Edgemoor Neighborhood Association

Monthly Meeting

April 14, 2005





Call to Order (7:00)


Approval of Minutes (7:01)


Reports of Officers (7:03 7:10)

President Niall Hackett

Treasurer Lois Miles


Reports of Committees (7:10 7:30)

By-laws Brien Thane

Communication Kathy Kaiser

Hospitality Laurie Renne

Growth and Land Use Brad Rose

Membership Sandie Koplowitz

Neighborhood Safety Donna Grasdock/ Veronica Douglas


New Business (7:30)


1.     Motion to accept changes to the by-laws to date; including Board of Officers, addition of a Finance Committee, and a new meeting schedule.

2.     Motion to support and endorse the letter from the Southside Coalition of Neighborhoods.

3.     Discussion and debate regarding recent presentations by the City of Bellingham (April 6th) and Building/Developer (Edelstein - April 7th) regarding upcoming and future projects.


Issues and Concerns (8:55)


Adjournment (9:00)