthly Business Meeting of Edgemoor Neighborhood Association was called to order at 7:05 on September 1st at the Fairhaven Park Pavilion.  Interim President, Niall Hackett was not able to be present to facilitate the meeting.  Lauri Grove, Interim Secretary, recorded the minutes.  A quorum was present.


The minutes of the August 5th meeting were summarized with a brief discussion about the Coast Guard presence at the Ferry Terminal.  The minutes were approved as recorded.


Report of Officers

Treasurer, Lois Miles presented the budget report and offered we now have 156 members.

Income - $90.00

Disbursements -

Closing Balance - $1675.52


A detailed report was presented to the secretary to file.


Committee Reports

Communication Committee Chair, Kathy Kaiser discussed advertising for the October meeting and determined there would not be enough time or enough help to get out a neighborhood flier.  In place she suggested having a couple large signs made up and positioned to remind and attract new members.  In addition, meeting information would posted in several papers.  Kathy solicited ideas for the survey which the communication committee would work on a formatting.  Also Sandie brought up the fact that committee chairs are not getting timely reports to her for the newsletter.  She once again asked neighbors to offer news, neighborhood happenings, and articles for the website.  It is difficult to maintain the site, keep it up to date and interesting without input.


Hospitality Committee Chair, Laurie Renne, was not present and there was no committee report.


Growth and Land Use Committee report was presented by Chair, Brad Rose. (Before he actually got into his report we decided to give walk-in guest Sharon Crozier a moment to talk with the membership – brief summary to follow Brad’s report.)  Brad brought up a few new development issues listed below and detailed on the website.

v  Request for CUP to build an oversized 6500 sq. ft. home at 415 Bayside

v  Revision in plan for McKenzie Square to include 4-5 mixed use buildings with about 80 apartments and open parking.

v  Hearing request for 44 ft. height addition to the Waldron Building to allow for higher ceilings inside units.

v  Questioned the plan to construct a parking lot beneath present lot left of the Waldron Building.  Apparently this would be a private gated lot under city property with monthly parking permits and access for Waldron Building tenants - not sure of all the details.

v  Fairhaven Neighbors filed an appeal with the Washington State Shorelines Hearing Board which has scheduled a hearing for October 24-26 in Bellingham.  Until then the Fairhaven Harbor project and impending threat to Padden Estuary has been halted.


Guest  Sharon Crozier introduced herself and her plan to run against incumbent Louise Bjornson for Bellingham City Council at large position.  Sharon worked to get 2 stroke engines off Lake Whatcom.  She feels that there is a lack of leadership and accountability in the city – only a couple council members really speak up at meetings.


NOTE - Primary Election Candidates Forum on Wed.,  September 14, 7-9pm to be held at County Council Chambers.


Membership Committee Chair, Sandie Koplowitz reported that we have 156 members and she continues to invite new members to join ENA.


Neighborhood Plan Update Chair, Brad Rose moved the Vision of Edgemoor meeting to October.  He expressed the plan to have a proctor layout and prioritize our “visions” for Edgemoor which would become the foundation for the neighborhood plan  He would announce the date at the October Annual Membership Meeting.


Neighborhood Safety Committee Chair, Veronica Douglas questioned spray paint on Hawthorn Road indicating impending work.  She went on to report that she planned to contact a handful of people that expressed interest in becoming block watch captains.  She contacted Sergeant Richards to report speeding and urged others to continue to report incidents in the neighborhood.  Members agreed the signs do remind drivers to keep speed down and drive cautiously.


Representative Reports

Coalition of Southside NeighborhoodsBrad Rose briefly mentioned that Hal Hart spoke at the CSN meeting where he discussed the Critical Areas Ordinance.


Association of Bellingham Neighborhoods- Larry Horowitz (Responsible Development) took over as our ENA representative to ABN.  Thank you Larry!  ABN held a meeting on August 29th to discuss the pace of development in Bellingham and reach a consensus of action from the neighborhood associations.  Concerns were voiced that included a lack of confidence in the planning director, Jorge Vega.  Larry also talked a bit about critical masses and the fact that 1461 signatures on a petition could offer a powerful challenge.


New Business

The possibility of having a speaker(s) educate membership about Greenways Legacy at the Annual Meeting in October was brought up and met with interest.


Issues and Concerns (Old Business)

The board discussed and determined the ENA Policy for Support to Outside Organizations and Individuals.  The secretary would keep a record of this policy and any future policies in a file for Policies and Procedures.


Motion by  Kathy Kaiser to accept the following ENA policy:

Edgemoor Neighborhood Association Policy for Support to Outside Organizations and Individuals

v  No monetary support to any outside organization or individual.

v  Any request for written or verbal support to an outside organization or individual must be documented in the ENA newsletter and on the website at least one week prior to the meeting at which the request will be brought before the membership.

Motion was seconded by Veronica Douglas and passed unanimously.


Candidates for Board Elections were not available from the nominating committee.  Brien Thane would be contacted to get nominees posted on website as soon as possible.  The board members present at the meeting agreed to continue with positions if so elected.



Meeting was adjourned at 9:00 pm.


The next meeting scheduled will be the Edgemoor Neighborhood Association Annual Membership Meeting to be held on October 6th  at Lairmont Manor.  Every resident of Edgemoor is invited and encouraged to attend.


Respectfully Submitted,

Lauri Grove