Edgemoor Neighborhood Association

Annual Membership Meeting

October 6, 2005




The first Annual Membership Meeting of Edgemoor Neighborhood Association was called to order at 7:07 on October 6th at Lairmont Manor.  Interim President, Niall Hackett was present to facilitate the meeting.  Lauri Grove, Interim Secretary, recorded the minutes.  A quorum was present.


The minutes of the September 1st meeting were approved as recorded.


Report of Officers

Treasurer, Lois Miles presented the budget report and offered that we presently have 156 members.  As Interim Treasurer this past year, she maintained ENA accounting and together with the finance committee drafted and revised the annual budget.

Income - 0

Disbursements - 0

Closing Balance – $1675.52


Neighborhood Representative to the Mayor, Sherry Miller, was not able to attend the Mayor’s meeting so Larry Horowitz went in her place.  Work continued on the comprehensive plan.  He offered a general concern about planning department activity handling development, the comp plan, the shoreline, and the critical areas ordinance – taking information, but not too much action.  He went on to state ABN wrote a letter of no confidence to the city, but the overall tone was problematic to several neighborhoods so it was not approved. ABN was working on a letter that would be universally accepted by the associations.  


Sherry has decided not to continue as ENA Representative to the Mayor’s Advisory Committee and Brad Rose volunteered to apply.  Thank you Sherry for all your contributions to ENA and to Brad for generously volunteering his time.


President, Niall Hackett highlighted Egdemoor Neighborhood Association accomplishments for the past year.  As a group, we had good representation in the community at ABN and CSN meetings.  We were influential in the formation of the Coalition of Southside Neighborhoods.  We had a voice in the city through the neighborhood representative to the mayor.  He expressed the importance of utilizing that opportunity to get our points of concern to the city officials.  Niall thanked committee chairmen for their time and achievements.  He mentioned the following - ENA started a block watch program and the Drive 25 signs seem to be working.  The website was a good source of information.  We were well informed about development in the area and kept abreast of timelines to voice comments.  In conclusion, Niall announced his decision not to continue as President due to lack of time and therefore ability to give 100% to the position.                     


Committee Reports

Communication Committee Chair, Kathy Kaiser briefly summarized her committee’s year-to-date accomplishments.  In July, the group designed and organized a neighborhood-wide distribution of door knob hangers that included a membership form.  This was an inexpensive and fairly effective way to reach the residents.  Edgemoor was made aware that ENA exists and could choose whether or not to join.  In addition this committee supported other committee activities with advertisement and fliers.  They also worked with Sandie to edit the monthly newsletters.  Kathy emphasized the need for help with neighborhood news.  The committee would like to mail out an Edgemoor packet in January to reach, inform, and remind all residents it is time to sign to up for ENA 2006 membership.


Hospitality Committee Chair, Laurie Renne cited the objective of this committee was to help people get to know one another.  They held a successful summer picnic and plan for winter caroling.  The committee organized refreshments for the quarterly general meetings and for the Annual Membership meeting.  Next plan was to extend a welcome to all new residents in the neighborhood and inform them about ENA.


Growth and Land Use Committee report was presented by Chair, Brad Rose.  Brad continued to keep the membership informed of development projects, permit applications, and approvals in the community.  At the September meeting the committee discussed the Critical Areas Ordinance.  They talked about various projects such as the approved apartment complex development across from Harris Square.  He also cited the Coast Guard plan to construct a dock in Fairhaven and the “set back” implications of their presence in the area.  For details please check public notices on the ENA website or the growth committee report and also consider attending committee meetings – everyone’s welcome.


Membership Committee Chair, Sandie Koplowitz reported that we have 156 members.  In summary of the past year, Sandie worked to develop the website and to keep it updated with community information and interesting neighborhood news.  She also sent out a monthly newsletter to a growing number of Edgemoor email addresses.  Sandie continues to encourage new members to join ENA.


