Edgemoor Neighborhood Association

Monthly Business Meeting

December 1, 2005




The Monthly Business Meeting of Edgemoor Neighborhood Association was called to order at 7:05 on December 1st at the Fairhaven Park Pavilion.  ENA President, Brien Thane, was present to facilitate the meeting.  Lauri Grove recorded the minutes.  A quorum was present.


The minutes for the October and November meetings were approved as recorded.


Report of Officers

President, Brien Thane, did not have a report.


Treasurer, Lois Miles stated there was no change to the budget this month.


MNAC Representative, Brad Rose, received a letter from the Mayor officially appointing him as our ENA representative to the MNAC.  He reported this group was working on Chapter 6 of the Neighborhood Comprehensive Plan.  This chapter details public awareness of private utilities and service elements located within neighborhoods (i.e. - cell towers, electricity and natural gas lines).  For more information read this chapter or the entire comprehensive plan on the city’s website.  Brad also briefed us on the Mayor’s latest ‘Just So You Are Aware’ letter that can be read in detail on www.cob.org. Highlights from this November letter included discussion of the waterfront development.  The plan for this project would be based on the vision of the Waterfront Futures Group. This is a great time for everyone in Bellingham to stay informed and get involved. The city is still soliciting public input so read through the guidelines and contact Brad with any ideas.  For waterfront details and strategic guidelines go to www.newwhatcom.org.  


Committee Reports

Communication Committee Chair, Kathy Kaiser, brought in a model of a sign for approval.  It was a very nice ‘flip sandwich board’ that would be used for both monthly board meetings and quarterly general meetings.  It was suggested that we let residents know they are also welcome to board meetings.  Kathy did not have the cost estimate, but it should be within the communication committee budget so no motion for approval was required.  She also presented a mock up of the membership flier for discussion and approval.  Suggestions were made to add to the format.  This flier would be prepared to assemble during the January meeting and mailed out to all residents in January. The cost should be under $500.00.


Motion by Brad Rose to approve the discussed format for the membership flier and appropriate up to $500.00 from the ENA budget to cover all paper, printing and postage expenses associated with mailing out the flier to Edgemoor residents.

Motion was seconded and passed unanimously.


Hospitality Committee Chair, Laurie Renne, discussed plans for Christmas Caroling in Old Edgemoor on Sunday, November 18th.  It was decided that interested residents should meet at Bayside Pool parking lot at 6:15pm.  Two routes were planned and cookies would be provided.  The committee would make up a flyer to place on doors along the planned routes requesting homeowners to turn on their porch light for carolers.  Details would be posted on the website.


Growth and Land Use Committee report highlighted the Fairhaven Highland Charettes held on Nov. 2nd and 4th.   Projects that model this Chuckanut development were presented and brainstormed at the charette.  Transportation issues and infrastructure ideas were also discussed.  Brad offered that several aspects appeared flawed.  Questions were raised concerning traffic over the bridge, a connector, and buffers for the wetlands.  Brad offered that although the application had been submitted for Fairhaven Highlands, the project had not yet been approved.  The Greenways levy should be on the ballot in March and the two groups would need to compromise.  This levy may help purchase at least part of the ‘One Hundred Acre Woods’.   


Membership Committee - no report.  Sandie did offer that she would follow up with members that expressed interest in committees.


Neighborhood Safety Committee – no report.  Drive 25 signs still available for purchase.


Neighborhood Plan Update – no report.


Representative Reports

Coalition of Southside Neighborhoods– Ralph Thacker will no longer lead the CSN. He is now President of the Association of Bellingham Neighborhoods.


Association of Bellingham Neighborhoods- Sandie Koplowitz attended the November meeting and her detailed report is in the November newsletter.  Brad reported that Jo Helmet from the COB Human Resources Department outlined the process for finding and hiring a new Planning Director.  A consultant from Kirkland was hired to review applications, interview applicants, and select the top candidates to present to the public sometime in March.  The Mayor would make the final decision.  The consultant from Kirkland would be at the next ABN meeting. 


New Business

Time to start thinking about suggestions for a speaker for the February meeting.  Please email Brien with suggestions or come prepared to offer ideas at the January meeting.


Issues and Concerns



Meeting was adjourned at 9:05pm.


The next meeting scheduled would be an Edgemoor Neighborhood Association Business Meeting to be held on January 5th at Fairhaven Park Pavilion.  All Edgemoor residents are welcome to attend.


v  Please note the Quarterly General Membership Meeting planned in January was moved to February.


Respectfully Submitted,

Lauri Grove