Edgemoor Neighborhood Association

First General Membership Meeting

August 18, 2004




Interim President, Sue Tercek opened the First General Membership Meeting of the Edgemoor Neighborhood Association at 7:15 pm. At Lairmont Manor on August 18, 2004


Co-Secretary, Laurie Renne took minutes of the meeting and Co-Secretary, Lauri Grove recorded concerns and questions.


There were approximately 100 people in attendance.


The core group of residents, who worked for the past several months to get the Edgemoor Neighborhood Association up and running, was introduced: Sandie Koplowitz, Margaret Bundy, Lauri Grove, Sherry Gustafson, Kathy Kaiser, Michael Menard, Lois Miles, Austin Papritz and Laurie Renne.



City Council Member, Barbara Ryan, the first guest speaker addressed the role of neighborhood associations in the function of city government. She discussed growth issues and their effects on the neighborhoods especially Edgemoor and the other Southside communities. Upcoming related event: Growth Forum Meetings, Tuesday August 24 or Wednesday August 25th at 7:00pm at the Fairhaven Library. A good source for information about the Growth Forum is located downtown on Holly Street across from Little Cheerful Café. Other information can be found on the web site www.cob.org. Questions expressed concerns about the update of the Comprehensive Plan, the enforcement of zoning regulations and how infill might effect the Neighborhood even though Edgemoor is mostly built out.


City Planning Commission Member, Chris Morgan spoke next about the planning process and land use issues. He discussed the planning department’s intent to remove the codes and regulations from the neighborhood plans. He mentioned the recent purchase of Woodstock Farm, and the Chuckanut Ridge Development. Chris also served on the Waterfront Future Group and spoke about shoreline issues and the railroad. During the question and answer period concern was voiced that the neighborhoods would lose clout if the codes and regulations were removed from the neighborhood plans.



Interim Treasurer, Sandie Koplowitz reported on the status of the Association: incorporated as a non profit, bank account, membership and website.



Interim Vice President, Michael Menard explained the Interim Structure and Interim Bylaw of the Association. He emphasized that these will provide a temporary framework until a Committee could be formed to draw up permanent bylaws. The permanent Bylaws will be presented for approval at the next General Membership meeting to be held in April of 2005. Residents were encouraged to join the committee. Board Meetings will be held every 3rd Tuesday of the month and are open to all. The first will be held on Tuesday, Sept 21, 2004 in the Northwest Room at the Fairhaven Library.



Sue spoke about the way to get involved in the Association. The Committees were explained: Membership, Communications, Bylaws, Land Use, Update of the Neighborhood Plan, Neighborhood Safety, and View Preservation.



Michael then moderated an open question and comment period.



A slate of interim officers was proposed and elected by those in attendance.

President – Sue Tercek

Vice-President – Michael Menard

Treasurer – Lois Miles

Co-Secretary – Lauri Grove

Co-Secretary – Laurie Renne

Membership Chair -   Sandie Koplowitz

Communications Chair – Kathy Kaiser


The Meeting was adjourned at 9:00 pm.



The Formation of Committees was facilitated. Interested residents met to discuss major issues and select a contact person for their respective committee.


Respectfully Submitted,

Lauri Grove


These Minutes are subject to corrections and additions at the first ENA Board Meeting.


Please consult the website for further details on the Interim Board, Interim Bylaws and the Committees. Meeting times will also be posted.