Edgemoor Neighborhood Association

Monthly Meeting

January 6, 2005



The monthly meeting of Edgemoor Neighborhood Association was called to order at 7:05pm on January 6, 2005 at the Fairhaven Park Pavilion.


Interim President, Sue Tercek opened the meeting and Brian Thane presided as Meeting Facilitator.   Interim Secretary, Lauri Grove recorded the minutes.  A quorum was present consisting of Board Officers, Committee Chairs, and approximately 12 members.


The Minutes of the December 2nd Monthly Meeting were approved as recorded.


Report of Officers

Interim President, Sue Tercek presented important details from the December meeting of the Association of Bellingham Neighborhoods and the City Council. She informed us of Council decisions to approve the Grimes Report, pass a 2005 budget, and partner with the Port to develop the GP site.  In addition, council members agreed upon the formation of a citizens advisory committee proposed by Barbara Ryan.  Sue also mentioned several meetings coming up this month.  Last but not least, She enlightened us about a new application for mixed-use development in Fairhaven. 


Interim Treasurer, Lois Miles reported as follows:

Opening Balance     $1171.36

Income                         $15.00

Disbursements             $15.04

Closing Balance       $1171.32

A detailed report was presented to the President and the Secretary to file.


Lois also presented a proposal for the 2005 ENA Annual Budget.  This report detailed income and expenses to date, anticipated operational expenses for 2005, and funds to be allocated for each committee.  A copy was presented to the Secretary to file.


Motion by Nancy Joseph, to request that ENA approve the proposed 2005 budget and release the allocated committee funds with receipts.

Motion amended to add that ENA would review the budget in 6 months and reallocate funds as needed.

Motion amended to add that ENA would allocate additional funds to the Communication Committee in the amount of $110.35 to renew the website in May 2005. 

Motion as amended passed unanimously


Committee Reports

The Bylaws Committee report was presented by Chair, Michael Menard.  The first draft of the ENA Bylaws was posted on the website and reviewed at the meeting.  The committee invited members with any input to either attend the next committee meeting or contact Michael.  The committee goal is to have the permanent ENA Bylaws approved to submit at the May membership meeting.

v  One point in question is whether to use a fiscal or calendar year.


The View Committee report was presented by Chair, Paul Stephenson.  He pointed out the committee considered their work done and proposed they disband.  In short term, peer mediation was introduced to the membership and Nancy Joseph volunteered to attend the January training sessions.  A speaker on covenants was proposed for a future meeting.  In long term, they recommended ENA associate itself with Citizens View and work toward changes in the municipal codes.  This was determined a difficult process that will require a citywide effort to protect views.  


“Thank you Paul and the View Committee for your time and contributions to the Edgemoor Neighborhood.”


The Safety Committee report was presented by Sue Tercek.  There was no news – just a reminder that the Neighborhood Watch Program overview is on January 10th from 7-9:00pm at the Fairhaven Library.


The Growth and Land Use Committee report was presented by Chair, Brad Rose.  The committee is focused on several developments either presently under construction or in the planning stages for Fairhaven and the southside.  Brad brought up some details about a new application for a large mixed use building on the southwest corner of McKenzie and 10th Street.  The committee also proposed an agenda for presentation by city officials on land use issues for the February ENA meeting.  This is intended to be an informative presentation addressing process, planning, codes, and traffic issues in an attempt to advise how ordinary citizens can effect change.  This is not intended to be a forum for complaints.


Motion by Sue Tercek to request ENA approval for the proposed agenda for presentation at the February ENA meeting.

Motion amended to add a representative from SEPA to the agenda.

Motion passed unanimously.


The Neighborhood Plan Update Committee Chair, Brad Rose stated the committee continued work on the comprehensive plan and did not present a formal report.


The Communication Committee agreed to hold their proposal for website advertising and did not present a report. 


The Membership Committee Chair, Sandie Koplowitz reported that we now have 107 members.


Please continue to check the ENA website for committee reports, updates, and meeting schedules.


New Business

Laurie Renne introduced and requested approval for the formation of a new ENA Hospitality Committee.  The purpose of this committee would be to foster a spirit of community in Edgemoor as follows:

1.     To greet and welcome new residents to the neighborhood as a representative of ENA.

2.     To plan and organize annual social events.

3.     To offer assistance to families in emergency situations.

This new committee was approved unanimously.



Issues and Concerns

Several members expressed concern with traffic/parking issues, safety, and the continued development in Fairhaven with no apparent plan to address these matters.  It was suggested ENA take a stand against the request for a Parking District at McKenzie and 10th Street which would allow the developers to provide less parking than required elsewhere in Bellingham.  Members are also hesitant about the rush to infill without a comprehensive plan for the entire area.


Motion by Paul Stephenson to allow ENA to go on record seeking elimination of Fairhaven Parking Districts (at McKenzie and 10th Street) and opposing any waiver of the existing standard parking requirements for the City of Bellingham.  He also moved to authorize the Growth and Land Use Committee to speak on behalf of ENA in this matter.

Motion passed unanimously.



SueTercek brought up one other point covered in her President’s Update that she omitted earlier in the meeting.  The Southside Coalition has been tentatively formed and will meet on Jan. 12th at the Fairhaven Library.  She asked the members for permission to allow 4/5 members to represent ENA at the meeting. 

Permission was granted.



ENA meetings are held from 7-9:00pm at the Fairhaven Pavilion in Fairhaven Park on the 1st Thursday of each month.  All residents are welcome to attend.

v  The next meeting is on February 3rd from 7-9:00pm.


Meeting adjourned by general consent at 9:15.

Thank you for attending


Respectfully Submitted,

Lauri Grove