Edgemoor Neighborhood Association Board Meeting

September 22, 2004




The Board Meeting of Edgemoor Neighborhood Association was called to order at 7:05pm on September 22, 2004 at Fairhaven Library Fireside Room.


Interim President, Sue Tercek and Interim Co-Secretary, Lauri Grove were present.  A Quorum consisting of Board members, Committee Chairs, and approximately 20 members/residents were in attendance.


The minutes of the August 18th General Membership Meeting were approved as presented.


At this time a motion to adopt Interim Bylaws was requested by Michael Menard and approved unanimously.


Report of Officers

     Interim Treasurer, Lois Miles, reported as follows:

          Opening balance    $1280.00

          Disbursements         $310.18

          Closing balance        $969.82

          A detailed report was presented to the President and Secretary to file.

A motion was presented by Sue Tercek to approve the President, Treasurer, and Secretary as signators on ENA checks and 2 signatures be required for amounts over $150.00.

This motion passed unanimously.  The interim officers approved by the organization to sign checks are Susan Tercek (President), Lois Miles (Treasurer) and Lauri Grove (Secretary)


     Interim Vice President, Michael Menard reported that the committees are off and running with lively discussions.  He encourages member/resident involvement.


      Interim President, Sue Tercek, attended several meetings and highlighted important issues.  To begin, the city council at the September 13 meeting agreed to begin the removal of zoning laws from individual neighborhood plans and include them exclusively in the Municipal Code. At the September 20 meeting the council adopted a new Administration of Development Code. This Code determines who makes land use permit decisions, how public notices are issued, how decisions are appealed, times for permit reviews and how land use plan and code amendments are processed. See the City of Bellingham website for details. It is important to continue to voice opinions to city council, planning commissioners, etc., and attend Growth Forum meetings (Sept. 23rd & Oct. 5)

     Sue thanked Craig Moore for attending Association of Bellingham Neighborhoods meetings (ABN) and she will take over as Edgemoor representative for future ABN meetings.  Several speakers presented information. A STAR representative discussed the problem of Meth labs in most of our neighborhoods.  A representative of the County Noxious Weeds discussed the dangerous proliferation of invasive aquatic plants in our waterways especially the “yellow floating heart”.  And a representative of the York Neighborhood spoke about the proposed Landlord Ordinance.  One special consideration brought to the group was for the need to hire an advocate or attorney for ABN to sort through documents and arguments presented by the city.  Neighborhoods need their own representation in order to make informed choices.

            Guidance from the membership was solicited on methods of communication. Most in attendance want frequent email updates, newsletters and reminders to check the ENA website.



Committee Reports

     Bylaws Committee report was presented by Michael Menard.  The first meeting was well attended and the group is still looking for a Chair.  “Hot topics” to be discussed and decided at this meeting are membership, dues, and the size and structure of the board.


     Communication Committee report was presented by Chair, Kathy Kaiser. The Committee is responsible for monthly newsletters, ads, signs, fliers, etc. Recommendations were made to post locations of flier boxes and use the library as a deposit site for ENA information.


     Membership Committee Chairman, Sandie Koplowitz was absent so her report was given by Kathy Kaiser.  We have 85 members to date and continue to encourage membership through the website and fliers.


    Neighborhood Safety Committee report was presented by Co-Chair, Austin Papritz. Residents concerns include emergency phone trees, sidewalks, speed limit enforcement, pedestrian safety, and block watch. It was noted the in some case these concerns can be taken straight to the mayor by Sherry Gustafson at eh Mayors Advisory Board Meeting.


     View Preservation Committee report was presented by Chair, Paul Stephenson. The group discussed trees, new construction, height restrictions, above ground utilities and lack of local regulations.  Paul will look into how other communities handle view situations.  He plans to attend a class on dispute resolutions and mediation training.


     Growth/Land Use Committee report was presented by Chair, Brad Rose.  Updating the Edgemoor Neighborhoods Plan is a priority.  As part of the process the committees will hold meetings and solicit input from all residents. Once the plan is revised the committee will present it to the members/residents for approval.  Also the Committee will keep ENA informed of developments in adjoining neighborhoods and relevant public notices.  The next meeting is on October 13th at 728 Fieldston.


Please consult the website for details concerning committee information, meeting dates and times, as well as ENA news.


New Business

     Interim Vice President, Michael Menard moderated a discussion that lead to motions concerning several Interim Bylaws and Operating Rules.


          #1.  Organization Structure – Discussion was held by the Interim Bylaw Committee as to whether the ENA  be a membership or a board driven organization. Because resident participation and control is a priority it was recommended to move to a Membership Structure immediately. In so doing the need for Directors and Officer’s Insurance was avoided.

Motion by Laurie Renne, That Edgemoor Neighborhood Association change from a Board driven to a Board facilitated/Member driven organization.

Motion passed unanimously.


          #2.  Quorum - 10% of membership - majority to pass a motion was suggested and discussed.

Motion by Paul Stephenson, That a Quorum for Edgemoor Neighborhood Association be 15% of membership - majority to pass a motion.

Motion passed unanimously.


          #3.  Membership Dues - Presently set at $15.00 per member (as defined in Interim Bylaws).

Motion by Paul Stephenson, That membership dues be set at $15.00 for adults and $5.00 for members 18 to 26 yrs old.

Motion defeated.

Motion by several members, That the membership dues remain at $15.00 per member.

Motion approved.


          #4.  Board – a suggestion was made to enlarge the Board to include Chairs of the Committees.

Motion by Bill Grove, That the Board consists of the traditional officers which includes President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Motion passed unanimously.



Future meetings to be held at Fairhaven Pavilion in Fairhaven Park on 1st Thursday of month. 

Next meeting on November 4th from 7:00-9:00.

Meeting adjourned by general consent at 8:45.


Respectfully Submitted,

Lauri Grove