Edgemoor Neighborhood Association

Board Meeting

November 4, 2004



The Board Meeting of Edgemoor Neighborhood Association was called to order at 7:10pm on November 4, 2004 at Fairhaven Park Pavilion. 


Interim President, Sue Tercek and Interim Co Secretary, Lauri Grove were present.  A Quorum consisting of Board Members, Committee Chairs, and approximately 16 members/residents were present. 


The Meeting was called to order by Parliamentarian, Brian Thane.


The Minutes of the September 22nd Board Meeting were approved as recorded.



     Interim Treasurer, Lois Miles reported as follows:

          Opening Balance     $1445.00

          Disbursements         $358.64

          Closing Balance       $1086.36

      A detailed report was presented to the President and Secretary to file.

      ENA has collected $1445.00 in dues to date from approximately 95 members.


Interim President, Sue Tercek presented important details from the October meeting of Association of Bellingham Neighborhoods.  She also informed us of several City Council Public Hearings coming up this month and recommended checking the city website for details.  Sue suggested that later in the evening, we discuss having speakers at future meetings



Bylaws committee report was presented by Chair, Michael Menard.  The committee now consists of 6 members who have gone through the process of reviewing existing neighborhood bylaws.  Good points have been noted and the committee will now begin a rough draft of planned ENA Bylaws.  Once the draft is completed it will be published on the website for review and comments from all residents.


Communication Committee report was presented by Chair, Kathy Kaiser.  The committee is working to make the website user friendly and informative.  They would like more updates from various committee chairs to keep the site fresh and interesting.  The possibility of a volunteer(s) for neighborhood reporter to contribute news to website was indicated.  Sue Tercek questioned having police reports included on the website. 

v    Paul Stephenson suggested that we outreach and consider communicating with city officials on a regular basis.  This was discussed and will be formalized as an agenda item at the next meeting.

v    A budget request for an annual mailing and a sign was tabled at this time also to be discussed at the next meeting.


Motion by Donna Grasdock, requesting a $100.00 budget for communication supplies.

     Motion amended to state that a receipt must be presented to treasurer for payment.

Motion passed unanimously.


Motion by Mitch Press, that all committees review financial needs and come up with proposed budgets at the next meeting.

Motion passed unanimously


Growth/Land Use Committee report was presented by Chair, Brad Rose.  This committee is still reviewing the outdated comprehensive plan and discussing an updated vision for the neighborhood.  They are not quite ready to present a draft to residents for approval.  Sandie Koplowitz suggested reviewing other neighborhood amended plans.  Kathy Kaiser suggested that the two committees coordinate to include a draft of the comprehensive plan in the annual mailing.


Membership Committee report was presented by Chair, Sandie Koplowitz.  Meetings for the Membership Committee are now combined with the Communication Committee.  Membership is trying to increase interest in this committee as well as increase ENA membership.  They would like to publicize at Bayside pool and introduce ENA to other neighborhood organizations.  Membership will continue to work in conjunction with Communication.


Safety Committee report was presented by Co Chair, Donna Grasdock with help from Veronica Douglas.  This committee is working to promote pedestrian, traffic, and neighborhood safety.  Sidewalks on Fieldston, a 4 way stop at the intersection of Willow and Fieldston, and landscape to allow better pedestrian site on Fieldston are a few areas of focus.  Sidewalks are in the plan for Chuckanut Drive from Willow to Fairhaven.  The committee suggested a crosswalk between Willow and Fairhaven Park.

A block watch meeting to be coordinated with surrounding neighborhoods is planned on January 10th at the Fairhaven Library. 


Motion by Paul Stephenson to advocate for sidewalks on Fieldston from Lairmont Manor to Willow.

Motion approved

Motion by Donna Grasdock to advocate for a 4 way stop at the intersection of Willow and Fieldston.

Motion approved

Motion by Donna Grasdock to pursue a crosswalk on Chuckanut Drive between Willow and Fairhaven Park.

Motion approved

Motion by Donna Grasdock that ENA approve a $30.00 budget to cover Block Watch meeting expenses and a map.

Motion approved


View Committee report was presented by Chair, Paul Stephenson.  The committee is very interested in introducing a peer mediation mechanism to the neighborhood.  Please check the View Committee site for details.  The request to send 4-5 volunteers to a training program at the cost of $20.00 per person was discussed at length.  Several ideas were brought up for consideration.  Paul agreed to contact others that have completed the training to speak to the group.  He will also find out how other neighborhoods have approached and settled disputes.


v    Please continue to check the website for additional committee news and meeting details.



Ralph Thacker spoke on behalf of the Southside Shoreline Stewardship Taskforce (SSST).  He presented a short report about the group and a few ideas the stewardship would like to accomplish.  Ralph requested ENA representation at future SSST meetings.

Thank you Ralph.


At this time, Sue Tercek solicited guidance from the membership on whether to have outside speakers at meetings.  She questioned ideas and concerns that might be addressed.  Several were sited.  To start, Paul will contact a “Peer Mediator” to explain the benefits of the training process at the December meeting.  Going forward speakers will be introduced at the beginning of the agenda.



Is ENA planning an active approach to what is happening around the Edgemoor neighborhood?  For example, development in Fairhaven and possible building across Chuckanut might have a great impact on us all.  How can we get a heads up?

In reply, we will try to decide how to best meet with city officials in an attempt to stay abreast of what is happening in Bellingham and to advocate our vision for Edgemoor.  Every resident is welcome to join in with ideas and become active.




ENA meetings will be held at Fairhaven Pavilion in Fairhaven Park on the 1st Thursday of each month.  All residents are welcome to attend meetings

v    Next meeting is on December 2nd at 7:00.


Meeting adjourned by general consent at 9:10.

Thank you for attending.


Respectfully Submitted,

Lauri Grove