Edgemoor Neighborhood Association

Board Meeting

December 2, 2004




The monthly board meeting of Edgemoor Neighborhood Association was called to order on December 2, 2004 at 7:00pm at Fairhaven Park Pavilion.


Interim President, Sue Tercek and Interim Co Secretary, Lauri Grove were in attendance as was Parliamentarian, Brian Thane and Lois Miles, Interim Treasurer.  A quorum was present.


The Minutes of the November 4th Board Meeting were approved as recorded.



Sarah Slevin, a case manager for the Whatcom County Dispute Resolution Center presented information about the Peer Mediation Training Program.  She briefly summarized both the training sessions and the mediation process.  The $20.00 training will be offered in January and April.  ENA members asked questions to help decide if this mechanism to settle disputes should be supported in Edgemoor neighborhood.

Thank you Paul for setting up our speaker this evening.



Interim Treasurer, Lois Miles reported as follows:

Opening Balance        $1086.36

Disbursements            $0

Ending Balance           $1221.36

A detailed report was presented to the President and Secretary to file.

We have 5 new members this month bringing our membership up to approximately 100.


Motion by Lois Miles requesting ENA get a second mailbox at the cost of $48 per year.

Motion was approved by majority vote with one nay on record.


Interim President, Sue Tercek briefed us on several important issues.  City budget cuts threaten to close the Aquatic Center and the Fairhaven Library.  The “100 Acre Woods” (Chuckanut Ridge) has been purchased and another large, mixed-use development has come up in Fairhaven.  Sue plans to meet with Dudley Evanson who was part of a group that defeated the original Chuckanut Ridge development.  She will keep us informed.  Later in the evening, the Growth Committee discussed the formation of a secondary group, outside the scope of ENA, to address these issues of common concern.

Craig Moore will take over as temporary ABN representative until we find a permanent replacement to attend the monthly meetings. Any volunteers?!  Please contact Sue.

Sue also solicited an accountant to help fill out the IRS form for a non profit organization.

Brian Thane volunteered.



View Committee report was presented by Chair, Paul Stephenson.  The committee continues to become informed and work toward changes in the municipal code to protect views.  They proposed that ENA budget for the peer mediation training and we also consider booking an overview on neighborhood convenants offered by Lylene Johnson. 

v    Membership agreed that a presentation on covenants would be of interest to the group and would like Lylene to speak at a future meeting. 


Motion by Paul Stevenson requesting a $125.00 budget allowance for 4 members to attend peer mediation training with $25.00 of that amount to be used toward brochures.

Motion amended to endorse concept of mediation training at a level to be determined at later date. 

Motion not approved as stated.


Motion by Brad Rose to send two members at the total cost of $40.00 to the January mediation training sessions.

Motion passed unanimously.


Motion by Paul Stephensen to empower Paul to get volunteers for mediation training.

Motion passed.

v  Paul agreed to attend mediation training.

v  Any interested volunteers should contact Paul Stephensen diplomat@weirdpeople.org.      Volunteers will be expected to become mediators for the Edgemoor neighborhood.


Growth and Land use Committee report was presented by Chair, Brad Rose.  This committee had set its focus on updating the neighborhood plan, however several southside development concerns have recently come into play.  Brad highlighted some of these issues and brought several proposals to the table.


Motion by Brad Rose proposing ENA support participation in a coalition of southside neighborhoods to work on issues of common concern.

Motion passed unanimously

v  Sue Tercek will facilitate this coalition as far as contacting committee Chairs as issues pertaining to them come up.


Motion by Brad Rose requesting ENA support the continued operation of the Fairhaven Library as a community center for reading, learning, and meeting, and for its historical significance.

Motion amended authorizing Sue Tercek to speak on behalf of ENA in support of the Fairhaven Library.

Motion passed unanimously


Motion by Brad Rose requesting a $200.00 budget allowance for printing, copying documents, and other related needs of the committee.

