Edgemoor Neighborhood Association

      Organizational/Planning meeting - General Meeting Agenda and Fliers

                                                  July 29, 2004



The special planning meeting of the Edgemoor Neighborhood Association was called to order by Sue Tercek (interim president) on July 26, 2004 at 7:20pm at 628 Fieldston Road.  Sue Tercek (interim president) and Lauri Grove (secretary pro-tem) were present as were Sandie Koplowitz, Lois Miles, Margaret Bundy, and Sherry Gustafson.  The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as presented by Sandie Koplowitz and seconded by Margaret Bundy.


Report of Officers

The treasurer (Sandie Koplowitz) reported as follows:


Opening balance:     $210.00

Income:             $30.00 (dues)

Disbursements:  $20.00 (for maps)

                        $75.00 (legal and profession expenses)

                        $50.00 (office supplies)

              $17.40 (postage and printing)

Closing balance: $77.40


6 boxes were purchased at the price of $8.00 (included in office supplies) to be used for fliers.

All disbursements were approved.


Sandie reported that we are getting a response from signs posted.


The President (Sue Tercek) reported as follows:

A 1st draft of the general meeting agenda was presented for discussion and approval.  Several changes were considered and may still be subject to change.  Please refer to draft presented when reviewing the changes listed below.


*     Goals for this Meeting:    Approved with addition of interim board. Also this section will be boxed or separated from rest of agenda.

*     Background:    Status report to be presented by Sandie Koplowitz.  Web site will be main form of communication.  At this time Sandie will solicit a volunteer to help with the web site. 

*     Administrative Items:    (Changes)

*     Meetings:    Change semi annual to annual general membership meetings in April.  Monthly regular board meetings will be open and were tentatively planned on 2nd Tuesday.

*     Elected Interim Board:    Delete line 4 board members...neighborhood.

*     Committees:    Change word chosen to appointed by the Board and delete Publicity committee.  Publicity will fall under the Communication committee.

*     Other Positions:    Please note that Sherry Gustafson was appointed by the Mayor.

*     Action Committees:

*     Slate of issues:    Delete the word sidewalks from agenda and note the “Growth Forum” meeting to be held at the Fairhaven Library on August 25th at 7:00pm.


The agenda will be revised by Sue Tercek and posted for approval.


Sue also presented the group with a draft of Interim Bylaws which were discussed at length and tentatively agreed upon by the majority.  Please refer to the draft of the bylaws presented when reviewing changes.


*     Membership/ Dues/ Voting Rights:   (These areas seem to still be up for discussion.)  No change was noted, but points in question are whether each eligible member should pay separate dues and vote separately or should we leave membership as $15.00 per property with one vote per property and additional one vote for renters.

*     Board:    9 Board members were agreed which will consist of Officers, Committee Chairs, and a Mayor Representative.  Delete last line In addition...

*     Board Meetings:    Note that the monthly Board Meetings will be open and meet (tentatively) on the 2nd Tuesday.

*     Liaisons to Other Groups:    Delete last line This will be...


The interim Bylaws will be revised by Sue Tercek and posted for approval.


Sue continued the meeting with a short discussion and summary of the Shoreline Stewardship Task Force for which we will need representation by an interested volunteer.  An Interim Board was discussed as follows:

*     President - Sue Tercek

*     Vice Pres. - open

*     Treasurer - Sandie Koplowitz

*     Co-secretaries - Laurie Renne and Lauri Grove

*     Membership Chair - Lois Miles

*     Mayor Appointed Rep. - Sherry Gustafson


New Business

Sue Tercek agreed to place ad in newspaper announcing general meeting information.  She also will view Lairmont Manor in preparation for meeting.  Margaret Bundy will continue to update map with addresses.  Sandie Koplowitz will make copies of fliers for distribution by Aug. 4th and make copies of extra membership registration forms for table at meeting.  Lauri will supply easel.  All members will meet 1 hour prior to general meeting to prepare.


The next meeting will be at Lairmont Manor on 8/18/04 at 7:00 p.m.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 p.m.



Respectfully submitted,


Lauri Grove

Secretary pro tem