Neighborhood Plan Update Chair, Brad Rose reminded members that the Vision of Edgemoor meeting is planned for 7pm, Tuesday, October 25th at Fairhaven Park Pavilion.  This would be a brainstorming exercise on what we like and what we might like to change about Edgemoor.  Ralph Thacker will facilitate the meeting.  Brad suggested reading over the out-dated comprehensive plan and coming prepared with ideas to lay the foundation for a plan that will span 10 – 20 years in the future.


Neighborhood Safety Committee Chair, Veronica Douglas reminded neighbors she could use some help – consider volunteering for the safety committee.  The committee accomplished work in three areas that included home, driving, and pedestrian safety.  Veronica helped raise neighborhood security awareness and organized a block watch program.  Drive 25 signs were placed to remind drivers to slow down.  In addition, she recommended calling Sgt. Richards (#676-6677) to report speeding instances and/or request a speed watch wagon.  Veronica pushed for sidewalks on Fieldston and Bayside - although walks were in the plan they were not in the city budget.  She concluded, If we want sidewalks we would need to organize and pay for them.  Residents interested in the Block Watch Program (or any safety details) should go to the ENA website for additional information.  


Representative Reports

Coalition of Southside Neighborhoods- meet every 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7pm in the Fireside Room at the library.  Brad stated the meetings are very informative and encouraged members to attend.


Association of Bellingham Neighborhoods- Larry Horowitz brought up the ABN letter earlier in the evening and did not add to his report at this time.


New Business

Election of Officers was facilitated by the chairman of the nominating committee, Brien Thane.  Although most of the interim officers agreed to continue with their positions if so elected, The President and Vice President positions were open for nominations.  Brien read a description of positions and solicited nominations.  Brien Thane was nominated for President and accepted.  Niall was asked and agreed to be Vice President.


Motion by Meg Metzger to vote in the slate of officers for Edgemoor Neighborhood Association as follows:


President – Brien Thane

Vice President – Niall Hackett

Neighborhood Rep to the Mayor – Brad Rose

Treasurer – Lois Miles

Secretary – Lauri Grove

Membership Chair – Sandie Koplowitz

Communications Chair – Kathy Kaiser

Growth and Land Use Chair – Brad Rose

Hospitality Chair – Laurie Renne

Safety Chair – Veronica Douglas

v  Brad will have to apply and be accepted to the Mayor’s Advisory Council.

Motion seconded by Pam Went and passed unanimously.


Guest Speakers

The Greenways Legacy group defined their mission which weights heavily on acquisition of land (about 70%) while the land is still available and affordable.  They believe the Greenways movement has always focused and should continue to focus on acquiring land for open space (such as all or part of the Hundred Acre Woods).  The remaining 32% of the money collected would be earmarked for maintenance and improvements. The opposition would spend the majority of funds (about 54%) on improvements with 46% toward acquisitions that don’t necessarily include the Hundred Acres Woods.  To become better informed please visit www.greenwayslegacy.com


The Fairhaven Neighbors presented their concerns about Padden Creek concisely and clearly.  Their representative, Sue Kaun, listed several plans and studies that each concluded with the importance of protecting Padden Creek.  From the City of Bellingham plan for Fairhaven to their watershed master plan to salmon recovery in the Puget Sound the creek was going to be protected.  Along came a developer with plans to build within the protected area, less than 100 feet from the creek, and the city said fine!  To help - write letters, email, send donations to help with attorney expenses.  You can find out more by visiting www.fairhavenneighbors.org


The Fairhaven Harbor developer and the architect presented a detailed plan that included drawings of their proposed development.  A section of this mixed use plan would be built less than 100 feet from Padden Creek.  They felt that much time and consideration was given to all aspects of the complex especially the sensitive Padden Creek set back.  The developer answered questions and concerns of the residents.  Check the City of Bellingham website where the project plans should be posted. 



Meeting was adjourned at 9:30 pm.


The next meeting scheduled will be an Edgemoor Neighborhood Association Board Meeting to be held from 7-9 on November 3rd at Fairhaven Park Pavilion.  Board meeting are open and residents are welcome to attend.


Respectfully Submitted,

Lauri Grove