Motion tabled

v  This request and all future committee budget requests are to be turned in to the Treasurer, Lois Miles.  Lois will compile a total picture of committee needs for presentation to ENA at the next meeting.


Motion by Brad Rose requesting ENA approval to divide the Growth and Land Use Committee back into the two originally established committees.   These committees are the Growth and Land Use Committee and the Neighborhood Plan Update Committee.  This will allow each group to focus on priorities and accomplish objectives in a timelier manner.

Motion passed unanimously.

v  Meetings scheduled: Neighborhood Plan Update – December 8th at 7:00pm

       Growth/Land Use – December 14th at 7:00pm


Motion by Brad Rose requesting ENA approval to investigate the following development issues and bring recommendations for action to membership:  “100 Acres Woods”, Briza/Viewcrest Development, Fairhaven Condominium Moratorium and Parking Plan Revision.

Motion passed unanimously


Safety Committee report was presented by Interim President, Sue Tercek.  The committee continues to work on the proposed sidewalks and stop signs in the Edgemoor neighborhood.  They have not had a good response to either request at this time.  Good news, there is a crosswalk planned along with the sidewalks to be constructed on Chuckanut Drive.

v  A presentation of the Neighborhood Watch Program is set for January 10th.


Bylaws Committee report was also presented by Sue Tercek.  A draft of the bylaws has been sent to the committee members for approval.  Once the approval process is completed the committee will present a draft to the membership for review.


Communication Committee report was presented by Membership Committee Chair, Sandie Koplowitz.  Sandie has begun to archive information on the website, which will become a valuable resource for ENA.  A “temporary” sign, to be posted as a reminder for meetings, was purchased for $15.00.  The committee discussed website advertising as a membership incentive and source of revenue for the association.  Sandie offered the Happy Valley Neighborhood website as an example of one that contains advertising. 


Motion by Sandie Koplowitz requesting ENA approval to allow advertising on the website with the following guidelines: business card size ad to cost $25.00 per year, must be a current member of ENA, a disclaimer will be noted stating that ENA is not liable and does not endorse the products or services advertised, ads must be approved by the Communication Committee.

Motion not approved

v  Brian Thane suggested we table any advertising decisions until we have researched all aspects and liability issues.


Membership Committee report was presented by Chair, Sandie Koplowitz.  This committee continues to encourage new membership.  Sandie noted that an annual mailing is important to this committee.  They believe the mailing will generate enough income to pay for itself.


v  Please continue to check the website for detailed committee news and meeting dates.



Brian Thane exercised his facilitator’s prerogative and asked that all budget requests be submitted to the treasurer by the end of this month.


Motion by Paul Stephensen that all Committee Chairs meet with the Treasurer twice a year (every 6 months) to submit budget requests.  These requests will then be compiled by the Treasurer for biannual presentation to the membership.

Motion passed.


Paul suggested that we might look into grants for the association.  Sherry Gustafson agreed to bring this up at the next Mayor’s meeting.  A suggestion was made to write a proposal for a grant - Sue has done this for Friends of Fairhaven Library and it can help.


Paul also indicated a need for a formal strategy to address city officials, police department and such.  This might be something to consider for discussion at the next meeting in January. 



Sandie questioned who is responsible for the various signs posted around Fairhaven?!  David Carlson responded with what he refers to as “Mal contents” – a group of people frustrated with the rash of new development in Fairhaven.  David thinks we are on the cusp of overtaxing the area traffic flow.  “Mal contents” contact David at the Eclipse bookstore eclipsebook@earthlink.net or contact the city with your concerns.



ENA meetings will be held at the Fairhaven Pavilion in Fairhaven Park on the 1st Thursday of each month.  All residents are welcome to attend.

v  Next meeting is on January 6th at 7:00pm


Meeting adjourned by general consent at 9:30.

Thank you for attending.


Respectfully Submitted,

Lauri Grove




These minutes are subject to corrections and additions at the next ENA meeting.